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Hiding in an isolated Newfoundland outport, Scarlett Winters is the living bearer of the secret of immortality. Sebastian Sinclair, vampire and stealer of souls, might be her only hope to escape a deadly power struggle. But can she trust him? Caught between sacrificing her morals and betrayal by those she trusted, Scarlett will risk everything to escape...unless she dies trying.

Tina Traverse fell in love with writing at the age of eight when she wrote her version of the bible story, The Good Samaritan, for a homework assignment.
This love grew into a passionate affair and has been ongoing for thirty years; and there are no signs of it waning.
Though, she admits, when she was pregnant with her son Christian, the affair cooled.
Tina’s desire to write came calling once again when she needed to find a way to cope with heartbreaking news.
Christian was diagnosed with autism in 2010.
Her method of coping was to write a story about his journey called Forever, Christian.
Tina likes to joke that a girl can only write about real life for so long without jumping back into the world of make believe.
She loves to venture into the world of the supernatural; vampires and witches are her favourite!
Tina enjoys all sorts of vampires but admits that she is fascinated with the modern romantic vampire (think Twilight and The Vampire Diaries).
She is currently working on a vampire series based on her first published book, Destiny of The Vampire and has other projects in the works.
When Tina is not at the computer creating her exciting, magical worlds, she is kept on her toes by her two sons, Christian and Brandon.

Sometimes the author manages to curl up in her favourite chair with a good book.



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Guest Post

Simon Says: A Little History on Beer:

Simon (aka Phantom Bigfoot) loves his beer and even has an ale named after him.
Cool, eh! The oldest written recipe is for beer, but mine is much more
recent than 4000 BC. The need to make beer kicked off the agricultural
revolution with inventions such as the plow and wheel. So just imagine
what a car would like without beer. Until hops were introduced to beer
makers in UK, herbs and nettles were used for flavour and bitterness,
but the beer would not last and had to be drunk quickly. There’s an Old
Indian Legend that tells us man who drinks too fast falls flat on face.
And did you know beer is good for your health, more so back in the old
days when water was considered poison. There are strong links to
reduced kidney stones, increased intelligence (not for Phantom Bigfoot
though) and stronger bones. And did you know it wasn’t legal to brew
beer in your own home in USA until October 14th 1978. Thank you Jimmy
Carter. And there’s another Old Indian Legend that tells us man who
fishes in boat drinks too much beer and gets hook stuck in thumb. On
that note I’ll end with the term “rule of thumb” which came from
brewers who would stick their thumb in the mash to make sure it was
cool enough to apply the yeast.

How to make Phantom Bigfoot Ale -
Equipment needed - 3 gallon fermenting bin with a lid, hydrometer,
siphon tube with Ubend to stop sucking up sediment, 3x1 gallon plastic
mineral water containers, 24 beer bottles preferably with spring-loaded
ceramic caps or 3 gallon plastic beer barrel, sterilisation powder, 5
gallon beer kit and pack of dried Goldings Hops.
Pour contents of beer kit into sterilised bin and rinse out can with
boiling water. Add more boiling water to dissolve. Meanwhile boil 2
ounces of hops in ultra-clean saucepan with as much water as possible
for half an hour and allow to cool. Strain hop liquid through a sieve
into the bin and add Demerara sugar, top up to three gallons with cold
water and test specific gravity with hydrometer.
Adjust with more sugar if needed to gravity of 1045. Sprinkle dried
yeast from beer kit over liquid, place lid loosely over top to stop
vinegar flies and ferment in an even warm temperature until specific
gravity drops to 1005 or fermentation has slowed.
Siphon beer from bin, leaving sediment, into 3x1 gallon containers and
leave screw caps on loose or they might explode. Place all 3 in a cool
place for one week until clear and firm sediment. Siphon into 3x1
gallon containers add 4 teaspoons of sugar to each and shake well.
Siphon beer into sterilised bottles leaving 2 inches from cap, lock
caps down and leave in cool place, not too cool about 60 F for two
weeks or use a 3 gallon beer barrel.


Drug lord, Johnny Knight’s enemies are either dead or licking their wounds. Now tired of his life, he wants to live his dream in the Caribbean with his family.

That dream turns to a nightmare when his father’s ghost appears to correct a mistake he made in the past. The present is altered, destroying Johnny’s dream.

His father shows Johnny the error of his ways, making him easy prey. All he has is his dream to hold on to as his empire crumbles around him.

Simon Oneill
Simon lives with his wife, Shirlee Anne in a pretty coastal town in South Wales, UK. They both love Stephen King and had read many of his books and enjoyed their transition to the screen. Due to their love of books, they dabbled in writing for some years as a hobby. When they were approached by a film company to write a paranormal TV series, they decided to use their TV series episodes as templates for film scripts and novels when the company went bust. Simon's writing became more serious as certain A-list actors expressed interest in his scripts

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