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About the Book

Title: A Deadly Deed Grows
Author: Kathryn Long
Genre: Romantic  Suspense
Release Date: March 20, 2015
ADeadlyDeedGrows_w7687_med (2)Mira Stanley has come to Cape San Blas, Florida for one reason—to save Claire Peterson, her boss’s aunt, from being swindled and losing her home. She realizes it will be a challenge to defeat Bradley Lane, the unscrupulous land developer, even with her accomplished skills as a lawyer. However, another element adds itself to the equation when Mira meets the attractive Sean Thorndale. The chemistry between them leaves Mira confused and frightened.
Sean Thorndale has always been confident and driven with one personal agenda. And it promises to be dangerous. Even if he must deceive others by following Bradley Lane’s orders, he’ll do it to get justice for someone close to him. At least that’s how he feels until he meets Mira Stanley. The attraction builds. Is the danger to Sean worth the risk to their relationship.

Author Bio

Kathryn Long is the author of the Lilly M. Mysteries, as well as the paranormal mystery, Dying to Dream, and short stories published by the ezine, The Piker Press. Currently she is working on getting her latest mystery published, Grave Maker Blues.
She stays actively involved as a member of Sisters in Crime and you can often find her socializing on her blog, Facebook, and Twitter. When not busy with writing tasks she enjoys traveling to the ocean, such as the Florida Panhandle and the barrier reef, Cape San Blas, which happens to be the setting for A Deadly Deed Grows. Kathryn lives in northeast Ohio with her husband and pooch, Max.


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Book Excerpts

Excerpt #1
 She felt the buildup of tension on the trip back. And she knew it came from an obvious source, that anticipation of a goodbye kiss. She didn't know what to expect or how she would respond. Her feelings were conflicted with the person sitting next to her being so friendly, so engaging. She couldn't keep that nagging voice in the back of her head away for long. And it kept warning her that not everything was as it seemed. Still, she liked Sean, couldn't help but like him. She forced that thought to stay with her as they said goodbye.

"Well, it's been nice, Mira Stanley. I enjoyed your company despite the ugly conversation about your view of my partner's notorious brother. But we won't go into that again," he said.

His words touched her face with short brushstrokes of his breath as his face came within inches of hers. Closer and closer it seemed. And each inch pushed her heartbeat to race faster and faster. "Um hmm," she answered, since her thoughts refused to form into words.

"And I hope you feel the same way," he whispered and came closer, backing her against the door.

Now, Mira could only see parts of him, but she focused on his lips as they brushed against hers, his voice drowned out the pounding of her heart. But when he touched her, the beating stopped. His kiss made her stop everything. All thoughts and feelings focused only on one subject. That kiss. And whether foolish thinking or not, she wanted it to last forever.

Excerpt #2
 Mira stepped inside the office. In the darkened room her hand slid over the wall until she touched the switch. The lights blinded her for a second, but as soon as she adjusted, she crossed the room to get into Bradley's office. The clock on the wall told her Bradley left the building almost ten minutes ago. Sean stressed he could give her a half hour at most. She figured that left twenty to twenty-five minutes to get the job done. The realization left a sense of panic rise in her. She forced herself to remain calm by picturing Claire without a home, no fireplace mantel to rest Charles' urn upon, and no familiar rooms to remind her of him and their moments together. Relaxed, she started for the file cabinet, but after a few steps she stopped.

"If I were Bradley Lane, where would I hide important papers? Papers I didn't want anyone else to see, not even my secretary?" Mira deliberated aloud while she walked around the room. Her eyes searched, stopping at every object to consider it before she moved on.

"Voila," she exclaimed as she felt underneath Bradley's desk and found several buttons. She knelt down to crawl under the desk and to take a look. She discovered each labeled button served a separate function. One called for Gwen, another triggered a projector screen to descend, yet another ejected a bar from behind a sliding wall, and one appeared unmarked. She pushed it with one finger and held her breath to see what would happen. At once a small drawer slid silently out from the bottom right corner of the desk.


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