Thursday, 27 November 2014


My weekend guest AND NEW AUTHOR OF THE WEEK is Author David McGowan and he brought along his first book in the From The Sky trilogy. 

Check out his book and the awesome book trailer?! 

Camberway is like any small northern California town. An everyday community living everyday lives.

Until the arrival.

When the ground starts to shake beneath their feet...
When the noises crash through the skies above their heads...
When the giant UFOs appear and send down their beams, their terrible beams...

Camberway is rocked to its very foundations, as a series of bizarre events changes all of their lives, forever.

What will become of Camberway, and the people who call it home?

Will anyone survive? Why are the giant UFOs here? What do they want?


 This gripping story was well written and I'm highly impressed with the Author's formatting and editing. The story itself is about a whole cast of characters and each of their lives the day the UFOs arrive. All his characters were all very well developed and their back stories were as compelling as their adventure. From the beginning to the middle of the book there are so many characters to keep track of and each of their thoughts, feelings and experiences, but as the story grows to a close only a handful are left. You really have a bond with them.

The ending left me wanting more even though I didn't quite enjoy author's writing style. I give this book 3 very good stars.

From Ignite - a Top 500 Reviewer: This is a First Contact story set in America and we meet a small group of people who, in a very short time, have their whole existence overturned. They are individuals who each have a lot of baggage and carry history and sometimes tragedy of their own, even before they see the three massive ships in the air above them and find out what they are capable of. This is just the first of a trilogy and I don't want to spoil it with too much detail but it involves this group in a road trip. One is a small boy with his grandfather and his pet dog and he features in the exciting climax of book one.

I loved the writing, the atmosphere of helplessness and the dogged determination of Jim, the lawman, to uphold the law he believes in, even when it appears pointless to others. There are a few loose ends to be tied up and they augur well for the sequels. The interplay between the characters was enough to keep the tension racked up and the end was exciting enough to increase my heart-rate for a couple of pages. I thought it was excellent.

From I C Douglas: Really enjoyed this first in a trilogy, easy to get into and follow with plenty of action and suspense.
You quickly feel an affinity with the various characters and for me at least was a real 'page turner'.
Looking forward to reading the sequels!

David McGowan is from Liverpool in the United Kingdom. He gained a degree in English Language & Literature from The University of Liverpool.
He is a prolific reader, with Stephen King and Dean Koontz being two of his favourite authors. He lists Desperation as his favourite King novel, calling it the inspiration behind The Hunter Inside.  His favourite Koontz novel is False Memory. His all-time favourite novel is Catch 22 by Joseph Heller.
He began his debut novel during a bout of insomnia, declaring at the head of the manuscript,
“This is my attempt at writing a short story. God knows how far I will get.”
Fast forward a couple of years, and that short story became The Hunter Inside, a 100,000 word psychological suspense thriller that occupied the number 1 spot in the Amazon suspense charts.
David’s current project is a science fiction trilogy called From The Sky.  The titles of the individual 80,000 word novels are ‘ARRIVAL’, ‘JOURNEY’ and ‘NEVADA’. It is the story of a small town in northern California, what happens to the people who live there when giant UFOs suddenly appear in the skies above, and  how the survivors  band together to journey towards a final revelation that will shock his fans around the world.
David writes fiction with a twist – page-turners that keep readers up past their bedtime and have the power to chill, inspire, frighten and amaze in equal measure.
In the works is David’s fifth novel. It is a ghostly full-length offering with the working title of Addersley Hall. It is scheduled for release in early 2016.
A self-published author, David handles every aspect of his work, from writing to cover design to publishing and marketing. He is the author of many articles that aim to help other authors and bloggers reach their potential and find their niche.
When asked what he thought was more important – money or fame – he answered,
“Neither. What’s important is following your dreams and being happy. If you do those two things then you don’t need money or fame, and if you are true to yourself and give one hundred percent to everything you do, then you will be able to measure your success in satisfaction and happiness.”
David loves to connect directly with his fans and friends around the world, and responds directly to messages and questions on his Facebook author page and on Twitter.
“Writing is a pretty solitary enterprise at times, but as a self-published author I get to meet my readers and interact with them much more than traditional authors who have all of their publicity handled by their publishers. I’m often surprised by reader’s opinions of some of my characters, but I sometimes secretly love the villains and get annoyed by the good guys too! Hearing what people think of the worlds and characters that are constructed inside the narrow confines of my mind is uplifting for me as an author and as a person, because all I ever truly want to do is reach people with my work, and introduce them to these characters that to me are all too real. I want people who read my stories to remember the people in them long after they have finished and stepped out of the world of fiction.”
David lives alone with his books, his often blank manuscript files and his vices. He has promised himself that some day he will get a cat, as someone once told him that no home is complete without books and cats.
Until that day comes, he is relying on you to step into his world and meet the people he knows so well.
“Perhaps they can be your imaginary friends like they are mine,” he says with a wry smile. “That’s when I’m not killing them, of course.”

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