Tuesday, 15 April 2014


It is my honor to bring you the release of September Again. This is the second book in the September series, which started with my all time favorite book, September Ends.

I can not begin to describe the profound effect Hunter S Jones' work has had on me. I find it impossible to explain, but her words resonates with something deep inside me and transcends my every expectation in what I consider a brilliant book to be. September Again is an inspiring, moving and magnificent story! 
Following the death of her one true love, Jack O. Savage, his widow Liz falls into a deep depression. His loss is felt through out the book and touches your heart right to the end. In the process her daughter, Zelda,  is neglected and once she discovers one of Liz' old diaries, she harbors a hatred toward her mother that is disturbing. Because she only read part of the history in the diary, Zelda begins an obsession with her father's former love Indie. 
As Liz fights her own demons and tries to win her daughter back, a favourable outcome seems impossible, until the return of Pete Hendrix. 
I read this book under two hours and was unable to put it down for just a second. The writing is beautiful and the multitude of writing elements used to bring this story together was nothing short of brilliant by this truly gifted Author.

This is September Again...


Hunter S. Jones
An Anonymous English Poet

According to Cherokee beliefs, opportunity will bless you twice.
September Again, second in the series, September Stories, is the follow up to the hugely popular indie sensation, September Ends. September Again finds Liz Snow Savage leaving England. She follows her daughter Zelda Savage back to America after Zelda’s betrayal of her. More drama ensues as Liz looks for meaning in life while Zelda finds her direction after the tragedy of losing Jack O. Savage, The Poet. Set mainly in Chattanooga, Tennessee, September Again chronicles the rhythm of life's cycles. The ebb and flow of love unravel the mystery of Liz's past. September Again allows a further glimpse into the intricate web of passion and desire which have entangled Liz Snow, Pete Hendrix and Jack O. Savage for years. Will a chance encounter finally reveal the truth?  What act will change the destiny of Liz and Zelda forever? The story of sin, salvation and redemption continues in Book 2 of the September Stories, told through a mosaic of prose with a smattering poetry.
Magic happens when you least expect it.


Writer. Exile on Peachtree Street.
Lover of all the finer things in life.
The art form I create when writing is much more interesting than anything you will ever know or learn about me. However, since you ask, I have lived in Tennessee and Georgia my entire life, except for one “lost summer” spent in Los Angeles. I was always a complex kid. My first published stories were for a local underground rock publication in Nashville. Since then, I have published articles on music, fashion, art, travel and history.
October 2013 saw the launch of a novel collaboration, SEPTEMBER ENDS, contemporary fiction laced with romance, erotic and supernatural elements, bound by poetry. This novel is written with an anonymous English poet. SEPTEMBER ENDS has been labeled an “Indie Sensation” due the critical reception and international recognition the novel has received.  The book has been downloaded in every Amazon domain on the planet. It has achieved #1 status on Amazon for World Literature, #1 in British Poetry and #1 in Contemporary Poetry. 

www.thehuntersjones.blogspot.com – Exile on Peachtree Street

Do yourself a favor and get her books today. You will never know what kind of impact it might have on you!