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Will that which you most desire destroy you?
James van Lee is a lonely gypsy boy. His isolation leads him to become the greatest rock star in the world, yet he dreams of a girl he knew long ago.
Dr. Maggie Pickett of Emory University has never loved anyone but Rhett Turnquest, but he is under the spell of Natasha, who has secrets no one will ever know.
Lovers & Sinners introduces a world of stardom and those who seek it, as well those who wish only to be loved. The story intrigues with its open sexuality, international locales, and a mysterious link to Russia’s cursed royal family with secret ties to the love affair of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII.

Based loosely on fairy tales and legends, the journey begins in The Dreams, Story 1.

Charismatic rock star James van Lee and Dr. Maggie Pickett find their dreams and reality entwine as they find each other in Atlanta at a chance meeting, unwittingly arranged by Rhett and Natasha. Is it a date with destiny? 
Author Hunter S. Jones mixes historical fantasy and folklore with sexy romance, and adds a dash of Victoriana to weave a complex story of contemporary fiction in Past, Darkly. Where do dreams end and reality begin?

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Hunter S. Jones publishes historical works and fiction independently as well as through traditional platforms. She is a member of the American Historical Association, Royal Historical Society, Organization of American Historians, Society of Authors, Historian: American Historical Association, Dangerous Women Project, Society of Civil War Historians, Atlanta Historical Society, War Historians (US), Historical Writers Association, Historical Novel Society, English Historical Fiction Authors, Atlanta Writers Club, and Rivendell Writers Colony. Originally from Tennessee, she now lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her Scottish born husband.


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