Friday, 31 July 2015


Take a look at this amazing cover by brand new author Amy Lynn!! Twinsie Talk is proud to be the first to show you the Starving Faithful cover! #StarvingFaithful #AmyLynn
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 Starving Faithful Amy Lynn
 Ava Lauren has it all. Everything a woman could ever want. Until everything fades away.....
Despite his parent's disapproval, Bradley Lauren married the love of his life. He looks at Ava as if she is the purest angel of them all, but he has a secret. One that could destroy them. Abram Kent is unadulterated sex in a suit. A successful bachelor who's used to getting what he wants and this time, his sights are set on a pair of wings. What could go wrong? Even when she's Starving.... Will she still be Faithful?
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