Thursday, 1 May 2014


I saw this catchy title and just had to read the book! Then, I just had to do a feature on it.

So with no further fuss and ado, here's the latest release by MB Feeey.


Disheartened about not being able to find “Mr. Right” on the London dating scene, best friends Jodie Lynch and Louise Hewson create a blog to not only document their disastrous dates with the numerous “Mr. Wrongs” and “Mr. Okay-for-nows” but also to help those going through the same experiences and to see where they’re going wrong. How will they deal with everything the dating scene has to throw at them — planned or otherwise?


Sipping her hot coffee, Jodie Lynch tapped in her login details to check how well the latest blog post had been received. The stats were through the roof, and there were almost thirty comments awaiting approval. She’d never expected that writing about the nonexistent sex life being experienced by her and her best friend Louise Hewson would garner so much attention.

Ever since they’d started the blog six months ago after suffering yet another dire date with someone who wasn’t what they’d ‘advertised,’ the friends had begun to enjoy the torture of dating. Back then, Jodie had sat with Louise drinking cheap rosé into the early hours and lamenting the lack of decent, single, honest men who still had their own hair and teeth. That wasn’t too much to ask, was it? Without thinking and under the influence, Jodie had pulled out her laptop and set up the blog. She’d been thankful that she hadn’t posted anything that evening, and she had almost deleted the blog altogether once she’d overcome her hangover the next day. However, after to speaking with Louise, Jodie had decided to go ahead with the no-holds-barred outlet for their frustration. She read the last post back before looking at the comments.

14 June 2012 –
Why Would You?

So, Louise got set up on another blind date by her boss Theresa. She kept telling Louise that Mark was “such a nice guy” and “so perfect for you”. Since pickings had been slim, Lou tarted herself up, yet again making me jealous of her gorgeous, slim, petite figure, which made my almost six-foot frame look extra gangly. As I curled her hair, she began her age-old whinge about wanting my red hair. Who wants to be ginger with all the hassle we get? Anyway, I digress. She got ready and went to meet him at the local Bella Pasta (His choice, not hers. *eye roll*). Typical Louise, she arrived early. She decided to wait at the tiny bar and get herself a drink — non-alcoholic, of course, since we ALL know what happened last time. While she waited, she scoped out all the escape points. Just in case.

 Author Bio:

M. B. Feeney is an army brat who finally settled down in Birmingham, UK with her other half, two kids and a dog.  She’s also a student teacher, a doodler and a chocoholic.  Writing has been her one true love ever since she could spell, and publishing is the culmination of her hard work and ambition.

Signing up with Renaissance Romance Publishing to publish her first novella as part of  a compilation in December 2012 was the first step in her writing career that she hopes will span many more works and years.

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My Review

Louise and Jodie are your typical young women in their late twenties looking for love in the modern age. They not only experience looking for love together, but they blog about it too. Their lives change when they find an advert for a speed dating event and decide to attend it. 

I love the way the book is written with a series of blog posts and dialogue mixed in the narrative. The love lives of Jodie and Louise was predictable but entertaining. The book is written in very UK English, so a lot of phrases and words were lost on me, but overall I enjoyed it. 

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