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I'm pleased as pie to present Nathan Mercer who is a man on a mission to help people reach their goals no matter what! 

If you want to be rich, famous, thinner, bigger, better, stronger or just change your life,  his self help book is for you! 

Everyone knows that tortoise beat the hare in the race.  Very few people know how the tortoise prepared for that moment. 
Join Tommy the Tortoise on his journey through the six goal setting steps that transformed him into the "fastest" creature in the forest. 
The same six step process that works for tortoises has been proven effective for humans as well. Like any journey, however, you cannot get to where you want to go until you are willing to start.
All of the tools you need to have success in reaching your goals are in this one book.  The story is used to guide the reader through the goal setting steps with sections afterwards that include insights, activities, and worksheets. 

10% of all proceeds will be given to the Paralyzed Veterans of America to help support the National Veterans Wheelchair Games.

Nate currently lives in Cranberry Twp, PA with his family, pet cat, and pet bird.
He is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm, having served with the United States Marine Corps. He was a member of the USMC Reserves, 2nd MP Co out of Pittsburgh PA. During Desert Storm, he served in the largest prison camp in Marine Corps history and performed customs checks for Marines traveling home.
Nate returned to Indiana University of Pennsylvania after Desert Storm and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Education. He returned to school almost 20 years later to earn his M.B.A. from Strayer University.

He has taught in public schools for seven years, managed auto dealerships for nine, spent a year as a mortgage broker, and is now a personal development trainer. 

My Review:
I have to be honest! This book is a difficult read. In between the beautiful story where little Tommy's friends help him reach his goal, there are activities to do, personal anecdotes shared, motivational posts and so much more to help you. It's very unsettling in a way to jump from an almost children's fairy tale into facts and actions, but personally I could not find another way in which this book would have worked. It is necessary to write such a book in this manner, as each step in Tommy's story must follow with steps the reader must follow. The way in which the author guides you step by step in a unique and very gripping manner, is very refreshing. He kept me going, as I was dying to find out how Tommy and his friends reached their goal. 
All in all I believe this is a great book, which will serve you well in reaching your goals. I believe in this author and will personally use the steps and information provided to reach my own goals from now on. I give this book a well deserved 5 stars! 

Why should you? Read these reviews first!

Frances Thomas (

Nathan Mercer's book reminded me of those by Patrick Lencioni, another author who understands the value of the story.  Here Mercer uses the fable of the tortoise and the hare as a backdrop for down-to-earth advice on how to set and achieve goals.  I work at a college with first year students, and I'm sure I will be drawing on some of Mercer's ideas to motivate my students to succeed.  But oh, how I wish they had read this book back when they were high school freshmen.  Parents, take note.

Mercer's book, however, is equally valid for adults who make the same resolutions year after year and never carry through.  Having powerful enough "whys" is the answer for everyone.
Tom Cerja:  "Go from 'I Can't' to 'Congratulations!'"

Nathan Mercer is a natural leader. I had the blessing of working with him on projects in college, and always admired his leadership style. We happily followed his lead with confidence. "How the Tortoise Became Fast" is a no-nonsense approach to achieving goals taking you from "Can't to Congratulations." Putting your goals on paper, justifying them, mapping them out, and identifying your staunchest allies speaks to his military training / service and the various leadership roles his career has afforded him.

I read the book in under two hours, and can not wait to circle back and do my "homework." In just one week I will embark on my annual New Year's resolutions. Thanks to "How the Tortoise Became Fast" . . . I am confident 2014 will be the year they ALL get accomplished. Thank you Nate.


Nate Mercer:
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So what's your dream? Whatever it is, there is no such thing as tomorrow and no better book to help you than this one.