Sunday, 8 February 2015


Chiefs, Indians/ Tribemates...Bloggers need your help!

I have seen many blogs, including my own show up in the Tribal Streams with a "No Contet present" error. Yes you read right, That is contet rather than Content. I contacted Triberr support who changed my RSS Feed to default, but with no luck. Whether I post a picture or a text first, nothing other than my blog title followed by "No contet present" appears.

It seems that Wordpress blogs can add plug-ins to have pictures import along with their posts. They also seem to not have issues with "No contet present" errors. Personally I don't like using Wordpress. I reserve my Wordpress blog for meaningless shit that I don't have to spend hours altering code on. Blogger is by far less time consuming and user friendly. Something which Triberr is not when you want to edit your posts after they have imported so others will share something with content.

So apart from changing my blog over to Wordpress and possibly lose my ±160K followers, how do I get Triberr to post my content and pictures from
Anyone else had this problem? What did you do?