Wednesday, 15 January 2014


I am in awe of Gay Ingram and all the writing that she does. From articles and blogs to books, she has an amazing talent that seems to be enjoyed by everyone. I would give anything to have the time to write that much!
Which brings me to today's promo. I saw the title MORGANA'S REVENGE and thought Oh Butter!! not another book about the legendary King Arthur's enemy??

Imagine my pleasant surprise when it just turned out to be the lead character's name. So with renewed interest and good, healthy dose of enthusiasm, I am here to tell you about this new release.


A domestic fire…both parents dead…years of hospital recovery and now Morgana Grant is looking for answers.
Recruited by a special investigative unit, Morgana commits to doing whatever it takes to find her parents’ killers. Posing as a private tutor, she infiltrates Manor Oaks, not really knowing what her assignment will include.
Two men—ill-mannered Gregory Walker and cheeky Shawn Hennessey--create distractions for Morgana but fail to divert her from her objective.
When she’s shown a scrapbook of sorts containing clippings about her parents’ demise, Morgana knows she’s found something important.
Can she convey the incriminating evidence before her cover is blown?

Sounds good to me heh??


Gay Ingram writes from her cabin in the piney woods of East Texas. She began her career because of a passion for herbs. You can read past articles at For over twenty-five years she has been entertaining and informing readers either through her novels or by way of articles published in magazines such as Writer's Journal, BackHome and The Herb Companion. Recently introduced to blogging, she now contributes a blog to More information is available at her websites: and

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So, I think I might just get my copy of Morgana's Revenge!! What about you?