Wednesday, 16 September 2015



When Wildfire Media (Pty) Ltd bought over this blog I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I did, however, know the people that I was going to go into business with.  (I still do, since they are real life friends). That alone left no room whatsoever for whatever hesitation, reservation or fears I should've had. 

The men of Wildfire Media (Pty) Ltd are what books are written about.  
The MD, Iain Johnstone, is a decisive, strong willed elite jet setter, that doesn't take shit and nobody messes with him! But he is generous, always positive and always willing to go the extra mile. Even though his wisdom surpasses his years, he is still fun loving and young at heart. 

The Technical Director, (Kyle Peverett) is artsy and creative. He looks like he should be in a Rock band (or prison), but this youngster's creative genius is hard to come by. There is nothing he can't do on a computer. He is very funny and kind, while still maintaining the quiet-cool persona a silent, shy, strong thinker has. Once you get to know him, though... totally different story! 

Last but not least is the Division Head of the Management Information Systems department. Bruce Smith can be described in one word...Virtuoso! I'd hate to know what this man's IQ is, as it will put mine to shame!  Owner, Partner and Founder in multiple businesses, he is business in a box, but still extremely creative. He is highly successful and knows everything, but remains humble and grounded. These guys are GODS in their own right, but they act like normal human beings. 

We don't believe in thinking outside the box. Instead we ask; "WHAT BOX?"

But don't take my word for it...check out some of our launch campaign pics. 
We didn't over complicate or try to impress with our fancy graphic's software or design apps. Instead, we showed our human side & our personalities to covey a simple yet effective message. 

The pics above are nothing compared to our launch YouTube video! It is the BOMB! I have never seen any company do this!

Authors and small business owners. Do yourself a favor and get these guys to help with your brand or business success. I did and I am so glad I did!! 

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