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I am so in awe of this mother of four who left her day job to start her own EMPIRE! Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino is my Author of the week and I am so pleased that she has taken time out of her hectic schedule to grant me an interview. 

Just to give you an idea of how amazing (and busy) she is, here are some of her jobs.
1) CEO of the Best Ever You Network, the leading multi-media provider of everything to do with life and self help.
2) Co-founder of the Food Allergy Zone.
3) Spokesperson for the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team. (FAACT)
4) Social Media expert.
5) Business & Life coach.
6) Hay House Author.
7) Mother & wife. (We all know that to say that is a full time job is an understatement!) 

Picture this! 
We sit on my lounge suite and start flipping through her photo album. While we page through it, I ask her some questions...

What do you do for fun?
Most often, if you saw me in person, you’d see me with a camera either around my neck or with it close by.  I love to take pictures.  I also enjoy family time with my four boys and husband.  My husband and I have been married for over 15 years and love to garden.  Our family also shares a love for baseball. 

When did you first start writing?
My first recollection of wanting to be a writer was in 4th grade when my teacher, Mrs. Scherer asking us to bring an object to life and write a story.  I brought a bowl of eavesdropping Mexican jumping beans to life. They were in the middle of a table surrounded by people.  I remember my teacher saying to me, “Elizabeth, someday you will be a writer.”  I’ve never forgotten that.  I always keep one or two journals with me at all times.

Why did you write this book?
I wrote this book to help raise awareness within and help us all be aware of how we change and grow, while being mindful of those around us. Percolate – Let Your Best Self Filter Through provides a place and space to discover your authentic, best self and create a plan and practice for yourself where each moment in your life matters.  My goal is to help connect us  to ourselves, others around us and the world as a whole.

What is the best advice you ever received?
I’m very careful on bringing in advice into my life, particularly when unsolicited. I generally tend to think for myself, gut check first and follow it.  I’ll sense check what I am thinking with my husband and sometimes my kids and my parents.  Some of the best advice I’ve ever been given is “Stop writing, stop Best Ever You and go get a real job.”  These comments made me realise how much I really loved writing, The Best Ever You Network and how much harder I needed to work to achieve my goals and to really be careful of naysayers and advice that doesn’t resonate within.

How long did it take to write?
Percolate began to come to life in 1998 with my first allergic reaction and needed to Percolate more.  In 2004, when my dad had a stroke, I wrote a journal entry that eventually became the title and a theme within the book.  The devoted writing process itself took about 3 years and I was signed with Hay House in the fall 2012.  Percolate was just released on April 14, 2014.

What is your next project?
My project after writing Percolate is to promote Percolate and help it succeed.  The writing is one thing and the marketing and contact with people so they see the book and love it as much as I do, is something entirely different than writing.   As far as writing projects go, I’m currently working on PercolateDaily.com, which is a combination of my photography, quotes I write and Percolate.  I’m also at work on my next book, which is scattered about in journals at this time and being brought together at this time under a new title.

What do you measure success to be?
I don’t benchmark success with money, fame or any of it.  So many measure it with numbers, such as numbers of Twitter followers or Facebook likes or fans or income.  My measure of success is this:  “If our lives touch, my goal is that we are both our best authentic selves as a result.” 

I also think the ability to find gratitude in your moments is a huge success shift for yourself and the world around you.  Your moments matter.

For many of us, success comes delightfully in the form of each breath and moment. Gratitude is success.

Who inspires you?
I am inspired by people, most often, by older people who refuse to give up.  You know… the ones who charge on and chug along despite odds or elements.  There is such wisdom to be admired and followed.

Who is your favorite author?
Most of my friends are fellow authors, so for me, I am not able to pick just one.  When I am stuck or need a chuckle, I pick up the phone and call or text Gabe Berman.  I also think Fred Cuellar is an outstanding soul.

Who are you as a person? Tell us things about you that are not already in your bio?

