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About the Book

Title: Wilhelmina and the Willamette Wig Factory
Author: Whitney Dineen
Genre: Middle Grade / Paranormal Mystery
Wilhelmina and the Willamette Wig Factory ebook (1)Wilhelmina and the Willamette Wig Factory is Book 1 in the Willy and Tommy Adventure Series. Wilhelmina Snodgrass and her family move to the Willamette Valley, Oregon, against her express wishes. Not only is she sure her life is over, but she’s convinced she won’t make any friends. That is until she meets her eccentric blue-haired neighbor, Thomasina Andretti. Willy and Tommy become involved in a s conspiracy to reopen The Willamette Wig Factory, with their unsuspecting friend, Georgianna Carbunkle. The plot, however, is orchestrated by three of Willy’s ancestor’s, from beyond the grave. Scrapes, mishaps and the unforeseen occur; including becoming sworn enemies with Tiffany Peterson, the most popular girl in the seventh- grade, a crush on super-stud, Jamie Armstrong and a mysterious carousel. Willy and Tommy have it all-mystery, revenge and romance. Monteith, Oregon, becomes the stage for adventure beyond their wildest dreams!

Author Bio

While attending the University of Illinois in Chicago, Whitney Dineen was discovered by a local modeling agent and began an unexpected career as a plus-size Ford model. She modeled in New York City before moving to Los Angeles with her husband.
authorWhen she wasn’t modeling, she was in the kitchen, baking delights to share with friends. Soon, her friends began asking her to send baskets of her wonderful candies and cookies to business associates, agents and production studios. Word spread like wildfire, and the rest, as they say, is history. Whitney’s sensational creations are still in great demand by her loyal celebrity clientele.
During “The Hollywood Years,” Whitney was bitten by the writing bug and started creating characters that are inspired by strong women with a great sense of humor.
In addition to her love of chick-lit, Whitney has also written a series of adventure books for middle readers The first of which, Wilhelmina and the Willamette Wig Factory, is now available.
Whitney and her husband, Jimmy, have recently relocated to the beautiful Pacific Northwest to raise their children, chickens and organic vegetables.


Book Excerpt

Willy looked up and was astonished to see the cutest boy ever. “Excuse me, what?”
Tiffany and Bree stopped talking and just stared at Willy. They hadn’t noticed her before. But at that moment, they wondered who the redhead was and why on earth Jamie Armstrong was talking to her.
“I said your hair looks much better today than it did at church yesterday.”
At church? Willy never saw this gorgeous boy at church. Surely she would have noticed him if he was there. Yet he must have been there if he saw her hair. Her hair… oh man, this was humiliating. He had seen her hair!
Willy stammered, “Uh, thank you, I guess. I was just trying something new. Guess it didn’t work out too well.”
“Oh,” answered Jamie, “it was fine. This is just much better.”
Jamie gave her another blinding smile as he strode off toward his own towel. Willy just watched him walk by with her mouth open when she heard one of the girls next to her ask, “Who is that girl and why was Jamie Armstrong talking to her?”
One of the cheerleaders had a bee in her bonnet over Jamie talking to her. Willy didn’t know what to do. She could either turn to them and introduce herself or pretend that she hadn’t heard them. They were clearly irritated by her very existence so she pretended she didn’t hear them. Willy wasn’t exactly popular in Mason, but she had gone to school there her whole life so
at least she knew everyone. She had friends who were cheerleaders, friends who were into sports and still other friends who were in the band. She, herself, played the clarinet, ran track and was seriously considering trying out for the junior high cheerleading squad when she found out that her family was moving. But now, before she hardly knew a soul, she was about to become disliked by two of the popular girls in her new class. That was not a good sign.
Willy decided to get up and get a soda. That might clear her head and keep her from having to listen to the cheerleaders talk about her. Maybe if she pretended she hadn’t heard them, she’d actually have a chance to be friends with them some day. She got up, grabbed her coin purse and just as she walked by, Tiffany or Bree stuck a foot out and tripped her. Willy stumbled for about five feet, before falling smack down on the cement, right on her knees. It hurt like crazy and all she wanted to do was cry. Before she could get up on her own, Jamie Armstong ran over and helped her to her feet.

Jamie looked at the cheerleaders and blasted, “Nice going, Tiff! What’s wrong with you anyway?

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