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My Author this week is yet another self-help Pro, but this time for your business. Now I know a lot of people don't have a business, but  many of us dream of having one some day. Wouldn't this be excellent advice to get before starting one? 

Intense and interactive strategy session to develop goals and set direction for the organization’s leaders.
In-depth board review and analysis; resulting in detailed report with key recommendations to enhance engagement and/or grow the organization’s board.
Leadership development training for your organization’s leaders, staff, and/or volunteers. Discussion of proven leadership principles, goal setting, and/or personal growth and development.
Self-study courses focused on governance and leadership development to create efficiency, accountability, and increased profits.
“The purpose of this mastermind is to create a synergistic brain trust to solidify the foundation of your business, position your business for the next phase of growth, and create a network of peer advisors.”

Gwendolyn L. Young, is a certified professional coach. She received her Master of Art Degree in Organizational Leadership from Lewis University and graduated Cum Laude in undergrad from DeVry University with a Bachelor of Science Degree. She is also a member of Sigma Beta Delta Business Honor Society.
Gwendolyn has over 15 years of business experience in operations and administrative management. She is also increasingly in-demand as a published author, workshop facilitator and mentor. She co-authored, with her daughter, Jacquelynne, a book entitled “20 Tips to Building a Strong Mother/Daughter Relationship.” She is also the author of “Governing in Excellence,” a resource guide for small businesses and nonprofits on the importance of building a solid foundation. Gwendolyn is a regular presenter at Proviso West High School’s Beyond Beautiful Conference that services nearly 100 young women each year. In 2012 she received the Elizabeth Timpton Girls Mentoring Award for her work in the community by Passages Alternative Living, Inc. and was one of twenty emerging leaders in the United States selected as the recipient of the 2012 Judith O’Connor Scholar Award for Emerging Nonprofit Leaders by BoardSource. Most recently, Gwendolyn was selected as a Stevie Awards preliminary round judge for Women in Business and honored as one of 2013’s “Influential Women in Business,” by the Daily Herald Business Ledger in partnership with the National Association of Women Business Owners — Chicago Chapter and the Women's Innovation Network.
Gwendolyn sits on the Board of Directors for the African American Christian Foundation to share her expertise and assist the organization with their growth strategy and governance challenges.
Gwendolyn is a business strategist who helps small businesses; including nonprofits implement their strategic operating plans to increase efficiency, accountability, and focus on the most important thing “their customer.” If you want to Mind Your Business | Operate in Excellence | Dominate Your Field then find out what consulting with Gwendolyn and her team can do for you.
She has leveraged her more than fifteen years of business experience in operations and administrative management to help Seed of Hope Foundation grow into one of the most effective female mentoring organizations in the west suburban community. She has served as their planning strategist for the last four years, in which the organization has generated over $200,000 in individual donor funds and in-kind donations and landed numerous corporate and institutional sponsorships, which range the gamut—from Macy’s and Wendy’s to Lewis University’s Service Learning Division and United Insurance.
Gwendolyn has provided more than 700 hours of mentoring and coaching service to young women in her community (two of whom have gone on to found their own online fashion boutique).
Her most important accomplishment to date includes being married to her love James A. Young of 18 years and a devoted mom of three young adult children. She is committed to excellence and has a strong passion for professionally developing young women and small businesses. In her pastime, Gwendolyn enjoys reading and the company of good friends.

What Are People Saying?
G.L. Young has helped our business grow rapidly over the past year. They have provided coaching services, free business resources, and helped with achieving business and personal goals. I do not know where Vixen Style Studio would be if we did not have the help of G.L. Young Consulting. We are so grateful for your services and we appreciate the time you have invested in our business. - Kai Douglas, Co- Owner of Vixen Style Studio
It was great! I came away motivated and with a clear, concise plan of action going forward. I'm excited to get started. – M. Romain, The Village Free Press
Investing in yourself is crucial: Finished coaching call number #2 and in 60 minutes we established my vision and mission, established policies for my business, identified new systems to free up my time, created the framework for a training manual for interns and staff and we had 5 minutes to spare. I love investing in myself and I love my coach Gwendolyn. - L. Matthews – CEO & Licensed Therapist, Illumination Counseling & Coaching, Lawrenceville, GA
I had my mastermind session with Gwendolyn that is definitely going to take me to another level in Ministry. This woman is definitely a Heavy Weight and has no contenders. I really feel that I have been in the presence of greatness. I applaud you for what you do and my life will forever be changed because you are in it. P. Smart - Beaumont, SC
Thank you Gwendolyn, that was so informative and I learned principles and strategies that will help me to develop a winning business, you were awesome and offered great strategies. L. Williams - Rochester, NY
As a member of the standing organization C.R.E.W Club (Classy Refined Educated Women) on the Chicago State University campus I obtain vision for the many achievements I expect C.R.E.W to be able to accomplish. As organization president of this nonprofit it was my responsibility to turn things around in a positive light for the better being of our organization. I am beyond pleased and forever grateful of Gwendolyn L. Young's contribution to the growth, expansion, and development of our organization. She has offered her services, provided skills with professionalism and grand levels of expertise, but above all she has exceeded our expectations of what a contribution from an external source can provide. She has served as our guidance, motivation, above all she has established her place as an excellent mentor and for that we thank her! – S. Sanchez-Munoz, CREW Club President, Chicago State University

Connect with Gwendolyn
Telephone: (224) 51-EXCEL Web:
For all speaking engagement requests, please e-mail

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Governance in Excellence Mastermind – Special $247 for Six Weeks
An elite group of small business owners and entrepreneurs, discuss and strategize how to apply principles gleaned from “Governing in Excellence” to their own organizations. This mastermind covers:
• The difference between governance and management
• The 12 principles of excellent governance
• The 5 policies every small business should have
• And much much more

There is also a “secret” Facebook Forum to work through business challenges with your peer advisors and one on one time with Gwendolyn the Small Business Coach and a FREE PDF E-Book Copy of Governing in Excellence.


To Love and To Cherish
Book 3 in
Til Death Us Do Part Series

We've followed Natasha’s journey from being madly in love, marrying the man of her dreams for her to then wake up in a nightmare.

This is the final installment of Natasha’s journey to find her Happy Every After, does she find it?

She has lived out her wedding vows “For Better or For Worse”, “In Sickness and in Health” now she is going to live out her “To Love and To Cherish” vow.

Will she find the perfect love she so desperately craves?

Life is about to throw her a curve-ball, will she catch it and run with it?

Join Natasha in following her dream of a happy life – will her wishes come true?

Releasing 10th June!