Here are five things you might not know about me:

1) In reality, I tend to be quiet and save my energy for when I need it.  I don’t fidget and my energy is focused and dedicated to where and when I place it and move it around.  I love to laugh and smile.  It can take enormous amounts of focused and dedicated, concentrated energy to properly follow goals and dreams, particularly if you need to make yourself uncomfortable to allow for growth.

       2) I collect cat pins.  (No, not hat pins - Cat pins and cat related jewelry.)

       3) I don’t use the words “I can’t” and our kids have all been raised with those words basically being largely off limits.  It brings a smile inside when one of our kids might say “I can’t” and another one of our kids will correct the words.  It’s like a mind auto-correct feature.

      4) I love crayons and the color yellow.  I wrote part of Percolate in crayon.  I doodle on my calendar and journals in crayon.

      5) I love home-made, nut-free, chocolate chip cookies.

     We spent the rest of the afternoon looking at her humongous album and sat chatting about the events, people and places in the pictures. In no time at all, Elizabeth was whisked off to another appointment. Fortunately, I took one last photo as she headed out the door, into the darkness of night and out my life forever. I will always have my memories of the woman I consider the next Oprah and who inspired my to Percolate! 


      I have the feeling that this is one book that I shall be reading again and again, depending on what I want out of my BEST life first. As far as self help books go, this one has an action plan for everything and advice for every circumstance. Whether you want to lose weight, earn more money, follow your dreams, find love or just live a more meaningful and fulfilling life, this book has it all. 
      I loved the unique way she used different blends and strengths of coffee as both a metaphor and paradigm at the same time. The helpful advice, the insightful questions and the analogies/ anecdotes were exceptionally interesting. It is well written and full of heart. The Author's personality as well as her emotions were portrayed true to her authentic, and often comical self. The coffee breaks with Dr. Katie Eastman were incredibly useful and enjoyable. Overall I highly recommend this book. Even if you don't want to change a thing, you will still gain something useful and educational from her experiences. 

Author of the award-winning book, new Hay House book: 
CEO/Founder of The Best Ever You Network

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It is very rare that I have the honor to present a talented and extra-ordinary person. 

My Author of the week is none other than Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino! She is the person behind the Best Ever You Network and her new book is called Percolate. Her success in the industry has made her a celebrity in some circles and many turn to for help.  Who knows?
Maybe she can help you turn your life around too!

Is there a voice inside of you that’s urging you to make changes and seek a richer, more fulfilling life? 
Do you feel like you’ve been searching for something more meaningful, even if you don’t know exactly what it is? 

Have no fear—Percolate will show you how to let your best self filter through and thrive!
In this empowering, heartwarming—and often humorous—book, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino will help you wake up to what’s possible, allow your heart and mind to simmer with fresh ideas to achieve your goals and enhance your well-being, and enable your spirit and passion to rise to the top like the foam on your latte.

Elizabeth will guide you through the Percolate ProcessTM, a nine-point plan she developed with Dr. Katie Eastman that teaches you how to implement positive changes to excel in every aspect of your life. It’s simple, practical, and fun!

Go ahead . . . grab a cup of your favorite joe, put your feet up, and start percolating. Ah, can’t you just taste the inspiring brew as your most powerful thoughts blend together to bring the authentic, best you to the world?

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, Hay House author and Best Ever You Network CEO, lives her daily life with allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish. In 1998, Elizabeth nearly lost her life due to an allergic reaction to almonds. In 1999, she had a second near-fatal allergic reaction while pregnant with her third son, after which she was hospitalized for more than a week.

Elizabeth understands first-hand the challenges life can bring and has worked with thousands across the globe to illuminate their light within and help them live their best life. In 2008, Elizabeth left a 17 year career in the financial services industry to start The Best Ever You Network, which is now a leading multimedia provider of lifestyle and self-help content. Elizabeth hosts "The Best Ever You Show" on BlogTalkRadio, which has over one million global listeners.

