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Readers, bloggers and friends...This is your portal to PORTALS by Maer Wilson!! The stage is set. The audience is waiting in anticipation.



For supernatural detectives Thulu and La Fi, “normal” is a relative term. La Fi is a medium, Thulu is a finder, and their usual clients are already dead.

But when their friend Reo is shot, and a group of stranded angels show up at their house for help to find a missing child, things are striking too close to home.

And now the portals that let the magical races return to Earth have started opening on their own.

With trips off-world, a kidnapped psychic and changes to their own abilities, Thulu and La Fi are hit with a lot more than they usually handle. Of course, their magical friends are there to help, but even they may not be enough to save an increasingly unstable Earth.

Portals is the sequel to Relics and is Book 2 in The Thulukan Chronicles.


There is only one bright spot of light shining on an old wooden stool placed down center stage. A chip in the paint shows that it’s gone through many colors before its current glossy black. She approaches the stool and sits in the pool of light, facing an audience that might or might not be there. The three spotlights are too bright to tell, but the house doesn’t feel empty. She begins…

"It started as a lark. I had these characters who had sprung to life just from discovering their names. Thulu and La Fi. I knew who they were, where they had been and a vague idea of where they were going. I envisioned a two-book series. Well, if you can call two books a series, anyway. It would be about these paranormal detectives and their various cases.
The first book was written in five weeks and had a cliffhanger ending. I sent it out into the world of agents. What I got back was nothing - lots of unanswered queries.
Another writer was blunt when I asked for help with my query letter. After numerous versions, he told me the problem with my query was my book. That cliffhanger ending I loved so much? It meant the book was pretty much doomed from the get-go as I was an unknown writer.

So, I took the second half of the book and threw it out. Yep, threw out the whole second half. I reorganized the first half and took the book in a slightly different direction, filling in what had originally been planned for Book 2.
Except that slight directional change opened up whole new paths! I discovered I wasn’t just writing about Thulu and La Fi’s cases. Nope, I was writing about what happens when magic returns to Earth as seen through their eyes. And that, my friends? That was a whole other ball game!
My two books became three. At least. With several short story prequels. And that second version? That was so much better.
Okay, so I still failed at the agent part, but I had already decided that going the trade route probably wasn’t going to work for me anyway. So, I wasn’t disappointed. I was relieved. And ready to try my new plan of action.
I didn’t want to put the years it takes to go the trade route. I wanted much, much faster. Small presses touted their abilities to get books published much faster and so I went that route. Relics was released May, 2013.
In the meantime, the characters kept telling me what came next and I knew I needed to get the rest of the story done. Portals, Book 2 of The Thulukan Chronicles is out now.
There are also two novelettes out in the series, with a third coming in spring of 2014. Oh, and I’m writing Book 3 which will also be released in 2014.
I guess I’ll always be grateful to that author for his honesty. I ended up with something so much more fun and interesting.
And my little “lark”? Well, that’s turned into a passion that seems to not let up. I have several more books planned. I’m writing a Biography/Memoir, a standalone Historical Fantasy and I have a Sci Fi series on the back burner.
Who knew, right? It just goes to show you that you never know what life is going to toss at you. And to take those ideas – no matter how crazy they might seem – and run with them.
I’m glad I did!"

After a successful career being other people, and later teaching others the many tricks of that trade, Maer Wilson has decided to be herself for a while. Turns out she's a writer. She's always loved stories, especially fantasy, mystery and sci fi. Maer was born in the Year of the Dragon and has a dragon-themed room in her home, but sadly no dragons in the back yard. When she's not writing, Maer plays online video games, teaches college and reads. She also co-hosts the literary podcast, MythBehaving and writes for two gaming fansites. Maer lives in the high desert of Southern Nevada with her two dogs, a chihuahua and a poodle. Portals is Book 2 in The Thulukan Chronicles. You can find all books and novelettes in The Thulukan Chronicles at Amazon. You can visit Maer’s website at


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Praise for Portals

"Juggling angels, psychics, and a myriad of other magical folk (and their problems), Thulu and La Fi return in Portals to find a kidnapping victim, and maybe just save the universe as a side job. Maer Wilson does a beautiful job of painting their world, weaving a mystery, and sprinkling on a touch of humor in her sophomore fantasy. Such a fun escape!" —LynDee Walker, bestselling author of the Headlines in High Heels Mysteries.

Praise for Relics

"'Relics' is a powerful read which will challenge long-held perceptions of good vs. evil and Light vs. Dark well after the book is finished." Diane M. Haynes, author of Rift Healer, YA finalist in the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence.
"In Relics, author Maer Wilson takes everything you think you know about the creatures of the fantasy world and twists it around to create a unique and engaging story." Constance Philips, author of Resurrecting Harry and Fairyproof. 


That night Parker had popped in to wake us at two in the morning to tell us our best friend, Reo, had been shot. The young ghost was distraught and panicked.
“They're on the back porch! You have to go help.”
“Where is he?” I asked groggily, as I jumped out of bed.
Thulu was instantly awake beside me, although he didn’t seem any more alert than I did.
“Back porch.” Parker enunciated each word in slight exasperation. “Go, please!”
Thulu looked at me, and I told him what Parker had said. Thulu can read lips, but even with a night light the room was too dark.
Thulu threw off the sheet and we both ran from the room. I was briefly glad we’d been wearing PJs.
Heart pounding, I took a few precious seconds to check on our three year old son, Carter. His night light showed him blissfully unaware of anything. Whatever happy dreams he was having made him smile slightly in his sleep. I sighed in relief that he wasn’t having another of his nightmares.
Downstairs, Thulu had turned on the kitchen and porch lights. In spite of the panic moments before, none of the three people on the porch seemed frantic when I joined them.
Thulu looked relieved, Reo was on the floor, but seemed stoic, and Sloane knelt beside him, brow furrowed only slightly in concentration as he dealt with the wound.
My heart rate slowed down and my own fear started to slowly dissipate. My heart gradually dropped from my throat back to its accustomed place in my chest. Still my hands were shaking, and I felt the slight chill from outside. The porch was screened in, and the late August day had been hot, but the night brought a cool breeze that made its way along my arms.
The scent of flowers from the backyard didn’t quite mask the smell of the blood that pooled on the porch floor around Reo. Sloane, his partner and an elf, had already removed Reo’s jacket and shirt. A bullet lay on the floor, and I could see the shoulder wound was already healing and closing up. In a few moments, only the blood would remain as evidence that he’d been shot.
Reo's face was white. The strain showed around his brown eyes and his handsome face had the sheen of sweat on it. His short brown hair that was usually spiked, lay damp and flat against his head, but he gave me a shaky smile.
“Bastard ruined my favorite jacket.”