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This is the last day of Hunter S. Jones week! We've done reviews, interviews, Character Lists, Pinterest Inspirations and best of all a GIVEAWAY! Today, we added a little something extra... An excerpt! 

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Will that which you most desire destroy you?
James van Lee is a lonely gypsy boy. His isolation leads him to become the greatest rock star in the world, yet he dreams of a girl he knew long ago.
Dr. Maggie Pickett of Emory University has never loved anyone but Rhett Turnquest, but he is under the spell of Natasha, who has secrets no one will ever know.
Lovers & Sinners introduces a world of stardom and those who seek it, as well those who wish only to be loved. The story intrigues with its open sexuality, international locales, and a mysterious link to Russia’s cursed royal family with secret ties to the love affair of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII.

Based loosely on fairy tales and legends, the journey begins in The Dreams, Story 1.

Charismatic rock star James van Lee and Dr. Maggie Pickett find their dreams and reality entwine as they find each other in Atlanta at a chance meeting, unwittingly arranged by Rhett and Natasha. Is it a date with destiny? 
Author Hunter S. Jones mixes historical fantasy and folklore with sexy romance, and adds a dash of Victoriana to weave a complex story of contemporary fiction in Past, Darkly. Where do dreams end and reality begin?

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Hunter S. Jones publishes historical works and fiction independently as well as through traditional platforms. She is a member of the American Historical Association, Royal Historical Society, Organization of American Historians, Society of Authors, Historian: American Historical Association, Dangerous Women Project, Society of Civil War Historians, Atlanta Historical Society, War Historians (US), Historical Writers Association, Historical Novel Society, English Historical Fiction Authors, Atlanta Writers Club, and Rivendell Writers Colony. Originally from Tennessee, she now lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her Scottish born husband.

Books On Fire Tours: Even though this Author and I have become good friends over the years, and she is one of my most favorite writers, I need to make something very clear!  First off, let me just say that the Natasha in the book is not about me! I am nothing like that! 
Secondly, this review is as honest as I get. I don't sugar coat shit especially where it comes to the future livelihood and well-being of my friends. 
So...what did I think about Lovers and Sinners (Book 1) in Dreams (2 with Book 1 as a bonus feature)? 
My honest opinion is that the characters had me so hooked, that I could not wait for them to meet/ reunite. (Still not sure which exactly it is).  I was rather irritated that the story was intricately yet skillfully woven between reality and dream in different timelines, because all I wanted was for them to meet/ reunite. The history in the book will make any historian's mouth drool. But I'm not American. I don't know much about American history, and being even less interested in Renegades, Union regiments, cowboys and Native American Indians... to me it was all Greek. But having said that the historical lessons spun into this fairytale, and the authentic 1873 pictures in this book, was by far more valuable than the ending, which I needed! The big question is... will a hard core fiction fan like me who is not interested in anyone's non-fictional history give this book 5 stars? Yes...yes I would ✯✯✯✯✯

✯✯✯✯✯ By Yoong

An adult fairytale with many interesting twists. Romance that waves through layers of intrigue, It is hard for the reader to put the book down. Lovers and Sinners by Hunter S. Jones is definitely a bewitchingly provocative and captivating book with unlikely characters woven together to form a whole.

✯✯✯✯✯ By JLC13 Verified Purchase

All of us can relate to wonderful dreams as well as nightmares. In Lovers and Sinners this author weaves both together in such a dynamic, breathtaking way that it’s almost unbelievable. The characters in this story are multifaceted and well-developed. The plot is rich with history, romance and sensuality. If I had to describe this book in just two words, I would say it’s devilishly delicious! I look forward to reading the next installment in The Dreams series.

✯✯✯✯✯ By Mandus Verified Purchase

This one caught my attention and after the first few chapters, I was pretty much hooked. A beautiful story, with seemingly alive characters and a well thought out plot. I’m happy to give this one my highest rating. Well done, Jones.


Two eccentric, insanely hot ladies share an upmarket apartment together. It's a humid Sunday morning. They had just woken up after a long night hosting a charity event. They sit outside on the balcony and drink their first cup of coffee for the day. They each draw a long, elegant cigarette from their decorative casings and light it up. In between puffs they chat.

