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That's right! And I read them all in one sitting. Filled with action and suspense you also get to relive a classic Romeo and Juliet romance of a long gone era. 
The beautiful and intelligent Serenity doesn't follow the rules! When she lands up in the clutches of Killian, The Barbarian, their attraction is unexpected. Soon they are inseparable. But rival tribes brings Killian's clan to the brink of war, a traitor is on the loose, and Killian is forced to make tough choices for the survival of his clan. 
Buckle up for lots of surprise twists! 
Gripping doesn't begin to describe this book! 
Warning! Steamy hot. Not for persons under 18! 

Barbarians roar through a sleepy village, settling in a battered castle that overlooks the tiny town. A free-spirited, flaxen-haired young woman named Serenity sneaks into their forbidden gardens.

The leader's son, Killian, throws her over his shoulder and carries her into his chambers. What she endures is not just a spanking, but another form of chastisement that leaves her breathless. Serenity, however, possesses a defiant soul, and when the discipline is over she rails at him, then storms away.

Killian cannot believe it. Haunted by her brazenness and beauty he arranges for her return. Disaster strikes. During her visit a rival clan launches a surprise attack. The compound is under siege. Serenity is trapped.

The dire circumstances throw them together! Their smoldering chemistry flames to life, but as they surrender to their carnal heat, they unearth a diabolical plot, one that threatens not just their lives, but their future, and the future of the entire clan.

Can Killian protect a willful young woman, while trying to uncover a traitor and save his tribe?

Maggie Carpenter has created engaging characters, an action-packed story, and a thrilling romance. Get lost in the world of ancient earth, where barbarians rule with their physical might, follow enduring rituals, and protect what's theirs with fierce determination. Pick up this riveting romance today.

Precursor To A Punishment

Serenity had been so focused on keeping her eyes to the ground and choosing her words carefully, she had neither seen nor heard the younger barbarians approach. She looked up, and what she saw made her catch her breath. He resembled his father, but his heavy features were handsome, not ghoulish.
“Killian. I didnt know you were here. This girl over my lap was attempting to steal,” Bastian declared. “A bare-bottom spanking is the least she deserves. I should take a leather strap to her backside.”
“Forgive me father, but I couldnt help but overhear the girls plight. If we were starving, I would enter a forbidden garden to find food.”
“Are you saying she shouldnt be punished?”
“No, she should. Everyone knows the rules, and this other village girl must be punished as well,” he added, gesturing towards Serenity. “She tried to interfere, and she was disrespectful. I heard everything. I was over there by the plum tree, but I dont think it right we bare them. Its their first mistake. If they try it again, then, yes, we should.”
Serenity bristled. The young barbarian had just admitted he would have stolen for his family, yet he was still insisting that Layla be spanked, and she should be too. Suddenly Bastians wise words about balance and harmony no longer mattered.
“Thats not fair, not fair at all,” she exclaimed. “You dont know what its like to suffer through a blight of pests. For some reason your plants dont fall victim to such things, and you have more than enough, and youre big and strong and you can hunt. We cant, and for you to be so nasty and pass such harsh judgement on us is wrong.”
The words had tumbled out of her without pause or thought, and as her eyes blazed up at him, then fell back on Bastian, she realized shed just sealed her fate.
“With your permission, father, I shall spank her. She is rude, and she doesnt know her place.”
“I agree,” Bastian said solemnly, nodding his head. “She must be taught a lesson.”
NO! I wont let you!”
Lunging forward Serenity grabbed Laylas wrist, yanking her off Bastians lap. It happened so quickly, and was so unexpected, it caught Bastian completely off guard. By the time he reacted and tried to catch her, they were both sprinting across the grounds towards the gate, but Serenity realized squeezing through the iron bars would slow them down, and might result in their capture.
“No, not the gate,” she panted, “we have to climb trees and jump over the wall. Lets split apart.”
“Youre right,” Layla breathlessly replied. “Ill take the apple tree, you take the orange.”
Serenity darted to the left, but as she did the muscles in her right leg fiercely protested. Ignoring the sharp pain, she tried to run faster, but she could feel her leg refusing her desperate request. Layla, taller and more athletic, had sprinted ahead and was almost at the apple tree. Serenity could hear heavy footsteps behind her, but her leg was badly cramping. Layla was now scampering up the trunk, and determined to beat her pursuer, Serenity pushed through the acute shard of pain, but she was suddenly being lifted off her feet. She let out a wail, then realized it wasnt Bastian who had her, but Bastians brawny son.
With deft ease he threw her over his shoulder, then landed a swift stinging slap.
“Be quiet. I will be harder on you if you keep up that racket.”
“YOURE A BEAST AND A BRUTE,” she howled, paying no heed to his warning and beating her fists into his back.
She had meant every word, but she was also attempting to distract him. As he had lifted her, she had spied Layla throwing apples across the wall before climbing along the branch and dropping out of sight. A second hot smack hit her backside, and with Layla safely gone, all thought switched to her perilous plight.
“Spank her in the hall.”
Serenity couldn’t see Bastian, but his thick, gravelly voice was unmistakable.
“I would rather have privacy. Ill take her to my rooms.”
“Very well, but dont keep her too long. I dont want her family coming up here looking for her. Ive had enough of the villagers for one day.”
“Dont you dare take me anywhere,” Serenity shouted. “I demand you put me down!”

