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About the Book

Title: The Color of Clouds
Author: J.C. Whyte
Genre: Sci-Fi / Paranormal Mystery / Thriller
Pedro’s on a mission. But not your everyday, run-of-the-mill type mission. Because Pedro is dead.
That’s right. Dead.
The Color of Clouds2-2Spirit guide Pedro normally busies himself with conveying messages from departed loved ones through a psychic named Gwen. But when he encounters a recently deceased teenager, the boy’s anguish just about breaks Pedro’s heart. So the spirit guide decides to try and help this boy. Yet meddling in the affairs of the living is a troublesome business, as Pedro soon discovers.
Nevertheless, he convinces Gwen to take an ocean voyage, and that’s when the trouble begins. Within days of leaving port, two passengers on the cruise ship fall into a mysterious coma. Gwen seeks Pedro’s help to restore these passengers, but natural as well as unnatural obstacles keep getting in the way. And by the time the ship docks in Honolulu, the still-living are flat out scrambling for their lives!
A playful blend of science fiction and the paranormal, The Color of Clouds offers a glimpse into the unseen world while taking the reader on an extraordinary ride. The adventure includes danger, mystery, humor, sweet romance and even a dash of thriller.
But the clouds are not what you think.

Author Bio

photo meJ.C. Whyte discovered her love for writing while still in elementary school, creating children’s stories. But as an adult, J.C. had to face the harsh reality that such writing seldom pays the bills. So she earned degrees in both Journalism and Communications, and then turned to Public Relations, where for ten years she focused her creative energies into feature writing.
After marriage, kids, several more degrees and occupations (including stints as a travel agent and paralegal), J. C. entered law school. While there, she became a columnist for the school newsletter and later, one of her humorous articles was even published in The National Jurist.
Graduating and passing the Bar, J.C. realized within a few short years that creative writing was still what made her heart sing. So now, as a grandma, she has returned to where her life’s calling began, beginning in 2013 with publication of her children’s book Karmack and now in 2015 with her first novel for adults, The Color of Clouds.


Book Excerpts
Excerpt #1
There was an element of danger in these dives, especially because of the predatory sharks in the area. Yet it was unlikely a shark would attack the divers. Tiger and Galapagos sharks were the most aggressive, but even they preferred fish, turtles, and seals to humans. So although he felt pretty confident, Drew still kept one eye on Carly.
But as the six divers began their survey, a strange light lit up one end of the reef, diffusing illumination as if a floodlight were shining upon it. This light was also inching closer and closer to the divers. When it was near enough to touch, Drew stuck his arm into the light and instantly the arm disappeared inside it. Frightened, he quickly withdrew his limb. Yet now the arm felt dead as it dangled at his side, refusing to respond to commands.
Carly was too busy taking measurements to notice. But the light kept moving. And before Drew could act, it fully engulfed his wife. She instantly collapsed, dropped from the reef and started to drift into deeper water. He charged after her, kicking harder than he knew he could. But with dogged determination and a single full-functioning arm, he managed to bring Carly’s limp body to the water’s surface.
Drew was now in a full-blown panic. Reaching the boat, he shouted for help; the others quickly pulled Carly on board.
“What happened?” asked one of the crewmen.
“I...I don’t know. Some mysterious light...” Drew coughed and gulped some air. “It passed over her, and she...” He shook his head in disbelief.
“Still breathing,” noted another crewman as he removed her mouthpiece from around her neck and pulled off her oxygen tank.
When Drew lifted Carly’s mask with his good hand, he was stunned to see her blank-looking eyes staring wide open at him.

Excerpt #2
“Hey, where are we?” Sylvie was speaking, but her voice sounded different, far away. Ernst wondered if the fog was simply muffling it. He couldn’t see much of anything, but every few seconds a flash of color pierced through the fog. A bright, red flash of color.
“Can you hear me, Ernie?”
“I hear you, Sylvie. But I do not see you.” His own voice seemed different too. Yet Sylvie got the message.
“I’m here, Ernie. Come and get me.”

“Where, Sylvie? Where are you?”
“Don’t know—everything looks so different around here. What happened? Where’d we go? Ernie, I’m scared!”
As Sylvie said this, Ernst saw fiery sparks cutting through the fog just ahead of him. “I see sparks, Sylvie. Und lots of color. What has happened to the night?”
“Something musta happened, Ernie. Maybe an explosion. Oh God, the ship blew up. That’s why all these sparks. Hey, where the heck are you?”
I see you now, Sylvie. Straight ahead. Walk toward me, straight ahead.”

“I only see sparks. But I’m walking, I think. Moving...straight ahead.”
Ernst moved forward too and Sylvie was soon right before him. Sylvie reached out a hand to touch him, but it passed right through. “Sylvie, your went through my chest.”
“Oh God, Ernie. We must be dead.”
“But how? We were just on our balcony...”
“That thing...that long, lighted thing...musta been some kind of...I dunno what. But we’re dead, Ernie. That’s the only explanation.”
Ernst took a good look around him. What he originally believed to be fog now resembled clouds, and they were everywhere. Some seemed to contain a mixture of colors while others appeared a solid shade. The clouds constantly shifted in size and shape as they oozed around and through the couple. It reminded Ernst of those globs inside of lava lamps.
He had to focus hard to see past all the clouds. Only when he held his mind steady, forcing it to see beyond them, did Ernst realize he and Sylvie were still on their own veranda.
“Sylvie, I see us. Our bodies are still in the deckchairs. Can you see?”

“Heck, I can barely see you.”
“Try concentrating. Force yourself to see...through all the clouds...”
Sylvie furrowed her brow to concentrate. Within a few seconds, she too could see what Ernst saw—two people in formalwear lying in deckchairs. “Will you look at that.”
“Ya, we look rather spooky, with our eyes open.”

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