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This week's special guest Author is M.E. Lorde. Even though she had written several books, I shall be featuring her current smash hit Tolomay's World And The Pool Of Light. Did I mention it is ON SALE?!

Author M.E. Lorde creates a gripping story set in the earth’s future, where the youth of the world have the privilege and burden of saving humanity from extinction.
Years before an apocalyptic event, a new means of travel is discovered. The modern technology comes just in the nick of time. Though none can return to a past-time in order to fix what men have destroyed, some candidates can now move forward to begin anew.
Highly intelligent, Tolomay Ramey was trained since birth to do one thing… to lead others into the future of the ‘clean earth’ where both nature and mankind are given a fresh start. Leaving the pod community behind, she arrives as the only living ‘Original’ from the first team of candidates. The clean world, abundant with plant and animal life, is covered in green for the first time in hundreds of years.
Unfortunately for this young girl and despite the beauty of the replenished earth, nothing she experiences from the moment she arrives is as expected. Alone for three years, until others finally join her, she learns to survive off the land, but that will not be what she finds most challenging. What will happen when a strong-headed young man arrives with the mindset that he should have been the first in this paradise? Can independent Tolomay and fiercely confident Kenter meet in the middle? Can the clean world become what it was intended to be for the new community, or will all thoughts of peace be left a thousand years in the past?



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Author M.E. Lorde grew up in the rural community of Victor, NY, surrounded by farms, orchards, vineyards in neighboring towns, and beautiful scenic views of lakes, mountains and canyons.  M.E’s great grandparents were great friends and confidants with author Zane Grey, who from the early to mid 1900’s wrote dozens of books, many Historical and Western.  Rumor has it you will find the author’s great grandmother in at least one.
An avid reader since childhood (as well as an artist), M.E. has been writing since she could hold a pencil.  She wrote and bound her own book by hand at the age of ten.  Though books have always been a passion, Lorde put writing on hold to raise four children while working in other fields, including a career in law enforcement and a director position at a college.  With much encouragement from friends and family, she decided to follow her real passion and pursue writing full-time.  With her newest release of the Tolomay’s World series, she has found her audience, hitting Amazon’s best sellers list- #1 Action & Adventure/Romance, #3 Action & Adventure/Fantasy in December 2013.  Her time is divided between spending quality time with her daughter, writing, and activities with Indie authors, artists and a civic theatre.  She loves to travel and has seen thirty nine states up close and personal, lived in four.  While M.E. enjoys the excitement and bustle of city life, she remains a country girl at heart.  It’s the author’s hope that readers will enjoy their walk through Tolomay’s World and other fantastical and exciting adventures.