With Brian Hom, she co-founded the Food Allergy Zone to find a cure and the cause of food allergies and she is a spokesperson for FAACT - Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team.

Now she adds "author" to her resume. In PERCOLATE: Let Your Best Self Filter Through (April 2014), Elizabeth empowers readers to implement meaningful, positive change to thrive in every aspect of your life.

Elizabeth has a degree in communications and broadcasting and also works as a business and life coach. Elizabeth is a social media expert with an emphasis on business consulting, transitional growth and change, social media compliance and platform development.

She lives with her husband and four boys in Maine. Visit BestEverYou.com for more information about Elizabeth's work and passions.

Visit my website at EGuarino.com

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Event Organized by ❤MaE Book Tours

"To Serve is Divine"
***Contains explicit sexual content (including multiple partners and gender pairings) and mature situations which could be trigger-inducing for some readers.***
Catherine O’Chancey is a reserved, demure, and graceful submissive. All traits she trained hard to enhance when she discovered the world of Dominance and submission in college. In an attempt to start fresh after the unexpected death of her last Dom, Catherine moves to Dallas, TX to escape the shroud of darkness he left behind in her life. She has tried to fight the need that resides deep within her to submit, but finally has to admit she can’t for it is not a choice, but part of who she truly is. After months of mental preparation, she ventures back into the lifestyle by attending a coveted open-night event at Dungeons and Dreams, an exclusive BDSM club.
Is it fate or coincidence that Catherine garners the attention of one of the club’s board members who happens to be on the hunt for the perfect sub – a partner who enjoys receiving pain and pleasure as much as he enjoys doling it out?
Jayden Masterson is many things: a firm Dom, a shrewd businessman, and a gentleman. What he isn’t, is someone who partakes in relationships outside of contractual ones with his multiple, un-collared, regular submissives. While he likes rough sex, he is not an animal, and can find pleasure only if it is consensual. What his harem is missing is a pain slut; could there be one in his future?
Upon meeting Catherine, Jayden feels an instantaneous spark inside him that has him wanting to know not just her body, but her mind. He wants to unravel her mysteries and discover her secrets. Through pain can they find the pleasure they seek? Can part-time pain lovers find full-time fulfillment when it’s not in their contract?
Genre Erotica/ BDSM
Publication Date January 20th 2013


A natural born submissive with a particular skill set, is new in town. She yearns for that part of her to be free again, and so decides to research places where her BDSM fantasies can come true. The very first night she meets Jayden and what follows is a hot and steamy romance. 

I battled with the realism in some scenes, but in the world of BDSM I can imagine them to be true. The characters follow their authentic identities right through the series even with the changes they go through as their relationship evolves. Apart from the ample erotica in this book, the author added an element of mystery and suspense, which made it impossible to put the book down. This is "mommy-porn" at it's best!! 


***Contains explicit sexual content (including multiple partners and gender pairings) and mature situations which could be trigger-inducing for some readers.***
Over the past year of being Jayden Masterson’s collared submissive, Catherine O’Chancey has worked through the mental terrors left behind by her old Dom — or at least she thinks she has. To celebrate their collaring anniversary, Jayden organizes a special day, during which her final fantasies will be realized and her limits tested. Will it prove to be more than she can handle? Can she endure the erotic onslaught her mind and body will experience and survive unscathed?
While Catherine faces these dark shadows and pleasurable highs, Jayden will find his own inner strength being tested, too. He has come to realize that, somewhere along the way, Catherine has taken possession of his heart, mind, and body. Now, he faces his biggest challenge ever; he must let go of all his submissives but one: his jewel, Catherine. Can he leave his philandering ways behind? Has he made the ultimate mistake by putting his jewel into the hands of others? Will his gift to Catherine wind up costing him the one thing that has ever meant something real to him?
Jayden has helped Catherine heal from past wrongs and chase away the nightmares. In return, Catherine has shown him what it means to care for someone beyond mere sexual gratification. Their strengthening bond as Master and submissive has paved the way for deeper emotions — if they can find the courage to open up to each other.
Join Catherine and Jayden for an emotion packed weekend that could forever change the future of their relationship. This could be their best chance at love, but first both Dom and sub must gain control over the one thing they can’t put in a collar: their deepest doubts and fears. For this kind of healing, the necessary treatment must be mutually given. Is it too late to erase some old scars?
Genre Erotica/ BDSM
Publication Date August 5th 2013


