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Capturing the Muse, Volume 1 in the Courting the Muse Series, will leave you breathless, aroused and inspired.

About the Book

CapturingTheMuse_CoverTitle: Capturing the Muse
Author: Madison Avery
Genre: New Adult Erotic Romance / Collection
In this mixed genre, erotica collection, Capturing the Muse, find out just how far these writers are willing to go to gain back their creativity, or keep it from shattering their perfect world.
Through tragedy, life lessons, mentorship, and even a hint of the paranormal, these writers will find one thing in common, steamy romance comes with consequences.
                Luck Be a Penny:
A bestselling author is unable to finish her series, and figures out the kindness she shows to a stranger can unleash more than just the plot to her upcoming book.
Dances with Muses:
One writer discovers the prince charming she created might just be better than the real thing. But coping with her delusions of the perfect romance interfere with the reality of real life.
Filling in the Blanks:
When a Muse doesn’t know she’s lost, a connection with a writer yearning for inspiration, brings her story to life.
Bookstores and Dreams:
Believing a “how-to guide” is the key to her success, a burgeoning writer will have to trust a handsome bookstore owner when a devastating accident turns her life upside.
Beneath the Inhibitions:
A depressed author collides with a prolific editor during a literary conference. And a one-night-stand becomes a source for new material, and regaining her confidence.
Capturing the Muse, Volume 1 in the Courting the Muse Series, will leave you breathless, aroused and inspired.

Author Bio

Madison Avery doesn’t kiss and tell. Except when it comes to writing. She lives in Red Deer, Alberta, where she spends way too much time reading, writing and avoiding house work.
Capturing the Muse is her first foray into the world of erotica, but where she feels right at home.
You can find Madison, and her counterpart, Yong Adult Novelist, Avery Olive, on many social media sites like Facebook, Twitter (@AveryOlive), Tumblr, Goodreads and on her website,, which is currently under construction 



Book Excerpts

Excerpt #1
From “Dances with Muses”
As it were, the more she wrote, the more she loved it. Molly had begun to crave the release that it gave her. An outlet for all the disappointment in her life. She'd have been the first to admit, she'd made a few wrong turns along the way, which added to her unhappiness and feeling of not ever being able to do better. Because as Ryan criticized her story, he had done the same to her, over and over again. She’d felt worthless, even more, that she’d believed she wasn't desirable, to anyone, but him. That there would never be another man in her life that would put up with her quirks, financially support her, and love her. If what Ryan truly felt was adoration. Convenience, maybe. But love? She couldn't imagine why someone who supposedly felt that way, would treat her so poorly. And yet, she was no better. Because she still found, when she dug deep, that she loved Ryan, at least a little bit.
                That all changed, though, when Molly discovered that she could adore someone else, more intensely, all consuming. She cherished the characters that she had brought into existence. And she treasured, even more, that she could develop and create the perfect man. She could put herself into the stories that she wrote, and give her the knight she deserved. Give herself all the things that were missing.

Excerpt #2
From “Bookstores and Dreams”
It was a huge deal. Henley believed that the book, and the last connection she felt she had with her father, was the reason she for the constant fill of endless concepts just waiting to be written. Ever since she’d sat down to read the book, all those years ago, and carrying it around with her since, she never, never struggled with ideas, or something to write about. They were always just there. Loud and clear, and infinite.
Of course, Abigail didn’t see that. Couldn’t understand. At that moment, it felt as though a piece of Henley was missing. It wasn’t just the book, but rather, a void in her heart, a flaw in her soul, the loss of something that had become what Henley thought was a permanent fixture in her life. Writing, those ideas, and her father were what made Henley who she was, and who she had aspired to become. And without those things, she felt, again, as though she’d begun to let down the dream that they had shared together. It was the one thing she knew, if she tried hard enough, and didn’t give up, was attainable. The only hope she had was that it wasn’t going to be a lasting mark on herself. That perhaps, given some time, the desire and passion for writing would come back, full force.

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