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About the Book

Fur Fangs and Secrets
Title: Fur, Fangs and Secrets
Author: Katie Gatto
Genre: Paranormal Romance
When Alpha Cole Martin takes his mate from the middle of a public park, he expected some complications. He didn’t expect her to have a few secrets of her own.

Author Bio

Katie Gatto is a New Jersey based fantasy and romance author, with more than a dozen books to her name. You can follow her on Twitter for up to the moment updates or find on her author site. Samples of her works are also available onWattpad.



 A random fan who reviews the book on Goodreads during the tour will get to choose the name of one of the characters in the author’s next book. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Book Excerpts

  I talked with Cassie for an hour. It was nice, but I still had a hard time believing that she was happy. "I can't believe you're going to be my Luna!," she sounded so excited. "I'm not going to be your Luna," I confessed to her, "Cole and I have a deal. He's taking me home on Monday night. I'm only here for the weekend." Her jaw dropped, "You're going to reject the Alpha. Zoey that is a very bad idea." Her eyes were full of worry. "Why?," I asked her as quietly as I could, "Do you think he'd be violent if I rejected him? Maybe it would be better if I just disappeared." She was still staring but she started talking again, "Violent? No. Wolves are never violent with their mates. I wasn't worried about you. I'm worried about him. Do you know what happens to a wolf that is rejected by their mate?" "No," I said. She leaned in a whispered into my ear, "They go crazy. Just lose it and the wolf takes over completely." "The wolf is definitely dangerous," I whispered back.

She smiled. "If that is what this is about," she said firmly, "You're wrong. Alpha Martin in a kind and fair man. His wolf is the same way. He's probably just jumpy around you because he hasn't marked you. If you've been together a whole day that must be killing him inside." "Marked?," I asked. "You know," she grinned, "When you do it. He'll bite you. The mark will turn you into a wolf and it will mark you as his mate. Letting everyone else know that you're his by your scent." "Hell no," I said to myself and Cole and Paul walked back in.

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