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Title: The One Path
Author: Larry S. Gerovac
Genre: Fantasy
Lucifer asked the Gypsies, “What is the punishment for killing a Dark Warrior?” There was absolute silence. All the Gypsies were in fear for their lives. They did not want to draw the attention of this powerful demon.
24102197Jal, seeing an opportunity for himself yelled, “Life for life.” Lucifer watched as Rayus tried to warn his dad by tugging on his arm.
That evil grin appeared on Lucifer’s face once again as he said, “Jal, was that you?”
Seizing his opportunity he said, “Yes, my Lord Lucifer.”
In this second book of the God Chronicle trilogy, Thomas, God’s Last Prophet, realizes that the only way to beat Lucifer, and prevent Armageddon is by stopping the birth of the Antichrist. In his efforts to find Lucifer, Thomas gets bonked on the head by the Pope using a religious artifact, gets beat up by Gypsies, and almost killed by demons. Eventually, Thomas teams up with a stuttering genius that is possessed by a fallen angel. The unlikely threesome seems to click on all cylinders as they work together and chase Lucifer through Europe. Will collaborating with a fallen angel prove to be a bad choice?

Author Bio

Larry S. GerovacLarry was born and raised in the Midwest. He is a first generation American, U.S. Navy Veteran, ex-Air Traffic Controller, and a retired nuclear worker. He loves science, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. His goal is to entertain readers for many years with some truly out of this world stories.


Book Excerpt
Excerpt 1:
Who are you, Thomas, and what do you want from me?”
Thomas said, “You may find this hard to believe. I still find it hard to believe myself, but I am God’s last prophet.”
The pope looked at Thomas, scrutinizing him closely. Thomas could see that he was looking for a sign or some indication that what he claimed was either true or false.
His Holiness walked up to Thomas, reached into his robes, looked him in the eyes, and said, “Forgive me, Thomas.” He pulled a small ornate bat from under his robe, and he whacked Thomas squarely on top of his head. Thomas fell over and hit the ground like a dropped sack of potatoes.
When Thomas finally regained consciousness, he found himself lying on a very comfortable couch with the pope seated across from him still holding the ornate stick. As Thomas’s eyes began to focus, the pope held up the hand-carved wooden bat and said, “It is a religious relic, given to Saint Peter by Christ.”
Thomas looked at the pope and said, “Your Holiness, you could have just asked me, and I would have told you that I am not a demon.”
The pope eyed Thomas with a new respect as he asked, “Why would you say that, Thomas?”
“I can only assume that you thought that I might be a demon, so you hit me over the head to see if I healed quickly like a demon or slowly like a man. Is that truly a religious relic of power?”
The pope laughed and said, “Saint Peter called it daimon ksilo. I believe the term to be old Greek, and in translation, it would be called a demon stick. Apparently, Jesus had a sense of humor. Peter wrote in his memoirs: ‘When I questioned Jesus on how I could tell if I were talking to a demon or a man, he gave me the ornate stick that I pass down to my successors. My Lord said, “Hit the suspect demon over the head, and if he heals faster than a man, he is a demon.”’ You, Thomas, are obviously a man with information that only popes have possessed in the past.”
Thomas said, “I am just glad you didn’t kill me to see if I disappeared into the nether.”
Excerpt 2:
When Locutous arrived at the basilica, he was taken down to the excavation. Locutous looked down into the vault storage area and saw Gyorgy sitting with his crew talking about the artifact. Locutous looked at the open coffin and was pissed, and he let everyone know it. Locutous knew if the risk was great enough, the dark gypsy dig team might try to steal a valuable artifact. He knew they couldn’t be trusted. He screamed, “Who took the original spear?”
Gyorgy looked up and pointed at the coffin and said, “Locutous, this is as we found it. No one has touched the inside of the coffin, let alone the spear.”
“Do not play me for a fool. Where is the real spear?” asked Locutous.
“I swear. This is as we found it,” pleaded Gyorgy.
Locutous pointed to a gypsy standing next to the coffin and said, “Hand me the spear. Someone is going to die for this.”
Looking back, Lucifer thought that was a very prophetic statement.
Yoska bent over to grab the spear, but the skeleton’s hand just wouldn’t let go of it. Gyorgy, seeing the impatience on the face of Locutous, said, “Hurry, Yoska, we haven’t all day!”
Yoska lifted the skeleton arm and began to slide the spear through the bony fingers of the hand. When the spear tip got to the palm of the skeleton, Yoska tried to guide the spear between the skeleton’s white fleshless fingers and accidently cut his own palm with the tip of the sharp spear. He began to scream as if he were taking on all the pain of the world.
An abnormal mix of water and blood started flowing from the small cut on Yoska’s palm. Lucifer was now sure these fools had found the Spear of Destiny. Lucifer could see it wasn’t a drip, drip, drip of fluid but more like a slow faucet flow. The crew attempted to stop the stream of fluids pouring from the small wound in Yoska’s palm by applying a cloth with direct pressure, while he screamed in agony. They couldn’t stifle the loss of liquids. Yoska continued screaming in pain until he mercifully died only seconds after he had cut his palm. A look of horror was frozen on his face. Workers shivered with fear as they watched from the shadows. Yoska appeared to be drained of all bodily fluids. The loss of water and blood from his body was so complete that his skin looked like leather dried so severely in the desert sun, it had begun to crack.
Gyorgy looked at Locutous and said, “It’s true, the old stories of Christ on the cross. When the Roman soldier pierced his side to see if he was alive, blood and water flowed from the dead body of Christ. It is said he bled for our sins, and the water he shed was for our purification. What do we do now, Locutous?”
Excerpt 3:
Thomas thought he would put everyone at ease, so he looked at Brother Dominique and said, “You call the young man Myrrh, that’s a very unusual name. I’ve never heard of it before.”
Brother Dominique started to laugh gently as he shook his head and looked at Thomas. “He was a gift given to our brotherhood twenty-two years ago. The Magi gave little Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.”
“Myrrh! A Gift! Now I get it,” said Thomas.
Brother Dominique said, “Myrrh is a savant. He does not see the world as we see it. He sees everything as a probability. He is simply amazing, and with the information that he finds in the computer, his accuracy is a gift from God. That is how we knew you would be here. We know who you are, Thomas. God speaks to Myrrh in probabilities. We have seen the signs. We know the end-times are upon us. You are God’s last prophet.”
Thomas swallowed hard. He thought, How could this happen? He still couldn’t guess his role in this new development, so he asked Brother Dominique, “Why were you waiting for me?”
Brother Dominique patted Thomas on the hand with his one hand while he held Thomas’s arm with his other and said, “God has blessed me by allowing me to meet you.”
“I am no one special. Only a sinner chosen to do a task.”
“Spoken like a true prophet,” said Brother Dominique. “You still do not understand. We know you, Thomas, unlike anyone else could ever know you. Myrrh has watched your probabilities. He believes your and his path in life are linked. Myrrh, what is the probability that you and Thomas must walk the same path?”
“Ninety-nine point two percent.”
“See there, Thomas, you must travel with Myrrh. But first, there is much that you must learn. I don’t have much time. Will you please come to my monastery where we can talk privately?”
Thomas thought this whole incident was unbelievable, but it was foretold, so he had better see where events would lead. “Yes, but I make no promises. My task could be very dangerous. I can’t protect myself, let alone another person.” 


