Friday, 7 March 2014

Mythbehaving Marcuths!!

Welcome to the Book Tour & Giveaway for Constructing Marcus by Danielle DeVor. You can find Danielle's complete tour schedule at MythBehaving Book Tours.

Mythbehaving Book Tours recruited me to help out with this tour. Of course I said YES!!! But since I have already promoted Constructing Marcuths...shit..MARCUS before, I thought I'd do an interview with my friend and a great author, Danielle DeVor! 

So before we get to the good stuff, here is what her and I chatted about when we joined a ballet class to do some misbehaving of our own. Why? Because he was the instructor! 

We are busy doing our Battements Tendus (warm up). A deep sexy voice calls out, "pli√®." 
We obediently bend (I mean COME ON!! wouldn't you??) and I quietly ask. "So this is your idea of fun? I love it!" 
"Yeah! I love ballet and even collect ballet shoes. But I also love to read, watch horror films, and crochet. I've been dabbling with art a lot lately too."  She giggles as the instructor glances our way. Fortunately he doesn't seem to realize we were the ones talking.  
"Lordie that man is sexy! He can put his ballet shoes under my bed anytime!" I tell her. 
"Totally. There is nothing like a beautiful man with a six-pack. Also, a great sense of humor and eyes that twinkle."

"A Terre," he says in his gentle sexy voice to the class.
We sit on the floor as instructed and do more stretches.
I decide to push my luck and keep talking."Congrats on all your books. I hear they are doing very well!" 
"Thanks, I was nervous about Constructing Marcus. I wanted to try something different. I usually write fantasy/horror, so a YA Paranormal Romance was a bit out of my comfort zone."
"I hope you become a great success!" 
 She giggles again. "No, seriously. My fans are what I measure success to be. I love to hear it when someone enjoys one of my books!"

"Relev√®!" The instructor says loudly and turns our way. We were probably too busy talking to hear him say it the first time. 
It's my turn to giggle as I continue talking to Danielle. "Can you imagine him playing in the movie version of your book?'
"Oh no! My book has nothing to do with ballet. Plus I always imagined a young Jennifer Lawrence would be perfect for Emma. And, perhaps a young Jonny Lee Miller for Marcus." 
"Yeah, but Look. At. Him!!!" 
"Sure he is gorgeous, but he doesn't inspire me to write him into a book or picture him in a movie. My parents inspire me. They have been through so much over the years, yet they are still going strong."
"Fuck you are weird!" I frown at her, but manage to smile even though I'm trying to hide it.
"I am usually described by people as 'entertaining', because I love animals- especially iguanas, bats, and dogs. I also like traveling when I get the chance and plan to travel the world someday." She snickers at me.

"Right ladies, time to do some Piques, Glissade & Port De Bras," the instructor yells a little louder than he intended, but certain he wouldn't have to repeat himself to us two hooligans. 
Sadly the Port De Bras was what did it for me. 
"I'll port my bra for you any day!" I respond equally loudly and wink at him.
And that, my dear friends is how I got kicked out of Ballet lessons. 

So now onto that good stuff I promised...

Large Base Consstructing Marcus Working copy

Sixteen-year-old ghost hunter, Emma Hoffman thought that moving into an old Victorian was going to be awesome– ghosts galore.
Much to her delight, she discovers that the house is haunted—not by a ghost, but by a construct (a spirit created to be a servant). As she gets to know Marcus, the construct, he asks her to help him avenge his maker and find her killer. Emma’s not too sure this is a good idea, she’s a ghost hunter after all, not a detective, but she agrees to help him anyway. While trying to discover more information about the killer, Emma begins to have feelings for Marcus- feelings she isn’t ready to admit. Then the sorcerer who killed Marcus’s maker shows up at Emma’s house with an insane plan to capture Marcus and absorb his power- Emma isn’t having it. Marcus is hers. When the killer performs a spell that begins to steal Marcus’s life force, Emma risks losing him. It’s a race against time for Emma to figure out how to stop the sorcerer and his spell before Marcus fades away and disappears from her life forever.  
Danielle DeVor

Danielle DeVor spent her early years fantasizing about vampires and watching “Salem’s Lot” way too many times. After living briefly in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, she moved back to her hometown to write. When not writing and reading about weird things, you will find her hanging out at the nearest coffee shop, enjoying a mocha frappuccino. Danielle has been on a writing roll this year! With the release of Tail of the Devil, Constructing Marcus and Sorrow’s Point she already has three books out. You can find Tail of the Devil and Sorrow’s Point at Amazon.  

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