Book two is by far the most "out there" book I have ever read. As an anniversary present, Jayden sends Catherine to a day spa. Instead of having a normal spa day, she is subjected to a series of BDSM "tests" to see what her body can handle. All the while everything is recorded and Jayden watches it, while his secretary is used for some relief. 
Even though this story was completely far fetched and every chapter virtually contained a BDSM scene, I thoroughly enjoyed the escape and ending.  I also thought the manner in which he planned the whole event fascinating. If you are looking for a book to read that will have a sex scene in it, no matter which page you open, then this book is for you!! 


{Book #3 Coming Soon}

To Serve is Divine excerpt (18+):
For the next hour, Jayden shifted topics in the questioning. Sometimes his questions were in regards to Spencer, other times he asked about childhood memories. The whole time he monitored the bullet, watching her skin tone and breathing so he knew when it was getting to be too much or taking her too close to an orgasm.
Together they worked the first memory out of her. When she was done talking, her cheeks were tear soaked, and Jayden felt nauseous. Spencer had not been a Dom. He’d been an abuser, and Catherine had been nothing more than a worthless object to him. The time had come to welcome her back into the true meaning of the Lifestyle; Jayden could wait no longer.
The Dominant stood and freed the velvet box which contained the length of black pearls from his pocket. Attached near the clasp was a small charm engraved with a four-leaf clover for outer appearance while the back of the charm was etched with Jayden’s initials and a triskelion—the emblem of their Lifestyle.
“Catherine,” he said standing before her. “Will you allow me to collar you?”
There was nothing ritualistic about it, just straight to the point. Jayden wanted her; wanted to have a hand in her life full-time, even if they played just on the weekends. He was offering to be there when she was happy and when she was sick. Protection within the community would be provided by him. More than anything: he was stating that he wanted her.
Catherine met his gaze and smiled before she slipped from the chair to take a proper position on her knees for the occasion.
“Aye, Sir. To serve you will be divine,” she answered, and Jayden could tell her heart raced within her chest—much like his own.
He fastened the choker around her neck, allowing the pads of his fingertips to linger against her soft skin a moment longer than necessary, and then he kissed her lips.
“I’ve chosen black pearls for your collar because of all this particular treasure has to endure for its inner beauty to shine, and for its rarity. You are my pearl, my jewel, and you’re servitude will always be surreal.”
A Divine Life excerpt (18+):
Catherine was locked into position: hands tied above her head, legs spread wide with knees bent, the mock cock buried deep in her ass. Her sex was stretched slightly open, and she could feel the edge of the table pressing just under the bottom of her ass, bound as she was to the edge of the table. The dildo was the one thing keeping her from slipping off. Catherine felt like a slut; she felt like a seductress, and she felt beautiful in her submission for her Master—even if he wasn’t there.
The camera came to life, surrounding her with its audible preservation of every emotion on her face, leaving no part of her hidden but her eyes.
Shawn returned to her side and flipped her skirt up so that, once again, Catherine was on full display. A cool breeze traipsed over her left nipple when he tugged the blouse down, catching it under her breast.
A single camera click chirped before a sharp, repetitive beeping broke into the serenity of the afternoon.
“Well, shit!” huffed Shawn. “Sorry, doll, my battery just died on the camera. I need to run back inside and grab my spare.”
“Um, Shawn, please don’t leave me out here alone. You’ve got enough pictures, right?” Catherine could feel her nerves rolling in her stomach, souring it. Her heart pounded in her chest. She didn’t want any more surprises; she just wanted to get the damn blindfold off!
“It won’t take but a minute. I’ll be right back, okay?” He patted her leg, and she whimpered. “Don’t go anywhere!” Shawn instructed, laughing at her expense; because really, where the fuck was she going to go?
“Shawn.” A door closed, and Catherine had to assume it was the door back into the building. “Shawn!”
Oh, you have got to be kidding me! He did not just leave me out here like this. I know he made sure everything was secure, but so help me; if I slip off this table, I’m going to kick his ass!
“Shawn?” She tried one more time. Nope, the fucker was gone. “Well, fuck me!” she growled to the trees.
A twig snapped behind Catherine.
“I think I just might do that,” came a low whisper.

