Monday, 21 July 2014


In this book, Harper Rowe and Kinley Devaereaux are two assassins caught up in a world of murder, fast paced action and life threatening situations. I loved the humor and the banter between the characters. The suspense and mystery is gripping! Somehow I pictured the characters completely different to what they look like on the cover and the ending was a little weak for me, but overall it was a highly enjoyable read and one I do recommend. 

 When Kinley Devereaux and Harper Rowe are invited to one of the biggest, political bashes of the year, the two loners are quick to go. Little do they know that the party is a government sting operation to attract one of the world's, most legendary thieves. 

Things get chaotic, though, when Kin and Harp stumble on to the scene before the authorities do, and they attempt to thwart the robbery on their own. However, their actions prove to be both, fruitless and tragic, as the thief along with the contents of the safe make a successful escape into the night. Having tracked her to Mexico City, the government quickly dispatches the two men to retrieve the thief and the stolen property.

They are assured that upon their arrival in Mexico that they will be meeting up with a team of DEA agents that will assist them with the assignment, but when the two assassins are flown into a private airstrip just outside of the city, it quickly becomes apparent to them that they are in way over their heads. With the decks stacked against them and just a small window of opportunity to nab the thief and return the stolen items, can Kinley Devereaux and Harper Rowe pull off this, seemingly, impossible task?

The Amazon link to "Boom!!...Killers." is: Boom!!...Killers. (The Boom!!...Killers. series) (Volume 1)

 Facebook page for "Boom!!...Killers." is Boomkillers. To interact with his main character, Harper Rowe, please send a freind request. All are welcome.

Dr. Ephraim Bates currently lives in Harrison, TN. He has worked for a branch of NCIS, taught elementary school, dabbled in I.T. work, tutored both high school and college students, and is currently part of a rock and roll band called SmallTown. He is one/half of the band along with his longtime friend and fellow musician/composer, Rob Perry. Dr. Bates runs a music recording studio with his brother, PJ Steelman.