Natasha Johnstone
"So darling, what are we going to do today?"

Hunter S. Jones

"As little as possible hun. I need to spend time on my books. They don't write or promote themselves, you know?"
Natasha Johnstone
"God! don't you ever have fun?"

Hunter S. Jones
"I do when I read, shop or travel."
Natasha Johnstone
"Honestly! I don't know why decided to write that book dear! You have more money than you can spend and yet you dedicate all your time and energy to that book! I hardly see you at all these days."
 Hunter S. Jones

"I already told you darling! The anonymous English Poet used three words from a Hendrix song in one of his publications. The same three words I used in Fables of the Reconstruction. Three words from Voodoo Child…Don’t be late. From that, I knew the poet and I shared the same artistic vibe, somehow. I pursued him with my concept for SEPTEMBER ENDS until he finally said Yes, Maybe. I just wore him down, however, I am pretty persuasive."
Natasha Johnstone

"That I know! How much longer are you going to spend on this SEPTEMBER ENDS if I may ask? Heaven knows it's taken the two of you forever to get this done darling!"

Hunter S. Jones

"Don't be so melodramatic hun! You know as well as I do that we started writing in April 2013. We developed the synopsis, then the characters revealed themselves, the poet wrote the poems in SEPTEMBER ENDS and I wrote the prose around his verses. But, by the end of the book we were both writing with an absolute fervor. It is the most incredible artistic experience! Now I understand how musicians feel when they collaborate for an album. It’s complete magic when you share an artistic vibe with someone. You have to try it darling! We are working on another September story based on our September Ends characters. It is inspiring to work with my favourite Author."
Natasha Johnstone
"Ugh! I'll take your word for it. I prefer to be a Victoria Secret Supermodel. There is nothing sexy about your job."

Hunter S. Jones
"Oh Pa-leeeease! Sexy can’t be defined. At least for me it can’t. It’s a chemistry you have with another person, more than a look or a style. You know sexy when you FEEL it."
Natasha Johnstone

"Point well made Ms. Jones. Now, let's get out of this unbearable heat before my breast implants spontaneously combust!"

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Down the hallway, James heard voices and the ping of an elevator. The soft hush of rain enveloped the early evening when he glanced outside through the blinds. He saw the limo that waited for him and he couldn’t wait to escape the clutches of his tormentor for the final time.
“I am a wealthy man, and I am Russian, so I know everything. I know about your men. That too is my fault. I should’ve loved you more and you wouldn’t look for tokens from others.”
James took his left hand and closed the blinds, leaving the room in virtual darkness except for the glow of the machines that kept his father alive. He noticed the shallow breaths from across the room.
“But you are my son, and I promise you that one day you will meet a girl and she will make you believe in magic.” His wizened eyes peered at James in the darkness, and he said, “I want you to be very careful.” He paused before continuing, “The thing you desire and love most is what will kill you.” He took four deep gulps of air, holding the oxygen tube to his nostrils. “I believe I have taught you that lesson. You have watched me chase money. Now I die alone. Hated by my own blood.”
How long is he going to go on like this? “Is this all you need to say? I must go.” James’s voice shook as he said this and his rage surprised him. He kept his hands in his jeans in order to stop himself from hurting the old man.
A frail hand reached for him in the darkness. “Please forgive me. I was never taught to love. I love you.” He wheezed the rattle of death and said, “You are a rich man at a young age. You have made me proud.” With that, his hand dropped to the bed and one of the machines began to flash rapidly. Zoe and another nurse bolted into the room.
“He’s coded,” Zoe said, looking up at James.
He looked at the ceiling as if searching for a clue, ran his hand through his hair, and said, “Do what you have to do.” With that, he walked away without looking back.
On the way down the corridor and into the elevator, his brain raced as quickly as the monitor had a few moments ago. Why did he wait until now to tell me these secrets?

The Characters in  2016

The Characters in 1873!

Their roles in the different timelines