I wont father,” Killian replied, completely ignoring Serenitys outburst. “Just long enough to do what must be done.”



Award-winning and best-selling author Maggie Carpenter has published over fifty romance novels, and is the recipient of a number Spanking Romance Reviews awards spanning a variety of genres. Her readers describe her work as, romantic, funny, suspenseful, beyond a five-star read, exciting romance with a ton of surprises.
Her work includes a best-selling twelve-book contemporary cowboy series, Cowboys After Dark, (http://amzn.to/2ihCNtp), a warrior fantasy trilogy, Warriors After Dark, (http://amzn.to/2iE0cDa) contemporary love stories, and several Victorian romances. His Willful Bride was a #1 best-seller for several weeks and a BookBub Feature Deal. She is best known for her smart, witty, strong-willed women who  bring unexpected challenge, mystery and humor into the lives of passionate, dominant men.
Maggie has a history in show-business both in front of and behind the camera, but moved from Los Angeles to live in the Pacific Northwest to pursue her writing. She is an equine enthusiast who rides every day, and writes until the wee hours of the morning when her eyes close only because they must.
This author loves to hear from readers. You can contact her through her website: www.MaggieCarpenter.com. To sample her work for free, go to, www.3FreeBooks.com.



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This is Meant to Be an Interview with Author Libby Campbell!

It's the final day of Seeing Ronnie.Well, at least on this page! For Now!

Check out my fantastically unique interview with Author Libby Campbell.

As a social blogger, Ronnie Flynn—aloof, beautiful, cool as a cucumber—is desperate to get to the society event of the year: Simon and Sadie’s engagement party on Seguro Island. No surprise that her name isn’t on the guest list, but as always, Ronnie has a backup plan. A plan that involves the handsome Del Franklin.
Del agrees to a swap: Ronnie gives him the scoop on his estranged wife’s dirty secrets and he takes her as his date to his boss’s party. The handsome, buff man of Italian descent makes only one condition: Ronnie better be good. No snooping. No manipulating. No digging for dirt. Or else.
With crossed fingers, and in spite of Del’s threat of putting her over his knee for disobeying, Ronnie ‘promises’ to be a good girl. Right. She’s not worried about Del. Her code of Keeping a Healthy Distance will protect her heart, and her backside. She’s too wily to get caught, anyway.
Ronnie sees. Literally. She can channel people’s feelings and see into their hearts. All her life, she has been hiding this secret weapon—her psychic ability—because what she sees is often too hard understand and impossible to share. If she can handle that secret, surely she can handle Del. Or can she? He’s not like anyone else. Nothing has prepared her for him. She shouldn’t react like this to his dominance. She’s an independent, wealthy woman in her own right. No man will tell her what to do. Yet, there is something about this sexy dominant Latin lover that makes her pulse race.
Will Ronnie allow Del to break her Code of Keeping a Healthy Distance? Will seeing Ronnie open Del’s eyes to a new world? Will the two of them ever see life the same way?

Books On Fire ToursIf you’re looking for a sweet romance to fire your imagination (and other body parts), you’ll enjoy Seeing Ronnie. It blends the genres of urban romance, paranormal, supernatural, wealthy alpha male and strong female characters into hot erotic scenes. It’s an ideal read for a rainy night or a relaxing afternoon at the beach.
The powerful story line is populated with well-developed characters who, through twists and turns, ups and downs, struggle to make their business and personal relationships work. A hint of mystery, Ronnie’s psychic powers, and a little bit of intrigue build the story to its HEA conclusion.

Don’t miss these other exciting titles from Blushing Books and Libby Campbell

The Simon in Charge series;

Simon Says (book 1)
Winning Sadie (book 2)
Sadie Says I Do (book 3)

In A Spanking Good New Year, anthology

Libby Campbell, spanking romance writer

Libby lives on the West Coast of Canada with her husband of over twenty-five years. An avid reader, she savors books that feature strong, independent women and the loving men who challenge them.

She loves mountain hikes, deep bubble baths, and all animals, but particularly small dogs with big attitudes and big dogs who think they are lap dogs. A woman for all seasons, Libby is happy cuddling in front of a winter fire, watching a summer sunset, listening to birds in the spring and walking in the autumn rain.

