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David Wind

I live and write in a small village about thirty miles upstate of NYC, and share my home with my wife, Bonnie and our dog Alfie, an apricot poodle.

When I began writing in 1980, I had no idea where I was headed. Since then, I've published thirty-five novels, thirty-three of them with traditional publishers, but I decided I wanted more freedom than the traditional publishers would allow and began a new phase in my life as an Independent Author.

My first Independent novel Angels In Mourning, was my 'homage' to the old time private detective books of the late 40's, 50's and 60's.  I used to love to sneak them from my parents’ night-tables and read them as a young boy.  Angels, is a modern day take on the old style hardboiled detective. Angels In Mourning won the Book of the Month Reader's Choice Award shortly after it was published.

My most current thriller, The Cured, was written with Terese Ramin.The idea for this Medical Thriller came shortly after the death of a close friend. I couldn't help but wonder about the medication....

My previous suspense thrillers are The Hyte Maneuver, (a Literary guild alternate selection); As Peace Lay DyingConspiracy of MirrorsAnd Down will Come BabyNow I Lay Me Down To Sleep, and Shadows.

My favorite (novel) thriller hero to movie thriller hero

Being both a thriller and a science fiction writer, this was a big quandary for me: which level of thriller, of mystery, of suspense did I want to look at? I thought about Blade Runner, (Philip Dick’s Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep) The pressured against his will Detective Deker, played by Harrison Ford, was great, the movie, not terrible but….  Then I thought of someone else and the answer was easy.

The first Robert Ludlum book I read—too many years ago—was The Chancellor Manuscript and it made me a lifelong fan and reader of Ludlum.  The book blew me away on two levels; as a reader, and as a writer. There were things Ludlum put into this book that made me, as a writer, sit up and take notice.

But translating mystery and thriller novel protagonists to the screen never quite seems to work as well as an original screenplay. Yet, when I saw Ludlum’s The Bourne Identity, I knew they’d hit it right, as far as the part Matt Damon played.

While almost everything about the movie was different from the book, (in fact only the first half hour, the ship’s doctor and the names Jason Bourne and Marie were the same as the book) it made no difference as far as enjoying the movie and being inside Jason Bourne’s head.  For me, that was unusual because if I loved the book, I wanted the movie to have as much semblance to the book as possible.

There is no way to properly translate the Bourne Series to the screen the way it was written, but watching Matt Damon play Jason Bourne was a treat. While Damon is younger than the Bourne was in the book and the time period was changed as well it didn’t matter. If it’s truly possible for an actor to nail a fictional hero, then Damon did just that.  He did what Ludlum did, suspended the disbelief and sucked you right into the story.  He showed his angst, his confusion, the need to get to the bottom of, not just who her was, but how he got there and why.  Ludlum puts levels and levels of misdirection into his stories to keep you on the edge of your chair. The movie wasn't as highly structured as a Ludlum novel, Damon put those levels into himself, and made you sit on the edge of your seat while you watched him go through his changes.

Damon played the part with every ounce of his talent and only when the movie ended, was the audience able to catch their breath.

That’s what I like in a movie made from a book, the same thing I get when I read and when I write. Having the experience of living within the words, of seeing and hearing and breathing what happens on the pages and becoming part of the world I hold in my hands.

Angels In Mourning
by David Wind

Angels In Morning, takes private detective Gabriel Storm from the theatres of Broadway, through the alleys of Hell’s Kitchen to Miami’s ‘Little Cuba’ and onward to the U.S. Senate in his drive to find the killer of his close childhood friend, Scotty Granger, considered to be the best playwright of the modern generation.

Early one morning, Gabe is summoned to his friend’s apartment by the NYPD, and told Scotty Granger has been murdered in a botched burglary attempt—the murder occurs while his newest play is in rehearsal. Unwilling to believe this theory, Gabe begins his own investigation, which centers on the "angels" who have invested in the show and an unknown woman whom Scotty has been seeing.

Working with his friend, Captain Christopher Bolt, the head of the Mayor’s Special Crimes Task Force, Storm follows a warped path of suspects from Scotty Granger’s Angels – the show’s investors – to pimps and prostitutes before descending into the twisted sub-culture of sexual predators and following paths that reach all the way to Washington’s law makers. We discover that Scotty Granger’s sister, Elizabeth, a victim of a predator, was abducted at the age of eight and has never been found: When Scotty became successful, he created an organization to help children abducted by pedophiles or lured from their homes by predators.

The action moves quickly as Storm pursues the illusive killer by using a network of people who are part of the killer's world. Working both alone and with the FBI, Homeland Security, a mafia connection and the NYPD, Storm navigates the twisted trails and unlikely suspects who populate the story from Wall Street financiers to pimps and gangsters and a U.S. senator, on the road to an unexpected, suspenseful and surprising conclusion.

The Cured
by David Wind

When over 4000 people world-wide died after taking a cure for cancer, the drug was recalled. But the questions kept coming. Was it contamination? Was it sabotage? Or, was it outright murder by an insane research scientist in retaliation against the pharmaceutical giant he worked for and to avenge the death of his wife?

And everyone wanted Doctor Donald Brockman! The lawyers wanted answers; the FDA wanted answers and, Homeland Security wanted the doctor!

When the 911 code flashed across her beeper, Doctor Kira Brockman went cold. The one thing she had been dreading had happened and her life as she knew it had
been changed, and the change was for the worst!

The wrong people had found her father!

She knew she had very little time to get out of the hospital, to find her brother and to run before Homeland Security and the FBI found them, and they were not the only ones: the lawyers who were in the midst of a huge class action suit against the international pharmaceutical manufacturing giant who had sold the cancer cure wanted her and the evidence she had as well as the lethal security team from the drug company who was trying to stop Kira Brockman from disclosing the evidence only she could get—evidence that would save her father—and they would use any means necessary to stop her.




I'm Devon Harper and there are only two certainties in my life:
1. I live to dance. 2. I'm a prostitute. Do you know when your life is suddenly turned upside down? Setting in action a sequence of events, you never saw coming. That's what happened to me. My story is not a pretty one, nor is it your typical love story. My world was rocked at 18 and again three years later. My life is a series of let downs. The only constant in my life is dance. When unlikely ally, Enzo, enters my messed up life I start to believe that just maybe there's hope for me yet. Trying to get a degree in dance and get out of prostitution might leave me with more to lose than before.

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S.L was born and raised in a small town in Ohio. She is the biggest Ohio State fan EVER! She's married with two beautiful boys and a furbaby. A country girl at heart, and have no problem sitting outside by a fire or grabbing guns and target shooting. Works as a hairstylist and assistant manager at SportClips. In her down time you'll generally find her relaxing with her Kindle, or trying to entertain the minions.
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