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About the Book

Title: The Shadow of the Unicorn II: The Deception
Author: Suzanne de Montigny
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy / Tween Fantasy
deceptionUlysees’ breath was ragged, and his heart filled with terror when they galloped toward the herd pursued by an enraged Icarus.
How did the Legacy of Azaria transform into the world fear it has, the unicorns barely existing hidden in the depths of the forest? Why is Icharus, the Great Stallion, so cruel and ruthless? And who is Jaresh, the invisible being who takes away their powers? Angry, the young colt Ulysees and his friend Téo rebel, following an abandoned trail where they’re discovered by humans. Now the entire herd must make an exodus. But Ulysees discovers there’s more danger then just humans when he meets a giant creature who warns them of impending doom…

Author Bio

Award winning author, Suzanne de Montigny, wrote her first novella when she was twelve. Years later, she discovered it in an old box in the basement, thus reigniting her love affair with writing. A teacher for twenty years, she enjoys creating fantasy and paranormal for tweens and teens. She lives in Burnaby, B.C., Canada with the four loves of her life – her husband, two boys, and Buddy the dog.
Five Fun Facts About Suzanne de Montigny
  1. I talk to my bichon frisé like he’s a normal human being. And yes, Buddy does answer back. (Funny how my mouth moves while he talks!)
  2. When my son took up skate boarding, I thought I’d be the cool mom and learn it too. Unfortunately, I ended up on my back and paying a visit to emergency.
  3. My two boys and I fiddle. (But they’re way better than me!)
  4. My favourite season is autumn so I can kick the leaves when no one’s looking.
  5. My husband says I snore so loud it wakes him up.


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The Shadow of the Unicorn II: The Deception. http://youtu.be/xZgQSBowrFE
The Shadow of the Unicorn: The Legacyhttp://youtu.be/St9OsyK974o
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The Shadow of the Unicorn II: The Deception
The Shadow of the Unicorn: The Legacy
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Book Excerpts

Ulysees walked to the shore. “Gosh, this is beautiful, like a small paradise. It reminds me of that lake in the valley of the bones. Want to go in for a swim?”
Without waiting for an answer, Ulysees dipped his front hooves in the cool waters, shivering at its chilliness. Not hearing Téo’s steps close behind him, he turned to see what was keeping him. “Téo?”
                His friend stood frozen, his eyes fixed far above the trees. “Camouflage!” he whispered, fading from sight.
Ulysees glanced up to where Téo had been staring and reeled at the terror that stretched high above the trees. It was monstrous, with scaly skin, the colour of the forest. Its neck was longer than any animal he had ever seen, and its tail was the length of the largest boa constrictor.
As quick as lightening, Ulysees disappeared. “Téo,” he said between his teeth.
                “Yes?” His friend’s answer was barely a squeak.
“Think maybe Danae was wrong? I mean, maybe this is Jaresh.”
“Or maybe it’s one of those skeletons we found where we left Danae…except this one’s alive.”

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