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Non Friction Fiction

I read this blurb and then asked a friend who knew the author if he could get in touch with him and send me his book. Morgan Parker gracefully obliged and once I started reading it, I could not put it down!! It was the first book in a long time that I became emotionally involved in. I screamed at the character at times, and other times I felt so sorry for him, I could climb into the book and just hug him.

Once I read the book, it was decided! I bumped my schedule and asked him for his media kit, because I had to tell you about THIS book. This book you have to read!!

Morgan Parker’s first novel, Non Friction, tells the story of a man whose wife just walked out on him. Faced with an empty house and emotional turmoil, he turns to writing a novella, which introduces him to the fast and furious lifestyle of indie literature stardom… and Emma, a woman who comes on a little strong but turns out to be the one sliver of sunshine in his otherwise dark and devastating life.
Now that he has enjoyed a bit of success and attention, his wife (Jennifer) comes back and suddenly decides that they should pursue marriage counseling. Eager to win her back, the main character agrees to anything and the counselor asks them to create something beautiful for each other. Our main character decides on Our Story, a love story that will not only win his wife back, but can also double as his next novel.
Over the course of writing Our Story, the main character realizes that winning Jennifer back might not be the smartest thing for his heart. In fact, he starts to appreciate the true meaning of the word love, which he finds in Emma.
So now you know about the book right? WRONG!! What this Blurb doesn't tell you is the witty, sarcastic writing style of the author and his brilliant sense of humour!! It doesn't tell you about the way you get sucked in to the character and his world.

This is my review:

When I read this blurb, it immediately jumped to my Screw Motherhood, Must Read Now list. I was not disappointed. The sarcasm, wit and humour in this book was right down my alley. The way the author cleverly plugged his first book was genius to say the least!
This book will have men and women wonder if it is a true story. There are moments when you literally want to give this man a wake up shake with a wood chipper and then there are moments that you root for him to just get laid if nothing else!! It's a depressing story to say the least, but somehow when that last page is turned you feel content and happy. I'm not sure if the humour had anything to do with it or not? All I can say is that I loved the writing style, the technique in which he incorporated a story within a story and everything about this book.

Non Friction (excerpt #1)

Holding her always felt perfect, but at that moment it felt like pure heaven. She fit in my arms, she fit against my chest, she fit into my soul. When she breathed, I breathed (okay, neither of us had stopped breathing, but I swear if she had stopped, at that moment, I would have died right along with her).

“Emma,” I said, using my chin to nudge her and force her eyes toward mine. I didn’t want to use my hands to guide her because that would mean releasing her, and I refused to do that, I refused to let go.

Non Friction (excerpt #2)

We stared at each other for a bit and the more I looked at her, the more I wanted to hate her like I hated Jennifer. But I couldn’t. Emma was everything my wife wasn’t. She had not only boosted my ego with those panties she sent me, but she always said the sweetest things when I needed it the most. Plus her boobs were super big in real-life and although that counted for a lot, there was just so much more to Emma. I mean, she had these smile lines around her mouth that promised she’d make an amazingly hot senior citizen, the kind of gal you’d just pray would have her walker break down before siesta time, and you’d have to give her a ride home on your electric scooter. I couldn’t hate her if I tried.
Yes, she was that perfect.

Non Friction (excerpt #3) 

The silence between us seemed to last an eternity. As we stared at each other, her fingers reached toward mine and traced long lines on my hand. We didn’t hug, didn’t really say anything else until it was goodbye. No happily ever after, not today.

“I wasn’t wrong about us,” she said, her voice hard and determined. But because there were words attached to that voice of hers, I didn’t place a whole lot of trust in them. “Morgan, I love you. No matter what happens, whether you hate me and never speak with me or see me again, I will always love you and the time we shared. And because of this love, I will always be waiting for you, just like Olivia waits until the end of time for Oliver. I’ll be there, always waiting, always for you.” She smiled at that point, and the sadness and doubt from earlier was gone.

“Goodbye, Emma.” 

“Bye, Morgan.”

Author Bio

Morgan Parker is the pen name of a shy and introverted banker. He currently calls Toronto, Canada his home where he lives with his wife of 10 years and two children, a 9-year old son and a 4-year old daughter (who provided the inspiration for Evelyn in non friction). 

When he’s not writing, Morgan enjoys double-espresso cappuccinos (non-fat of course) at his favourite coffee shop, hiking and travelling.  He also enjoys sleeping. A lot.

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