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About the Book
Title: Violence Begets
Author: PT Denys
Genre: YA LGBT Fiction
After a tragic accident devastates his family, 16-year-old Rick St. James starts his junior year of high school without any friends in a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah. When he meets Kevin Vincent, he’s too distracted by the promise of new friends to see that Kevin has secrets of his own.
VB_Cover_ONLYHaving created an environment where he’s feared and admired by his classmates, Kevin finds pleasure in using his good looks and violence to control and manipulate those around him. Secretly, he cruises the gay club scene, turning tricks to earn money so he can party and get high.
As Rick’s dad becomes increasingly violent and abusive at home, the two form a surprising and volatile trust. In this battle of wills, their precarious friendship will either keep their lives from blowing up around them or possibly light the fuse that will cause the explosion.

Author Bio

102e192PT never imagined she’d actually publish a book. But, the story of Violence Begets… haunted her for over 20 years, and the lives of Kevin and Rick had to be shared.
In addition to writing a sequel, she divides her time between family, work, attending theater and reading.
Above all else she loves being a mother to 2 amazing daughters (a teenager and a baby).
PT believes that no one deserves to be intentionally hurt (physically or emotionally) by another. She also believes that behind nearly every bully is a story.
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I banged on his window again.  Goddamn earphones.  He startled this time and spun to look at me.  He pulled the buds out of his ears, as he approached, I noticed his pathetic red eyes again.  He’d been crying. I was glad I’d changed my mind at the last minute and come to his house instead of Josh’s.
“You shouldn’t lock this shit.” I said as he pulled up the window. Clearly letting him know I didn’t appreciate being locked out.
“You ever heard of a door?” he snapped at me. I took a deep breath and steadied my temper. The point of my visit wasn’t to scare him.
“Doors have parents. I don’t do doors.” I said as I grasped the upper edge of the seal and swung myself in.
“But you do two story trees and locks?” Again, with the mouth. I could feel my anger and turned away from him so he didn’t see it in my eyes.
“Again, you shouldn’t lock it.”
“And, maybe you should try calling first.”
I heard myself mutter “Hell!” as I turned on him. “Listen, are you trying to get me to hit you are you just that fucking stupid?” I blurted out.  Shit, damn and fuck, I said to myself as I felt my control slipping.  I didn’t blurt and I sure as hell didn’t accidently mutter things I was thinking.
He took a step back at my obvious threat. Now that it was out, I couldn’t really back down. I’d actually come over to play nice.  Well, yeah, I was patrolling but I’d meant it to be a friendly visit.   I was an ass, but I knew damn well that I had to give them some small reasons to stick around.  I had planned on arranging for Jessica to sneak out with us later, he seemed to like her. But now, because of his smart mouth, I had to be Mr. Fuckhead to him.
“So, what is it?” I said stepping towards him. “Are you wanting to get knocked out or are you fucking stupid? Because, if you want to feel my fist in your face, who am I to tell you no?”  If had been any one of the others, I would have already laid him out.  I wondered what I was waiting for?
To my surprise, he didn’t back down.  He just stood there. I could see the fear in his eyes, but there was something else.  Something alive.  He wanted me to fucking hit him.  What kind of idiot just stood there waiting for someone to hit them? What the fuck kind of person was I, not jumping on the opportunity? I hesitated for about a millionth of a second then put everything I had behind a punch that I knew would knock him on his ass. He didn’t even brace himself for it. I connected just how I wanted and I watched him crumpled to the floor.
“You done now?” I spat down at him.  I stepped around him to the window. “Leave this unlocked, would ya?”
Fuck, what was his problem?  I’d been in a decent mood and after leaving him on the floor I just wanted to hit something.  How was I supposed to figure out what those goddamn eyes were hiding if he kept making me lose it on him?
I was too irritated to even go to the damn bar. I thought about finding Josh and starting something with him. He had a quick temper; it was easy to goad him into a fight.  But, that would take effort and I was too fucking irritated to play games.  Damn, all I’d wanted was to throw a bone to the little shit.

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