Thursday, 12 June 2014

Hi-ho Hi-ho! It's TO THE SEA I go!

If you are looking for the perfect read over a weekend, then this book is for you! I must say, I'm in the middle of winter and this steamy book with hot characters really warmed me up. Even if you are in summer, this beach book will want to make you go TO THE SEA and take surfing lessons! 

Fresh out of college and newly married, twenty-something Kira plans the perfect future with a house in the suburbs, ski getaways, and fancy dinners. When her husband Jeremy dies in a car accident, loss casts her adrift, but her heart cracks wide open when she uncovers the secrets he left behind.
Despite her dislike for the ocean with the whipping wind and itchy sand, Kira seeks solace in salt: tears, sweat, and the sea, helping her move beyond the myth of perfection, and guiding her toward the truth of who she really is.
She takes surf lessons to overcome her fear of the water and her well of grief. In the local surf scene, she meets sultry Jamie, with a hot Australian accent. He’s eager to spend time with her, but mostly between the sheets. Then there’s soulful Ian, her surf instructor, who helps her get on her feet and ride the waves.

During a transformative trip to South Africa on surfari, she learns the best way to be loved, yet when she returns to the shores of New England, grief continues to haunt her. She must let go, but how? Torn between the tides, Kira discovers strength and courage, navigates loss, lust, and love, taking readers along for the plunge.

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Deirdre Riordan Hall is the author of upper young adult and new adult fiction. She spends her days with her family, writing (what else?!) at the custom-made desk her husband crafted, or seaside, pretending she's a mermaid.

"In my teens I traveled throughout Europe as far east as Turkey, causing me to acquire a bit of a wanderer's mindset. Either that or I was a gypsy in a previous life, which I wouldn't doubt. During my college years I transferred to no less than four institutions, unable to commit to a single place or major. Then as a parent, embodying stability and responsibility, plus extra mouths to feed, I was physically unable to satisfy my traveler's heart but with the exception of weekend trips to the beach or countryside. 

My professional life followed this theme and took several interesting detours that repeatedly directed me back to the pen or keyboard as it were. I worked as a Doula, Lactation Counselor, Pilates and Yoga instructor, and at times a waitress. In each of those incarnations I found a level of gratification, but there was always a piece of me that felt unsettled, unanchored, and ultimately unsatisfied. Eventually causing me to move onto the next thing. My inner guidance was whispering its truth. Write. Right. 

In many ways, writing satisfies my longings for faraway places, their unique smells and sights, cultural customs, and languages. I'm able to interpret, invent, and travel to places through story. In doing so, I connect with worlds—imagined or real, other writers and readers. I may not actually be able to taste that gelato in Venice that I still dream about or actually hear the pre-dawn phantom call to prayer that still occasionally wakes me up, but through writing I've found a home for myself."

To The Sea by Deidre Riordan Hall follows a naive young woman after the death of her husband. Kira or as her family calls her, Summer, not only deals with issues from her past, but secrets she uncovers about her late husband. Her future hangs in the balance as she tries to start over at such a young age, when all she knew was her husband and her life with him.  
What kept me reading is the fact that just as one issue was resolved, another would crop up. You feel for Kira and her situation, but at the same time, the new possible love interests in her life really grabs your attention. I was dying to see who she would end up with, but the twists and turns in the book made that impossible to guess. I also loved how Kira grew through out the book as she went from naive and weak, to strong. The only thing I didn't enjoy, was the pace of the book in particular. 
It would've been nice to see her single and independent after the death of her husband, but I think that is a story for another book. This was a all and all a great read! I highly recommend it worthy of 4.5 stars. 

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