Monday, 19 May 2014


Why? Because it's too seductive!

This week my very special author is B.A. Cairns. If you love mystery, suspense and sizzle then this book is for you! Please read on...if you can handle this. 

Alex Brown is a modern day woman who has everything to look forward to. She is engaged to the man of her dreams, has an adorable niece she dotes on and a loving sister-in-law she looks upon as the sister she never had. However, her existence is shadowed by the death of her brother and when an anonymous note is found on her desk Alex's life takes an unexpected turn for the worst. Kidnapping, murder and love ensues, taking Alex on an adventure she's only ever heard of, but what happens when the truth is revealed? Is there more behind her brother's death than she is made to believe? Can she still trust those she loves? Will she be corrupted by the world she has been dragged into? One thing is for sure, life for Alex Brown will never be the same again. Can those closest to you really hide the darkest secrets?

One reader reviewed it as a, "Very good read. For a debut author I was pleasantly surprised. Addictive too, the boom makes you want to keep reading it and I highly recommend you give it a read." Another wrote, "At first I wasn't sure I liked the book, but then before I knew it I was HOOKED!! Fantastic!! I need the next book I have to know what happens next, there are so many unanswered questions. This book has everything sex, suspense, love, mystery and heart break. This is a must read."

     I can hear the rain crashing on a metal roof and plastic sheeting flapping with the force of the wind.  In the distance a dog barks; its voice lifted above the noise of city life.  An emergency vehicle screams its way down the road, off to save some poor soul, or to catch some bugger acting recklessly and placing others in danger. 
     I’m haunted by the sounds surrounding me; squealing women filling the atmosphere with their laughter, but their naivety leaves them vulnerable.  They become easy prey for the vultures that always lurk in the dark.  Heavy footsteps alert me to the men that stalk by looking for their next target, while others are just looking for a warm embrace to fill a lonely heart. 
     Soft whispers of courting couples trying to steal a few secret hours drift to me in the darkness.  They give me comfort from the hell I find myself in; they let me know there’s good out there and warmth and safety can be found if you look hard enough.
     I know it’s out there, I have felt it many times before, but in this moment that belief is waning.  There is an icy dampness beneath my fingers; a chill has started to seep into the fabric of my jeans.  My bottom is numb from the mixture of the cold, hard floor and the hours that have passed me by while I remain sitting in this same position.   
     I have given up crying out for help, because the piece of cloth bound tight around my mouth is quite efficient at muffling any sound.  My lips have become sore from the harsh material digging into my skin and my throat is dry from lack of moisture.  My eyes are cast into darkness by a makeshift blindfold.  The fabric is so dense and so close to my skin that no light can seep through.  I’m surrounded by complete blackness. 
     However, as one sense is denied and shuts down, the others are heightened, especially my sense of smell.  The foul stench of sewage and the mouth-watering aroma of cheeseburgers and chips float in the air around me.  But there’s one scent that overwhelms them all.  I feel as if I’m drenched in it it’s that strong.  It’s familiar yet not.  A musky, seductive cologne so powerful I feel lightheaded and find myself succumbing to the strange power it holds over me.  All this mingles with a familiar blend of cigarette smoke and whisky.
     I feel lost and disorientated; a helpless victim under someone else’s mercy.  I’m the doll waiting for a child’s hands to possess me, to give me life.  All sense of time has eluded me.  Is it eight o’clock in the morning or eight o’clock at night? 
     Is this the beginning of something or the end?
     I shiver, but not only due to the cold.


     Not sure how much later, but I’m jolted from my semi-conscious state at the sound of what I suspect to be a large, metal object hitting another metal object.  Its sound rings through the air like a church bell.  With my heart pounding and pulse racing I listen for further sound. 
     There’s nothing. 
     I want to call out; my mind screams for me to run for my life, but I can’t move.  I try lifting my head, but even the slightest movement results in the sensation of being repeatedly pounded by stones.
     I hear faint footsteps.  Gradually they draw closer; picking up pace with every move. 
     Then silence.
     The tension makes me want to scream. 
     That exotic, intoxicating aroma assaults me once again.  I feel dizzy as the musky cologne seeps through my aching body into my brain.  It revives me.
     The footsteps return, pace slow and steady.  Whoever is there is in no particular hurry, unlike before.  It’s like they’re drinking in my presence, taking every precious moment to observe their trophy.
     The footsteps stop.  I hear the slight shuffling of material adjusting to accommodate its new shape and sense the person crouching down so they are level with my head.  They are so very close, if I could move my hands I’m sure I could touch them.  Their breath tickles my skin.  This sends a shocking tingle down my spine to the tips of my toes.  Our heavy breathing starts to mingle.
     In and out.
     As one.
     My heart takes control over my body.  Where it was once cold, I now find waves of heat coursing through me at an alarming rate.  I’m terrified how my body can behave in such a way.  Never before have I felt such temperature.  I am being scorched with just the whisper of hot air and heady cologne, with a faint smell of cigarette and whisky on their breath. 
     The hot air is now against my ear and I flinch.   A deep, warm, and husky voice whispers, ‘You will be mine.’

Becky Cairns (born 20 May 1990) is a British author who is making a promising stamp in the world of literature. Educated at UCTC, Uckfield, she then went on to study Animal Management at Plumpton College, but later wished to combine her two favorite loves: animals and writing.  From there, she went on to study Journalism at Brighton College and it was in her spare time that she finally gave in to the insistent nagging of her mind to put pen to paper, (or rather fingers to keyboard), and allowed the imagination to flow.  A few years later and Seductive Truths was born, giving birth to the dark, complex and sensual characters that are Alex Brown, William Jones and Gareth Hill.

Twitter: @BeckyACairns 
Facebook: BACairns - Author

So there you have it folks! The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the Seductive Truths.