Sunday, 24 August 2014


Scientist-Turned-Author Takes Readers on a Fascinating Journey to the Unknown in a
Groundbreaking New Sci-Fi Novel 

Anyone who was inspired to learn more about the world beyond Earth after watching films like Close Encounters of the Third Kind will want to pick up a copy of ALGORITHM: A Novel (e-Lit Books; October 1, 2014; $15.95).
Established scientist and short story writer Arthur M. Doweyko’s first full-length novel takes readers on a wondrous sci-fi journey beyond most imaginations. Balancing themes that have become central to pop culture with his own experience as a veteran scientist, Doweyko pens a gripping tale that challenges accepted theories on life, science and the unknown.
A story that spans decades, ALGORITHM first takes readers back to the summer of 1979 as we meet Adam, a 13-year-old boy fascinated by a mysterious lump of coal with a gold medallion at its core. Despite his best efforts to understand its origins on his own, he ends up with few answers. His curiosity does, however, compel him to learn more about archaeology and living organisms, and eventually to become a bio-organic chemistry professor.
As the narrative leaps forward to Adam as an adult, the protagonist, now armed with years of scientific knowledge, revisits the marvelous artifact and learns that it may date back more than a hundred million years. When a random explosion at the lab threatens to destroy it, Adam becomes more determined than ever to understand its significance.
With Linda, head of the Human Genome Project at their college, by his side Adam embarks on an action-packed adventure that takes the two from their lab to an abandoned coal mine. Meticulously following each lead, the pair encounters all kinds of trouble: the authorities, enigmatic beings and, finally an unplanned trip into space. Face to face with their darkest fears, and narrowly escaping death, the two begin to question everything they once held dear — science, humanity, faith and even DNA.
Doweyko writes a stirring tale filled with ideas that will resonate with fans of the sci-fi genre as he illuminates his own journey as someone searching for the truth behind the stars and our place in the universe. Incorporating actual scientific fact and real-life phenomena like the Knox Mine disaster, Doweyko adds a layer of truth to an already chilling plot. This riveting journey will touch the hearts of readers whose dreams have taken them farther than they ever imagined.  ALGORITHM is a ride readers will never forget.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  After more than thirty years as a bio-organic chemist, even inventing novel 3D drug design software, Arthur M. Doweyko is making his mark as a sci-fi author. Inspired by his passion for science and literature, Doweyko previously published a number of short stories, many of which were finalists in the 2011 and 2012 Royal Palm Literary Awards Association competitions. He is also the co-recipient of the 2008 Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award for the discovery of Sprycel, a new anti-cancer drug. Doweyko lives in Vero Beach, Florida, with his wife, Lidia, and teaches chemistry at Indian River State College when he’s not jousting with aliens. Visit him as his website: