Monday, 11 August 2014


My Author of the week is Marty Milner. I read his book and it's my pleasure to present his work to you. 

As a world renowned virologist Dr. Dawson Curgalff ( one of the winners of the coveted Conway Awards ) finds herself on the fringe of a life overwhelmed. In addition to searching the world for the animal hosts of zoonotic lethal viruses she has steadily collected war orphans and extracted them from combat zones. Unknown to her public admirers she is also a formidable opponent on the battle field. After a lifetime of struggling to rescue war orphans from the clutches of insurgent generals she has accumulated enemies and left a long trail of rotting corpses. In certain circles the mere mention of her name brings on a certainty of fear. She hasn't survived by just getting through experiences. She has survived by damaging those who have opposed her without conscience or remorse. The Conway Award was supposed to provide extreme funding for people who were brilliant enough to stop the extinction of mankind. She hadn't done that and knew her efforts had been fought to a standstill.
On her way to receive more money from the Conway Foundation she learns that the first love of her life, Bradford Ramsden was recently shot. After the award dinner in New York Mr. Conway asks her to go an identify the body which is being held in a morgue in Newark. Ramsden had disappeared suddenly from her life, and the world, just after getting his award over thirty years ago. She is accompanied on this quest by Liam Stephens, her fellow award winner who also had also been friends with Ramsden decades ago. When they see the body they both realize that it is not Brad but a body double. Agreeing to identify the corpse as Brad they begin to investigate why there is a body double. Apparently Ramsden had created a decades long, deep cover identity.
Shortly thereafter events begin to spiral dramatically out of control. Liam Stephens is killed. Shot right through the head by the same caliber bullet that killed Brad. She is now being investigated for her connections to both murders and three others committed by the same assassin. She becomes fatally ill from an unknown dehydrating disease and goes blind as well.
Awaking in the hospital late in the night she realizes that Brad is sitting on the floor in her hospital room. He is very much alive and has achieved the Conway Award goal, after a fashion. He is going to implement a plan that will force governments around the world to decrease the sizes of their standing armies and destroy all of their weapons of mass destruction.
Dawson isn't sure what to do. Instantly she is drawn back to this man, the first real love of her life- like a lemming to the edge of a very high cliff she is compelled. He wants her to be part of his plan. He cures her blindness and the dehydration and convinces her what he has is real.
How does she know the plan has power? Brad is the one who struck her down and made her blind and now has healed her. She is furious but compelled by the reality, ruthlessness and audacity of his action. He wants her to be the spokesperson to the world and announce his plan and vision for humanity. The leaders of the world must step back immediately from the edge of the extinction abyss they have lead us to. There can be no compromise no negotiation- failure to comply will result in their immediate and personal demise.
She begins this journey reluctantly but with intention...

 The author of this book is a life long reader- of fiction, science, history, comedy, the New York Times and biography. Drawing on a very rich, personal reading and real life experience this writer has determined that the photograph,awards, personal history, biography or even reviews of any author is largely irrelevant to the enjoyment of the work. Any idiosyncratic mistakes in the work either of fact, grammar or story cohesion are always forgiven if the work is credible substantively to the reader. Science Fiction DOES allow a healthy exchange of what is or is not actually or potentially possible.
The process of writing is largely focused on creating a deep, personal experience for the reader. All comments, reviews, criticisms or hypothetical science theories or rebuttals are MOST welcome!

Author: @whentoquit
Female Protagonist: @RingletsOfLogan
Male Protagonist: @curgalff
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MY Review: 

The author warned me that this is not everyone's cup of tea. I can see why. If you forgive the grammar, punctuation and other mistakes, you are in for a very fascinating story. 
Dawson is an Astrophysicist/ Virologist who had turned humanitarian. After she won the Conway Awards and was awarded a large sum of money she returns decades later to receive more money. It is then that she learns that her former lover and fellow award winner, Bradford Ramsden is dead. A trail of deceit is uncovered and slowly Brad is reintroduced into her life. Together they set about putting his plan into action to create a world of peace, through releasing viruses and diseases to which only Brad and his fellow underground scientists have the cures to. To make the threat seem real, Dawson plays the part of the victim and so the blackmail of all the world's countries begin. Stop raging war, decrease your armies and arsenal or you will die! 
I felt completely stupid for not understanding the concept of the science or any of the long winded paragraphs about the technology, viruses or astrology. I did enjoy the suspense as the reader is drawn into this world of cat and mouse. With uncooperative governments after them and an uncertain future, they face the odds and try to make the world a better place, in their own unique way. I give this book a very decent 3 stars.