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Featuring this weekend...all weekend is: The BayEdge Annals, Volume I, The Adelphe. 
Now, I know the cover doesn't do this book justice at first sight, but I am sure you will see the relevance of it in the book with the Greek references. Did that come out right? 

Either way... It comes highly recommended!!! 


The country is embroiled in a brutal war. With every resource channeled into bloodshed, any happiness, security, and humanity that could once be found, has vanished.
As familial ties shatter, deteriorating city streets play host to children who are exploited to feed sex and greed. Civilization is on the fast track to godlessness and collapse by the next generation, but few seem to care. Defying the odds, a small band of souls collects damaged children and relocates them to a safe and secluded home in the mountains. This outpost is dubbed BayEdge. Here the children are reintroduced to the values and morals that have evaporated from society.

As the mission of BayEdge unfolds, food is scarce, work is endless, and winters brutal. With the threat of discovery by rape-hungry mercenaries ever present, tragedies and fear are a part of everyday life. A vanguard of warrior women, the Adelphe, assume  the impossible responsibility of protecting BayEdge and its inhabitants, as the colony attempts to change the tide of civilization, one child at a time!

Sue Samson Peterson lives in a small town at the base of the Wasatch Mountain Range. She and her
husband are the parents of six daughters, who  have all flown the coop and left their parents empty nesters. Having been a homemaker for many years, Sue now finds herself a writer because she just can’t seem to help herself.

Her hobbies include her family and writing. Apparently she is not a multidimensional or complex creature.
Having directed drama performances for 5th and 6th graders, Sue has written scripts and edited and consolidated Shakespeare plays for young performers. As a volunteer, she taught journalism skills to gifted and talented students on the elementary level for 10 years. Sue has published short stories and was recently awarded the Deseret Dramatic Recognition Award for a work of poetry.
Her first book attempt, The Mourning Run, Based on a True Story, addresses the stages of grief from the perspective of a young widow with three small boys. Her second publication, a young adult fiction piece, The BayEdge Annals, Volume I, The Adelphe, tells the story of warrior women guarding children in a mountain outpost to escape the ravages of a war torn country.

Sue is currently working on book two of the BayEdge Annals series.

Contact her at suesamsonpeterson@icloud.comDogs Under My Desk,



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No one, aside from the old women in the retirement shelters, could remember a time there wasn’t war. Few knew a day when the sun rose on busy city streets filled with healthy men and women hurrying to their destinations. Seldom remembered were the buses that groaned through tightly packed traffic, pausing to empty their contents at street corners. There once was a time, these elderly women mused, when office buildings bulged with accountants, salesmen, lawyers or secretaries; busily dotting i’s and crossing t’s.

We remember, they promised, when the sick made doctor’s appointments, and the hungry cashed their paychecks to shop the aisles of any one of a dozen grocery stores. These doddering matrons, stored in government homes that blistered with peeling paint and reeked of feces and spoiled food, prattled on about the gardens and parks that once blossomed in the cities. Don’t you remember? they’d ask, when street lights came on every night, water flowed freely through the city’s pipes, and telephones rang? They reminisced of subways rumbling underfoot; and airplanes, filled with average people going on average vacations, soaring through clear blue skies. If you bothered, you’d ask them if there was a day the world wasn’t gray. Was there a day war and devastation didn’t wander the streets, hand-in-hand, like brazen whores plying their trade? These wizened ladies, who’d survived eight decades, considered it torture to have these memories. Dementia was a welcome relief for those lucky enough to win it. Even so, there were few of the unlucky ones left; and with the passing of each senior soul, the world that once was faded a shade lighter. Soon there would be no one left to tell the stories, and history would be nothing more than a fable. The present reality would be the only truth, and like any myth, no one would believe the past contentment and comforts ever existed, nor consider them a possibility to resurrect.

✽ ✽

They were somber creatures, avoiding the light of faith, hope, and humanity. They claimed no permanent address and typically wandered alone, though occasionally two or three might travel together, choosing the distraction of doleful companionship to lonely days dredging through memories while they trudged the mountain trails. They would appear in small towns and way stations along the Takoda Mountain Range, surfacing to barter for provisions, then disappearing back into the dark recesses of the forest. These were the women who’d lost. Women like Lillian, Marie and Sofia, who ran from memories, and EGF and Resistance
rapists. Gwynn had been among them. For a year and a half she’d kept to the shadows, pretending she didn’t exist, until Nathan Moon found her and the mission for the remainder of her life had been revealed. Now she was wandering with a different intent: to find and identify women she could recruit as Adelphe Warriors. She wanted a name for the group she was assembling that signified faith, sisterhood and power. She chose the name Adelphe, a Greek word meaning sisters tied together by religion.

Editorial Reviews; About the Author:
• Sue Samson Peterson is a blossoming author with a sharp, descriptive voice and unshakable story telling skills. The Adelphe is the first book of The BayEdge Annals series.

Reader Reviews:
"This is incredibly awesome, at its finest. Sue Peterson has the market on young adult fiction.
Written for all ages, this is simply FANTASTIC"

"What an excellent read. I fell in love with this book! The most important thing to me that stuck out with "The Adelphe" were the strong female characters. In a story line like this (war, societal collapse, struggle), men most often dominate the story line. It was the opposite in this. I really enjoyed that.
The author has an absolute gift with description. Each character, story and setting that was introduced was able to perfectly materialize in my mind. Each character was unique and the settings were beautiful. The story is compelling and you will find yourself eager for the second volume. I can't recommend this book enough!"

"This book made me do a lot of thinking about sacrifice and how much I am willing to sacrifice for others. I also really liked the message of hope. We can each make a difference if we chose to hope and act on it, as the characters in this book did"