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Chapter Eleven

Kenter’s skin burned and his knees felt weak.  He smelled something good as he stepped clumsily out the door.  His muscles had a mind all their own when his feet landed on Earth’s soft, thick carpet.
He turned his attention to the clean world.  He opened his heart to it the moment he’d seen the greens in the grasses and the magestical Bovidae creatures, making the decision right then that he would never tire of nature. 
For no matter how detailed the research or the professor’s descriptions had been during training, or how the ancient’s photos appealed to him; none had done this world justice.  He could never, in his wildest dreams, have imagined a place as perfect.  Being here sent the heat he had dreamed of into his heart.
After spending so much time laid beneath the bedding, it was good to stretch out his limbs, though every ounce of him hurt.  The burns would take a while to heal.  Thoughts of Mize Maxy’s lectures on the use of wound sap poured though his mind.  The old male did know a bit about medicinal herbology and curation after all. 
Lethia and the female were nowhere in view.  He couldn’t quite remember what his sister said when she woke him briefly some time ago, but it surprised him to find himself alone in the dirt pod when he opened his eyes.  He had never been alone in such a large space.  It was uncomfortable, but at the same time, freeing.  He breathed in the air.  The fragrance was unbelievable.
The grasses tickled his toes in the breeze as he sat waiting for his sister and the female to return.  Then dizziness crept back to him.  He lay down upon the ground, but re-thought it.  He did not want the female to find him asleep on the grasses.  Though he wasn’t sure why, it seemed best to go inside.
A strange aroma lingered in the room.  He’d smelled it when he first awoke, but after being outside it seemed a stronger enticement.  It was one of edibles, but not ones familiar to his nostrils, not of the foods he was accustomed to. 
He found a wooden plate heaping with the largest pieces of beast he had ever seen.  Each one was an extremely thick light colored string.  They were almost clear in places and were enormous, a third the length of his thumb.  Beside it rested another plate full of mysterious long fruits.
Instantly, his stomach reminded him he hadn’t eaten breakfast.  He was starving.  Sitting on a wooden stump, he wolfed down the huge chunks of beast, eating faster than he’d remembered doing in his lifetime.  Some pieces were tender and nearly melted in his mouth, some parts chewy.  The taste was strange, but perfect. 
The soft green fruit wasn’t as good.  The outer coating was pleasant enough, but once his teeth crunched past the firm outsides, the inside was gooey; but it was sweet, so none the less, he ate it relentlessly and was satisfied.  Even the food in this place tasted purer than back home.  A clay bowl lay beside the plate.  It held a liquid.  He first smelled it and then pursed his lips, brought up the bowl, and tasted the water.  It was fresh and magic.  No chemical flavors lingered within.  He relished its purity, and this moment in time.  Would everything in this world be so delicious?
His stomach now full, Kenter viewed the empty plates before him.  He wondered if Lethia had left these for him, or if the female had.  She must have been so glad they’d arrived she’d thought of him straight away.  He was glad for it.  He was the first male after all, and always would be.
Taking in his surroundings, he was amazed the young one had accomplished the task of staying alive all this time.  How could one lone female do so much without a strong male around, and without so much as a second set of hands?  He had never been alone in his whole existence.  It was hard to imagine it.
The sound of his sister, giggling, prefaced the females’ return.  The sixteen year old walked in with a serious but pleasant enough expression.
“I call it the hillhouse…,” she said turning back to Lethia who followed her in.  “…because this big mound of dirt with grasses is called a hill.”
As she hung the water bag near the entryway, Tolomay wondered if her pronunciation was correct.  She decided she would speak only Merican to Kenter and Lethia, but would still practice her other languages to Carmella as usual, so she wouldn’t lose her spoken tongue.
Tolomay was taken aback at seeing Kenter at the table.  She stopped her feet before turning around to close the door behind Lethia.  Would he stare at her look again?  It unnerved her.
“I’m glad to see you’re awake!” said Lethia, stepping to him with a careful hug.
Eyes sparkling with joy, she dropped the basket of flowers to the grass matt and handed him a daisy.
“There are thousands of these, all different colors.  And Kenter, you would not believe it how a real stream looks and sounds!  There are flying beasts named butterflies.  They are as purity itself,” she said, then viewed the bandages wrapped to his face.
They covered all of his skin and left holes only for his eyes, nose, and mouth.
“I’m good now,” he replied.  “I ate.”
Tolomay’s expression changed as her eyes fled to the empty plates and opened wide.  Kenter noticed.  Perhaps the dinner had been for all three of them, not just for him.
“Did I eat everyone’s?” he started.  “I thought it the plates were set out for me.”
Lethia cut in.
“He’s accustomed to the elite line in the eating room.  We get whatever we want there,” she said in his defense.
Tolomay was frustrated.  She saved for over a week, and had boiled them just today.  She did not know how to say what she was thinking.  This was not the eating room back home.  Had this male no training whatsoever on NOT eating items in the clean world unless he knew what they were, or if they were poisonous?
“No.  That was not dinner,” was all she could reply.
She rubbed her fingers down the side of her face, until they found her chin.  She could not believe it... all that work and saving.
“Well, it was a filling snack,” said Kenter, a bit relieved.
Now, he was contemplating how wondrous the dinners would be.
“It’s best not to eat things in the clean world if you do not know what they are,” scolded Tolomay.
She stepped forward to pick up one of the empty plates.
“Wasn’t it beast and fruit?” he asked.
She stood silent.  Was this male an infant?  Had he not studied?  She could not believe Tarron would send such an untrained candidate into the clean world.
“No,” she replied. “This plate held the aloe leaves that will heal your skin, and this,” she said, picking up the other, “was stacked with meat fat for making oil.  Oil has many uses in this world, cooking, light, and much more.  It is precious and takes work to make.  Now I am low of it.”
Carmella skittered down her arm, landed beside the clay bowl, and began lapping up what little water droplets remained at its bottom.
“And that’s Carmella’s water bowl,” she finished.
The room remained still as Tolomay brought the water bag down from its perch and refilled Carmella’s bowl.  She was surprised at how arrogant her words sounded, even to her.  She swallowed hard, listening as the lizard lapped up the water.  Had it been such a long three years that she’d forgotten what it was like to know little of one’s surroundings?
“But, yes, the fat is from beasts, and the aloe is edible, too.  You are safe,” she continued, as she set the plates on the counter and reached up toward a shelf.  “None are poisonous, though I do not think it that your stomach will forgive you later.”
She softened her statement by returning to Kenter with a small clay cup full of raspberries.
“Here,” she said, setting it into his bandaged hands.  “These are real food, and some of the best.  And trust it that you will greatly enjoy a genuine dinner in this world tonight,” she finished.
The feeling of foolishness left Kenter’s heart the moment his tongue tasted the sweet juicy fruit.  His eyes grew large.  Lethia’s fingers raced her brother’s into the cup for the next bite and the twins laughed at the play.