Thursday, 10 October 2013


As you know, I am an avid supporter of all Authors. As a published author and Indie Author, I know how hard it is for any Authors out there.

I love it when Authors work together, but I LOOOVE it most when Authors try to bring readers a new reading experience!! Lover of all things books that I am, you better believe I try to do the same.

From the viewpoint of a reader, I bring you probably the most important message to date!! Support and help fund this project please?
  • Imagine a world where e-book readers have visual aids to picture the people and places written about all over the world. By just clicking on that person's name or place's name you will view the actual picture the author wrote about.
  • Business people, families and the blind can have their seats rocked at home or on trips by an original musical score and sound effects to accompany every scene!!
  • A 27/4, day or night, live interactive website. No filling in forms or waiting for emailed replies!!
Help this Indie now? Click on the pic to see how?