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Oui!! J'aime la France!!

I was in Paris, France when I read this book and what a glorious way to enhance a trip of a lifetime!! I can't quite say that my French improved, but the language of luuuuvv was spoken...A LOT!!!


Vampire master Michelle, and her slave, Aaron Pilan, flee to Paris, leaving behind the slaughter in Las Vegas. Aaron made the costly mistake of taking a bloodslave, and then married her. The tragedy of his wife's death has driven a rift between them and Michelle is desperate to heal the breach.
Struggling with his predatory alter ego, Aaron is fractious, rebelling against his master. He desires another bloodslave, and that Michelle cannot allow. She opens her heart and soul to Aaron and he relives, through her memories, her dark, gritty tale of survival in the savagery of WWII Paris under the German occupation. Michelle's staggering revelations are deeply disturbing. The confrontation of master versus slave comes full circle as the couple faces death and separation.
And they are not alone in Paris. An investigator has followed them from Vegas seeking the unique gifts of Michelle’s blood. He’s watching and waiting for the opportunity to make his move against them.



A Scene from Nightlife Paris, the third of the Nightlife Series Novels.
  “Do you have any flights leaving New York after sunset that arrive in Paris before sunrise?”  Aaron Pilan stared unblinking at the travel agent, assaulting her with the full bore of his gaze.
  “No sir, not commercial flights.  I’m not sure about the charter flights.”
  Aaron glanced at the nameplate on her desk and tried a more personal approach.  “Penelope, I need your help.”  He drilled into her mind with his telepathic probe, digging through her thoughts and emotions.  “How long is a flight to Paris?”
  “Well … it’s a seven hour flight at minimum, but the time zones …”  He read Penelope’s every thought with ease.  His eyes seemed to swallow her very soul with the wondrous intensity of his gaze.  She fell under his spell in a matter of seconds.  “Um … Paris is six hours ahead of New York, so it’s really thirteen hours …”
  “Help me, Penelope.  Help me find a flight that leaves by 7:30 p.m. and arrives by 7:00 a.m. in Paris.”
  His eyes owned her as he read her mind.  She couldn’t imagine disagreeing with him.  She would give him anything – her heart, her body, her soul – just to know the truth behind his eyes.  He read her infatuation as she moistened between the legs, staring at him like a love-struck teenager.
  “Um … one of the Gulfstream charters might be able to do that.”  She thought hard, considering one company in particular that would fly anyone anywhere, under any circumstances, for the right price.
  “I knew you could help me.”
   He took her hand and she wet her underwear in anticipation.  A blush of rosy heat crept up her face and her little pink tongue darted out to swipe her dry lips.  Her desire to be kissed flooded her mind, washing over him as he sifted through her thoughts.  She focused on the gleaming white teeth of his smile, and he knew she wished he’d drag her into the alcove and have her up against the wall.  Too easy.  He could bend her over the kiosk right there.
   He read all her fantasies, a series of delightfully wicked things she hoped for.  Uncomfortably hot and bothered by his brief touch, Penelope’s fingers moved unsteadily over the keyboard.  She tried not to look at him, but she couldn’t help herself.
  She cleared her throat. “Executive Pathways can expedite a transcontinental flight tomorrow night for $16,000.  Oh wow, that’s really expensive, but they’ll leave whenever you like.  Are you sure we can’t make one of these commercial flights work?  I can get you first class at a discount …”
  “No thanks.  I’ll take the charter.”  His exacting flight schedule could not be compromised.
She continued trying to dissuade him.  “It’s only a couple hours difference ...” 
Two hours made all the difference.  Vampires don’t do daylight.  “I need two tickets.”
  “Two?  But there’s no discount for the second ticket …”
  He followed her mind as she imagined accompanying him overseas.  A foreign rendezvous, endless hours of sex in a French hotel suite.  She’d let him do anything he wanted, repeatedly.
  Michelle arrived, slipping her arm around him intimately.  Gorgeous, blonde, glamorous, she could’ve been a model fresh off the runway.  Penelope’s fantasy crashed and burned, the screams of dying dreams echoing in her ears.
  He smiled at her again, and winked.  “We’ll take two tickets.”
  Penelope swallowed her demolished pride.  He felt a twinge of sympathy as Penelope realized she could never compete with a woman like Michelle.  His master was so beautiful it hurt to look at her.
  “That’s $34,945.00 with taxes and fees.  How will you be paying for that?”  Penelope’s eyes kept drifting to the fabulous blonde draped around him.
  He handed over his gold card, the plastic so new and shiny it still smelled of Las Vegas.       Well over six figures backed that account from his nights as a high roller in Vegas.
  She swiped his card and managed to smile without faltering.  It touched him that Penelope wondered why she couldn’t have a man like him in her life.  And then she glanced at  Michelle under his arm, and she knew those women always stole all the Aarons for themselves.  Penelope would have to make do scrounging for leftovers.
  He leaned towards her, stealing her breath with his proximity.  “Penelope, why don’t you join us for a drink when you’re off work?”
  He followed her thoughts as she asked the question, is he worth sharing?
  “I promise you won’t regret it.”  He smiled again.
  She bit her lower lip in anticipation.  Yes, he was worth sharing, and the blonde might be fun too …

My Review as is on Amazon

 5.0 out of 5 stars My favorite in the series so far, August 7, 2013
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This review is from: The Nightlife: Paris (The Nightlife Series) (Kindle Edition)
I am not going to give away any spoilers here, so let me just tell you that this was my favorite in The Nightlife Series. Read New York and Las Vegas to appreciate everything that transpires in this book.