Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Boy are you in for a treat today!! We are going fishing. Fishing For Light!! In this feature, I am pleased to bring you an Author interview with Nathaniel Sewell, that will be added to my BEST AUTHOR INTERVIEWS page for sure!!

Get your gear ready and lets start...

The Bait

How do you take your coffee?

Ms Prosperina is a genetic monster trying to take over the world by spiking the coffee at her Starry Eyed Coffee Hut chain … and she’ll stop at nothing.

It’s up to her unwitting creator, the geneticist Professor Quan, to stop her. In an attempt to correct his mistake, Professor Quan creates a network of people with the power of true love genetically coded within them. They alone might resist Ms Prosperina’s attempt to change the course of humanity.

Everything hangs in the balance when Eddie, altered at birth by Quan’s genetic mutation powder, fails to follow his pre-ordained destiny. The trauma of his father’s death has left Eddie drifting through a meaningless life and has caused him to stray from Quan’s master plan.Will Quan succeed in helping Eddie regain the light behind his eyes and will they succeed in foiling Ms Prosperina’s evil plans?

Could the world really end at General Beauregard’s 24-hour fried chicken restaurant?

About the Catch

Nathaniel Sewell (1965 – currently above the clover) was born in Lexington, Kentucky. His first novel was, Bobby’s Socks. It was not a particularly happy story, but he hopes Fishing for Light might entice a smile

Reeling in the Big One

You can purchase a signed copy of Fishing for Light directly from the author for $14.99 including shipping.

What other Fishermen had to say

"Fishing for Light by Nathaniel Sewell tells an incredibly entertaining tale that is full of quirky characters and grandiose schemes. I totally enjoyed immersing myself in this satire."
"Nathaniel Sewell’s FISHING FOR LIGHT is a satiric look at the use of technology and particle physics to control the human race. Edie Wilcox finds himself caught up in this unseen “quantum war” between Professor Quan and his evil genetically modified daughter, Ms. Proserpina."
"It was funny, in an over the top kind of way. I mean it’s got the IRS, genetic monsters, and the Hope Diamond! … I did enjoy the hyped up war between a father and a daughter. His genetically modified, evil daughter! It’s got a lot of funny situations, and a lot of great characters. … I laughed quite a bit, and I was entertained, I think the author did a great job of taking what we would usually expect and twisting it around a bit. I think overall, for a satire lover, this book would be a home run, …"

 Fishing for answers
I'm in Kathmandu, visiting a Buddhist temple under the guise as a Journalist. High in the Himalayan mountains, the pretty little Swayambhu temple emulates peace and tranquility. I feel at one with the universe for the first time in a long time.
I see people of all ages and nationalities meditating in the gardens while others are praying in the temple with the monks. One person in particular catches my eye as I trip over him accidentally. He is not your average garden variety author. He is Nathaniel Sewell!! I try to get up as lady-like as I can and clear my throat to get his attention. When I ask to join him, he doesn't respond, but re-positions himself to make room for me. I take out my recorder and iPad to make notes. We sit there with our eyes closed in perfect silence. After a couple of minutes I can't resist it anymore, and whisper...

  Hot today, huh?

 After a few more Ohms, I ask; 

  What are you doing here? Did you come to find enlightenment or cure writer's block?
He sighs. The look on my face says it all. (Answer my questions and I'll piss off like a good girl.) He gets the hint. 

 “I write short stories and poems as a creative outlet. I think it helps to keep my craft sharp, and I continue to learn. Beyond writing, I love to play golf, exercise and act weird. I don’t take myself that serious, so I prefer to seek laughter. In part, the novel, Fishing for Light comes from all my life interest, and in particular golf.”
When did you first start writing?
“I was in my teens and discovered I enjoyed creating stories. My teachers were not interested in the story, they only focused on the grammar and structure.”
Why did you write this book?
“I wrote Fishing for Light from observing how life traumas obliterate our hopes and dreams. If we love someone, and they are taken away from us without any warning, the trauma literally ‘marks’ our genetic code. It is a similar theme from my first novel, Bobby’s Socks. But in Fishing for Light, I wanted to take a heavy subject, human suffering and blend it into a 21st Century satire.”
Who would play the characters if this was a movie?
“Oh, let’s dream big, I think Josh Hutcherson would be a perfect - Eddie Wilcox, Al Pacino I think would be – Professor Quan and Bruce Willis has all the qualities to be Captain Lovins. As to Ms. Prosperina, that actor would need to have a cold, nasty side and a sense of humor, perhaps a middle-aged, Diane Kruger.”
How long did it take to write?
“Fishing for Light sort of evolved over a four or five year process. It is not a simplistic book; it has layers and layers of meaning. I decided to get out of my own way, and let the satire happen. And I am quite happy with the result.”
What is your next project?
“I have two current projects, one is a follow up to Fishing for Light, and the other is an extremely personal journey about a middle-aged man’s search to understand his long since deceased grandfather.”
What do you measure success to be?
“I have been successful in the business world, so I know money does not drive me. I am not afraid to be famous, but I don’t seek it. I think success is a sense of instinctual happiness. If you feel solid standing in your socks, I think you’re successful.”
Who inspires you?
“Salvador Dali masterworks, my grandfather, U2, and the idea that God whispers life recommendations to me, and I stop, am quiet and listen…”
Who is your favourite author?
“Ray Bradbury and C.S. Lewis – I think they are co-equals.”
Tell me things about you that are not already in your bio?
“I am driven. I hate to be bored, and I will never retire. I think the idea to retire is nonsense. And my ultimate goal is to create a sock company. I think if we can build a company that is self-supporting, a hybrid not-for-profit, we can help child abuse victims and help prevent suicides. The third leading cause of death for ages 10 to 24 is suicide. The idea is to get the victim to talk, if they put on a pair of colorful, warm socks, they might feel a sense of peace, smile and let that hidden trauma out.”
I kindly thank him for his time. As I get up to leave he decides to ask a question. 

 So what magazine or newspaper do you work for? 

 None! I'm just a blogger. 

While he performs a perfect 'face palm' and a couple of exasperated "OHMmmms," I leave him in as much peace as I can and run like hell.