About the Author
R.E. Hargrave lives on the outskirts of Dallas, TX where she prides herself on being a domestic engineer. Married to her high school sweetheart, together they are raising three children from elementary age to college age. She is an avid reader, a sometimes quilter and now, a writer. Other hobbies include gardening and a love of a music.
A native 'mutt,' Hargrave has lived in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Alabama, Texas, and California. She is fond of setting her stories on location in South Carolina and Texas, but it’s anybody's guess as to what the genre will be!
Connect with R.E. Hargrave!

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I have intercepted a secret code!! Hours upon hours was spent deciphering it. After an agonising wait, it finally revealed its hidden message. 

In short, it announced a new release that is so secret hardly anyone knows about it. So as an avid reader and book blogger it is my duty to inform you of the conspiracy to keep this gem hidden! 

Here is what the secret code revealed! 

Title: Firestorm (Crossfire Duology #2)
Author: Kyra Dune
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Spy Thriller
Cover Art: Shadow Portal Productions
Buy Link: amzn.to/1l3N3OJ


Angel meant to stop a war. Instead, she may have caused one.
With everyone out for her blood, Angel is forced to hide in the last place she wants to be. But hiding will only be an option for so long. Somehow, she must make amends for her mistakes and find a way to save Southern Archaides from those who seek to destroy it.
But matters are more complex than she knows. Angel thinks she has all the answers. She has no idea how wrong she is. And as the lines between enemy and friend begin to blur, she finds her heart drawn to two different men, both of whom have betrayed her in the past. But how can she choose between them when each owns half her heart?
With millions of lives at stake, Angel has to make some tough choices. Choices which could cost her everything she holds most dear.


Angel let herself freefall until she was safely clear of the helicopter, then brought out her wings. Their white light lit the dark like a ray of sunshine. She loaded the last clip into her machine gun and pulled the remaining grenade free from her belt.
She flew between the helicopter carrying her companions and the one flown by her enemies. The black helicopter opened fire, but Angel was well clear of its guns. She heard bullets strike metal but had no time to worry about it.
The helicopter pilot scrambled for something beside his seat. Angel assumed he was looking for a gun, though it seemed a bad idea for him to try and shoot her through the glass. But she didn't intend to give him time to figure that out. She pulled the pin, punched the window out, and dropped the grenade into the pilot's lap. She caught a glimpse of his stunned and horrified expression before she swooped away.

About The Author

Kyra Dune was born in Oklahoma, but spent most of her life travelling with her family. She is the author of more than a dozen fantasy novels, including: Shadow of the Dragon, Elfblood, and Firebrand. As a child, her favorite stories were those that told of ordinary children being whisked away to magical lands. She has yet to find her own secret wardrobe or rabbit hole, but she hasn’t given up the search. You never know what might be waiting over the next rainbow.

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This will be an awesome name for a band, but today it is in fact the book that I have been touring with THE BEST crew EVERR!!!
It's my pleasure to bring you this funny, quirky and uplifting read! 
Phantom Bigfoot & The Vampettes from Venus
By Simon Okill

Welcome to Big Beaver, home of Duane Dexter aka Phantom Bigfoot. Teen superhero, Duane, must get Sheriff Lou and Agent Virgil hitched on orders of the alien Elders. Simple enough! But not for Phantom Bigfoot and Guardian of the forest, who manages to screw things up just when he least expects it.

