Monday, 30 September 2013


Welcome one and all! Please have a seat at this specially reserved table just for you. Your waitress today is Lucy Pireel.
Care to have a look at the menu?
These eight short stories revolve around obsession, revenge, craving, love, and Death.
Whether it be a woman in need of rescue, a man who hungers for his wife, a demon lost, or wishes come true, all characters want something. Badly.
But ... You can't always get what you want, but you might just get what you need.
Sink your teeth into this to start a dining experience to remember:
Underneath the veneer of humanity lies darkness.
Eight deadly tales that explore dark desires in which some do what it takes to obtain what they want, while others are led by events.
Wishes gone wrong, unhealthy obsessions, and cravings to sate.  A Menu of Death will take you on a blood-curdling journey that you may not survive.

Select from one of these favourite dishes.



An extra to accompany your main dish, get a taste of this hottie!
Lucy Pireel is a writer who doesn't let herself be restricted to any one genre. She loves to write in whatever direction her current story leads her.
When she's not writing, or reading, she is practicing or teaching yoga, her other passion. Or she could be on a long hike somewhere in the beautiful British nature.
Being an author it is almost a given she has a great love for chocolate and coffee to live on while writing, but she doesn't shy away from trying to prepare intricate dishes, for cooking is another thing she enjoys. 
Should you want to follow her she can be found at:
Drink in Lucy's Top 10 Scary Movies:
1. Birds by Hitchcock
2. Aliens and all the sequels
3. I am Legend
4. WorldWar Z
5 Jacob's Ladder
6. All Hellraiser films
7. Resident Evil
8. Let the Right One In, again the original directed by Tomas Alfredson
9. The original Japanese The Ring (Ringu)
10. Kurosawa's Pulse (Kairo)
These are in no particular order, because to be honest it depends on my mood which one is at number one and I could have done a top 20, or even 30, but had to stop at ten.

The icing on the cake and the perfect way to end your stay.

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