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About the Book

beautifulbetrayalTitle: A Beautiful Betrayal
Author: Saran Torchre
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cheated on by the man she planned to marry, Claire came out fighting and more determined than ever that her next lover would want her, not her father’s billions.
When she moves to New York, gets a job and meets John, their relationship sparks in spite of her lack of full disclosure.
But just when everything seems idyllic, disaster strikes and threatens not only John’s love but also her life.
The book is available for pre-order for $0.99 on Amazon until the launch on October 12.

Author Bio

Saran Torchre is a true romantic at heart and wishes to remain somewhat of a mystery. Get to know her via her sizzling romantic fiction, and sign up to her mailing list for access to all the latest news as it comes in, and the occasional loyalty freebie!


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Book Excerpts
Excerpt 1)

An hour later, she was strolling with John on their way to his apartment. The sexual tension between them was obvious, and boy, Claire was ready to abandon all hang-ups and lose herself in him for a few hours, if she was lucky. "How far?" she asked, eager to get him on his own.
"Can't wait, huh?" John said before picking her up and spinning her around. "Not long." Putting her back on the ground gently, he kissed the tip of her nose.
"Hey," she laughed, a little dizzy from the maneuver and the beer. She faced him, so big and strong looking, unsure whether it was the beer or him that made her feel so relaxed, so joyous, so aroused. "I'm just enjoying myself . . . and I guess I want to thank you."
His handsome face beamed with the smile he offered in return. Such a warm soul, Claire thought, and then realized she knew nothing about him. He's a stranger, she reminded herself. "You won't ruin things by turning into a psycho or anything, will you? I really don't want to die on my first one-night stand."
"Your first? Lucky me. Anyhow, how come you get to choose whether this is a one-night stand?"

Excerpt 2)

Her full lips so soft against his, their tongues twirled as the kiss became deeper, more urgent. Her hands reached beneath his shirt and toyed with his nipples while his unlatched her bra.
How far will she let this go?
God, he needed her. Their kiss grew in momentum, and when her groin began to grind against his leg and a guttural moan left her throat, it became clear to him that her need equaled his own. And when she pulled him on top of her and reached between his legs, any hesitancy in him was lost.
Oh yeah, she wants this. I'm one lucky bastard.
They fumbled to remove the clothes they slept in and, frustrated with the slow progress, moved to either side of his bed to undress more quickly, ignoring how each item of clothing flew like confetti over his bedroom floor. They panted, licked their lips, but remained silent, speaking only through intense eye contact. A communication broken only when removing clothes over heads and when John's jeans dropped over his hips to the floor. 

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