Heart Tempter
by Sophia Knightly
Series: Heartthrob, #5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer: Gilded Heart Designs
Release Date: March 17, 2015

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Tuesday, March 24 ~ 3:00PM - 11:00PM

Leo and Teddy – HEART TEMPTER 
(Heartthrob Series, Book 5)

Enemies to Lovers...

Teddy Behr - The fun-loving heiress whose jet-setting ways go into a tailspin at her family's hotel when she is suddenly thrust under the dominion of hotel magnate, Leo Guerra.

Leo Guerra - The darkly handsome Spaniard who has no intention of coddling the boss's daughter in spite of his weakness for leggy blondes with big, golden brown eyes.

Hate at first sight.  Lust at first touch...

Unstoppable passion ignites between Leo and Teddy as they duke it out at the Riviera Hotel, the luxurious South Beach resort on the brink of a grand re-opening. Will mayhem, murder and a Heart Tempter like Teddy jeopardize everything Leo has worked for?

Heart Raider
(Heartthrob Series, Book 1)

Heart Melter
(Heartthrob Series, Book 2)

Heart Tamer
(Heartthrob Series Novella, Book 3)

Heart Hunter
(Heartthrob Series Novella, Book 4)

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Sophia Knightly, loves to cook up hot romance and delicious humor in her feel-good stories. Whether it's romantic suspense, romantic comedy or chick lit, her books are fun and sexy contemporary romances that feature hot alpha heroes and strong, smart women.

She is traditionally published by St. Martin's Press, Kensington and Samhain Publishing. Her popular Tropical Heat Series books and Heartthrob Series books have consistently been on multiple bestselling lists.

When not writing or reading, she loves walking the beach, exploring museums, going to the theatre, enjoying good food, and watching movies. One of her favorite pastimes remains simply watching people, especially those in love!

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