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Presenting Paula Michelson:

My author of the week is Paula Michelson. She is a very nice lady and has released a few books already.

On Day 1 of Presenting Paula Michelson, here is her first book.

"Amazing! I could not put it down," C. Hills's five star Amazon review says.  

Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing, Book 1
Historical Notes

The Spanish Inquisition began with the signing of the Decree of Alhambra on March 31, 1492 and was in effect for 500 years. That decree instituted pure blood laws, which forced the Jews to leave Spain before midnight of the above date, become a Catholic converso, which was the title the Church gave them meaning convert, or Anusim the forced ones as they called themselves or die.

Prior to the signing of the decree, the crown moved the Jews into towns expressly set aside for them. This made it easy for the office to monitor the conversion of those Jews who had not married Catholics and subsequently converted or convinced those in high office that they believed in Christ. During that time fervent priests were preaching against the Jews and many who feared death became Catholic and were assimilated into that faith. Others allowed themselves to be baptized and acted Catholic while practicing their Jewish faith at home. The records show that Jews, who did not covert and could not or would not leave, watched their homes and towns razed and torched before the officials killed them.

The church appointed the office of Inquisitor and his assistants. Their work involved the unification of Spain under the Catholic Church. While the office hunted the hidden Jews, some Jews who followed the Laws of Moses, as they called the Old Testament, sought Jews who had fallen away from Judaism and called them back to that faith. The Inquisitor’s office labeled those working to bring Jews back to Judaism, Judaizers.

During the trial of Judaizers, the church sought repentant conversions. If a person was unrepentant, the office stripped them of their rank and worldly possessions, tortured them for information, and killed them. If the person repented, the Church occasionally showed mercy and allowed them to serve as clerics. A penitent forfeited everything they owned was incommunicado for life, and forced to wear a penitent garment, which reflected their reduced status and made them a target of ridicule. If the church deemed the penitent unsuited for service, they incurred everything listed above, were placed under house arrest, and never allowed out of the sight of someone associated with the office of the Inquisitor. Jews who became Catholic during this time were called New Christians as a means of differentiating them from those who had no Jewish blood.

Since the majority of the population was illiterate and poor they viewed this as God’s recompense for what they assumed was the Jewish belief in their superiority. It took little encouragement for those working within the office to find many who were willing to falsify their witness to curry favor with those in power. The Inquisition’s purpose was to rid the country of all dissidents including Moors, Muslims, and Gypsies. Records show that some Catholic Spaniards used it to acquire the wealth, property and power they coveted from other Catholics who practiced Catholicism hundreds of years before the Inquisition began.

It is sad to realize that the place where Judaism flourished after the Jewish diaspora from Israel became an extremely hostile environment towards them for hundreds of years and horrifying to note that Hitler’s Third Riche used the pure blood laws that Spain instituted against the Jewish people when Hitler implemented his final solution.

When we study the Inquisition and its effects it is important to mention that, the Spanish Inquisition came to the new world. The first governor of New Spain, Luis de Carvajal y de la Cueva, was a converso. The office of the Inquisitor brought him to trial and found him guilty of being a Judaizer. He died during his incarceration. The office arrested the members of his family and they faced the reprisals mentioned above. The only member of this family to survive the Inquisition was Leonor de Caceres a distant niece of the governor’s. She recanted her Jewish faith at fourteen, was placed within the house of the Inquisitor, and when she reached marriageable age, was married to a devout Catholic.

Throughout the world, many people are interested in discovering if their heritage is Jewish, or as the Spanish Jews say, Sephardim— a word derived from the name of a City in Spain where many Jews lived before and during the Inquisition. In the Southwestern United States, many people of Spanish and Mexican Ancestry, as well as Caucasians, and some Plains Indians, wonder about the artifacts they have, customs they practice and stories they heard, which suggests a Jewish heritage. Some use the name Anusim, Marino, or Converso, when they refer to themselves, and that leads many knowledgeable people to believe they are Jewish. Since the Jews lived in Spain for hundreds of years and married Catholic Spaniards, many believe that if you scratch a Spaniard, you will find a Jew. Others, both here and in Spain, have noticed that their last names are the names of Jewish towns razed during the Inquisition. Whether here or in Spain, whether people know they are Jewish, or just suspect, the Spanish Jews have learned over centuries of percussion to hide who they are as a means of survival.

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About The Author

Paula Rose Michelson is the wife of Lutheran Pastor, and Chosen People field Missionary, Ron Michelson. This Messianic author of faith books founded LAMB Ministries, which helps women recover from trauma and abuse through the effective use of Scripture and prayer. She asked God to give her a unique work, and while praying about the lost tribes of Israel, she believed the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) called her to write about the hidden Jews. She wrote the Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing and The Naomi Chronicles Books because of her heart response to that commission.

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