And when he least expects it, Duane is rendered helpless as a new menace invades Big Beaver in the shape of a punk band - The Vampettes from Venus. It soon transpires these Vampettes are not your ordinary gals from outa town. Duane and his close friend, MB, know space vampires when they see them.

So Phantom Bigfoot with his trusty sidekick, MB, fight these insidious vampires head on in a free-for-all, no-holds-barred struggle. Will Duane save the day yet again or will these sexy Vampettes drink Big Beaver dry?

#Teen Humour #Urban Fantasy #Teen Romance #Action/Adventure

Paranormal author Simon Okill lives in a South Wales coastal town with his wife where he is currently writing about the crazy adventures of Phantom Bigfoot and his tribe of Bigfoot Babes. Phantom Bigfoot & The Vampettes from Venus is book #2 of his YA adventure series, Phantom Bigfoot Series, to be followed by Phantom Bigfoot & The Haunted House. Book #1 is already out there - Phantom Bigfoot Strikes Again. Simon has also written two other books, all available on Amazon - Luna Sanguis and Luna Aeturnus, dark Gothic romance set in France 1925 as well as several screenplays.

The Bums of Navarone
Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day
Gone With The Wind
Bigfoot at Tiffany’s
Wind in the Willows
What Bigfoot Did Next
The Bigfoot Who Loved Me
The Bigfoot has Landed
The Bigfoot Country
Bigfoots are Forever

The Crystal Ship by The Doors
The Music’s Over by The Doors
All Day and All of the Night by The Kinks
American Woman by Jimi Hendrix
Credence Clearwater Revival
Honkytonk Women by The Rolling Stones
Just Dropped In by Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane
Love is the Drug by Roxy Music
Both Ends Burning by Roxy Music
Putting Out Fire With Gasoline by David Bowie.

Moments later Duane and MB tried the front door of the Bruger house. Of course it was locked. They hammered at the door.
Duane turned around sensing trouble and wished he hadn’t. Hovering a few feet above MB like a giant red bat was that raven-haired Vampette with the freaky hairdo, mouth open wide, tongue licking large fangs.
“I am Vampirella. I care not for neither of you fellas,” the Vampette sang her words like that punk rocker Sid Vicious, screeching out the syllables with a high-pitched hiss.
What did she mean she cared not for neither of them? His sixth sense told him she didn’t want their blood because they weren’t virgins. Did that mean they were safe from the Vampette’s fangs? Yeah it would seem so, Duane hoped.
“From somewhere within the deep, you cannot resist the need to sleep,” Vampirella screeched her song.
Duane cautioned himself to be wary. Her singing had made him feel a little hazy. The Vampette was obviously using some kind of insidious mind control on them with her lyrics.
The Vampette drifted towards Duane on her red cape wings and stopped less than a few inches from him, her fangs just a millimeter from his bare neck. Duane’s stomach gurgled with fear but strangely enough he didn’t feel like barfing. He stood his ground.
“Chosen by The Elders you have been. The Guardian of the forest I have seen,” Vampirella sang harshly.
“Go to hell!” Duane said, glancing at MB cowering behind him for protection.
“What does she mean by The Guardian of the forest?” MB asked as if those might be his last words.
Vampirella didn’t reply. She cocked her head then sang, “Vermillia … Venusa … Vixenella … come join me.”
The other three punk Vampettes floated down from the roof under their red cape wings and landed silently before Duane and MB.
“Beau is pure, Beau is sweet, he is our lure, he is our treat,” Vampirella and the other three Vampettes sang like demented sirens.
Duane and MB backed up to the front door and hammered to be let in, both shouting, “Let us in for fuck’s sake. Let us in!”

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