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About the Book

Hooded body builderTitle: Stalker
Author: Erin Trejo
Genre: Romance
Jenna is devastated when she catches her boyfriend Paul cheating on her. Heartbroken and vulnerable, Jenna runs into a mysterious man with an equally mysterious past.
Soon after, she begins receiving strange messages and is convinced she must know the person who is taunting her, but figuring out who that is may be impossible.
To complicate matters, her mysterious new friend wants to pursue something more, but with so much already working against her, can Jenna trust him or have things already gone too far?
Author Bio
I am a 33 year old, married stay at home mother of 4. I enjoy being able to spend a lot of time with my kids. Being able to stay home with them is a blessing. I enjoy reading a lot of other indie authors. I think it’s great that people can write what they feel and publish it themselves. I have only been writing for a short time but it really helps me get a lot out. I have fibromyalgia and some days are harder than others to write. I always have a lot of things buzzing around my head and writing is like an outlet for me. It helps me focus on one thing and go with it.  Aside from my 4 children my niece lives with us as well. The kids keep me hopping but we also have 4 dogs, 2 bearded dragons and a fish. We are like a mini zoo. J


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Book Excerpts
Excerpt One
“How far is the beach we are going to? We have been driving for hours.” I say as I fidget in my seat. I'm a little nervous now that I have myself in a strange man’s car hours away from home.
“About 10 more minutes. Calm down I'm not kidnapping you.” He says with a smile. That didn’t really help my nerves at all. I wiggle around in my seat as we drive a little longer and pull up in front of a cute little beach house and park.
“Who’s house is this?” I ask as he opens my car door helping me out.
“It’s mine. My sister has one right down the beach. I figured we would change here before we go down. She probably has a million people there by now.” He says as I nod and follow him inside. I look around and the house is so cute. There is seashells everywhere. This is the cutest little house I have ever seen.
“This is so cute.” I say as he smiles over at me.
“Thank you.” He says as he watches me move around his house. I walk over by the double door windows that overlooks the beach.
“There are no people here.” I say as he walks up behind me. I can feel his warmth without him even touching me.
“It’s a private beach. This is ours.” He says in a sexy voice. Before I can say anything
Devon pushes me against the door kissing my neck which takes me by surprise.
“What are you doing?” I say a little breathlessly.
“What I have been waiting to do since I met you.” He says as he kisses my neck and runs his hands down my sides. He moves his hands to my arms and lifts them above my head pinning them to the window. My breaths are coming quickly now and my body is on fire.
“I can’t.” I say as his tongue runs along my shoulder.
“You can. Let me show you what a real man is like. Let go for once Jenna.” He says against my neck and I shiver. Oh god do I want this. I don’t say anything as he holds my wrists in one of his huge hands above my head. He kisses my neck some more and I feel like I may melt. He runs his hands under my dress and slowly pulls it over my head. Then he puts his hand around my waist turning me around to face him.
“You are so beautiful.” He says as he leans in and kisses me. I kiss him back with equal enthusiasm. I run my arms around his neck and I can feel him tense under my touch. He feels so good. He steps back pulling his shirt off as he moves and drops it to the floor. I stand there looking at the most amazing body I have ever seen. I reach out and run my hand across his muscled abs and watch as his head tips back and he moans. I step into him and kiss his neck