Thursday, 8 May 2014

Once In A Blue Moon arrived!


Drrrrrrrrrrrrr Tsh! (That was my version of a drum roll). I'm pleased to announce that ONCE IN BLUE MOON was released today!

The best part is that is launched as part of Melange Book's new "imprint line" called Satin  Romance. Please have a look at this book?

I was born in New York state. My first book was made of stapled-together penmanship paper and entitled “The Big Snow.” My 2nd grade teacher 'published’ it, and I did the illustrations entirely in blue crayon.  Since that time, I've written three novels and countless short stories. Most have not been published. Yet.
It’s good practice, what I've written so far.  These stories and novels may never be seen by the public, but each one taught me a little more about my craft.

As an avid reader, I can’t remember a time when there weren’t books around the house. Even when I was broke, I still had a library card.  I read every book our small library had to offer, and we took out stacks of children’s books for my kids.

I read teen romance comic books, but never a romance novel until I worked the graveyard shift in the maternity ward.  At three in the morning, you either have to read or fall asleep, so I picked up a copy of “Sweet, Savage Love” by Rosemary Rogers and was instantly hooked.  I devoured all the historical romance novels I could find.  Later, I discovered more urban love stories, and eventually, paranormal love stories.  In the paranormal world, I found my home.

I love the juxtaposition of an urban setting against elements of magick or faerie, demons, ghosts or mythical creatures.  There’s something that draws me to those pockets of our universe where the laws of physics can be ignored, or at least trifled with.

Now working as a paralegal to pay the bills, I hope someday to make writing my full-time career.  I'm a member of several different writing groups, online as well as in the real world.  “The Sweet Life,” a novella included in “sex, lies and scandal in Two Rivers” (2013 by Two Rivers Romance Authors), is my first published work.  Although not a paranormal romance, it is definitely romantic. It involves a hunky man, a spunky woman, and French pastry.  What's not romantic about that?

My second published work is a short story in Eight ‘Til Christmas, a book that one of my writer’s groups published and now sells for charity.  “The Wish Your Heart Makes” is a fairy tale set in a non-existent castle on a non-existent island in the middle of Niagara Falls. 

“One in a Blue Moon” is my first full-length published novel. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it, and that you’ll fall under Finn’s spell right along with Caighleen. 

Happy reading...

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