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"Even Angels Fall' follows the story of eighteen year old Abbey Miller as she struggles with a heart-breaking loss and tries in vain to cope with all of the difficult and emotional changes that happen in her life as a result. 
As she finds herself feeling increasingly isolated and alone due to her crippling grief, Abbey develops a strong friendship with Lucy Blake, Nathan James and Liam Dobson; three kids from her new school who on the outside appear to live a rebellious, carefree existence which offers Abbey a welcome escape from her problems. But as she becomes ever more involved with their group of friends, she is introduced to the dark and mysterious Alex Matthews and suddenly finds herself deep in a world that she never even knew existed. A world that is far removed from everything she has ever known before. 

As her family become desperately worried for her safety, loyalties are tested, emotions run high and Abbey is torn in two; embroiled in a battle between her head and her heart. Will the choices she has made eventually lead her to happiness? Or will her life spiral rapidly out of control, before tragedy strikes again?

About the creator

Even Angels Fall is the debut novel by twenty eight year old first time writer, Fay Louise Darbyshire. Born and raised in Leeds, Fay finished High School at the age of sixteen and went on to enroll at Leeds College of Art and Design where she studied Media, Film and English.After graduating into the world of full time employment, her passion for writing remained and she spent several years developing film scripts and screen plays in her spare time, until finally deciding to adapt one of her stories into a book in late 2013. Follow her @FLDarbyshire

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Fall with me!

After reading the synopsis, I was prepared for a long, boring read on a depressing topic. BOY!! Was I WRONG!!! 

Be ready to be thrown into a world so realistic it is frightening! The gripping, action packed story reels you out of your comfort zone and launches you into a world of the most authentic cast of characters I have ever read about. Their personalities, thoughts and feelings are so brilliantly portrayed and depicted that they leap from the page into your mind and heart with no difficulty at all. 

As Abbey struggles with a devastating loss on her own while her family falls apart, she meets a motley crew of misfits who offer her the chance to be normal and escape. Things soon spiral out of control and she is forced to make really difficult choice between her birth family and her new family. 

The multiple POV is not set apart, yet it was not hard to follow each character or the unpredictable story. 
It has been a while since I had a cry and enjoyed a giggle in the same book. There are constant twists and turns bound to keep you glued to every page. 
Though this is clearly the work of a first time author, the well written story and convincing plot is worth a few hours of your time. I give it a stellar 5 stars and highly recommend this book! 

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