Optimistic by nature, Libby wants a solid HEA in her reading and her writing. She hopes you will enjoy escaping to the dream worlds where she spends far too much time.

Recently she’s been dipping into Pinterest and building boards with images of people and places that inspire her novels. There is a board up now for Seeing Ronnie ( Romancing the Coast, Book 1).

Connect with Libby Campbell on social media:

Top Ten Ways to Keep Your Easter Chocolate for Yourself

Normally I’m a caring and sharing kind of person but everyone has their limits. Chocolate is mine.
With Easter just around the corner, here are my top ten ways to keep my Easter chocolate for myself:
  1. Take one bite out of each chocolate. (my personal favourite)
  2. If you can’t bear to see them mutilated with heads bitten off, spit on each one and leave a note saying so.
  3. Say the dog ate them, right after he finished eating the kids’ homework. Dogs should never have chocolate but you’re not really going to give it to him anyway.
  4. When people ask where is the chocolate, act innocent. “Chocolate? What chocolate? Does someone around here have chocolate?”
  5. Eat it all yourself as soon as you get it. (not recommended)
  6. Slip it into a book safe and hide it between the Jane Austens.
  7. Buy a second, identical supply and hide your private stash somewhere that no one will ever look, like in the cleaning supplies. That way you can appear to be generous and sharing without having to give up as much as a single tiny egg.
  8. Hide it in plain sight. A half egg filled with cotton pads may just look like a new bathroom accessory.
  9. Drape fake spider webs over it. Works best if accompanied by a realistic-looking plastic spider.
  10. Stow it with old tax returns. No one ever gives those a second look.

1.When Ronnie was a child, her mother called her a stór mo chroi (treasure of my heart), Bonnie Raitt sings the Irish ballad beautifully.

2.Ronnie has always kept her private life secret. So when she starts to date Del, she risks gossip and speculation. She’d no shrinking violet. Bonnie’s Raitt’s song Something to Talk About summarizes her attitude.

3.When Del meets Ronnie she has suppressed her own life for so long it’s almost as though she doesn’t know who she is of what she’s capable of. Del senses that Ronnie is a Firework (Katy Perry), waiting to let her candle burn. 

4. Del turns Ronnie’s world upside down. Soon she’s thinking of little else. Miss Chatelaine by kd lang captures that obsession perfectly:

5. There are many versions of St James Infirmary / Gamblers’ Blues but my favorite is this one by Dave Van Ronk.  I can easily imagine confident, sexy Del singing the refrain:
“Let her go, let her go, God bless her, wherever she may be. She may search this wide world over. Never find a sweet man like me.”
I know it’s meant to be a dark song but to me the chorus is so upbeat, so full of male hubris, it makes me smile every time I hear it.

6. By the end of the book, Ronnie cannot believe her luck in having found a man like Del. If she could sing in tune, she’d try Lullaby by the Dixie Chicks. 

7. Del is looking for a Hard-Headed Woman like the one Cat Stevens sung about all those years ago. Yes he wants a submissive, but someone who is only submissive to him: 

8. Ronnie is frugal. She likes things that last and can be repurposed. She’s a devotee of thrift store shopping. Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis could be her theme song. 

9. Hanky Spanky by Madonna. Ronnie quickly learns to appreciate a good spanking. 

10. Whenever, Wherever by Shakira. Just because. 

11. Foreigner – Waiting for a Girl Like You – Del doesn’t realize what he’s been waiting for until he meets Ronnie. 

12. Beyonc√© – Naughty Girl. Of course. 

13. Addicted to Love – I like the Florence + the Machine version.

14. Stevie Wonder – I Just Called to Say I Love You. This is what Del wants to do frequently. 

15. Every Breath You Take – by The Police. Del has to stop himself from obsessing over Ronnie too much.

Once in my misspent youth, I stayed with a family in Greece. It was Orthodox Easter, an occasion as important there as Christmas is in North America.
I helped boil and dye eggs red. I went to the bakery to fetch the special bread for the Sunday feast. My host family took me to the nearby army barracks where we celebrated with the young men who were doing their National Service. After we finished eating, the dishes were cleared away, the musical instruments came out and the next thing I knew I was dancing sirtaki with my arms on the shoulders of two handsome men.
You can read more about the significance of Greek Orthodox Easter here.

One lasting souvenir of that holiday is the recipe I helped my host prepare:

Greek Chicken Pie (Kotopita)

1 – 4-5 lb chicken
1 large onion, diced
3 cloves of garlic, crushed
1 tsp each of: salt, pepper, & chopped dill.
½ tsp paprika
1- C grated parmesan cheese
1.5-2 C of milk
4 eggs
½ C feta cheese, crumbled
1- 1.5 C melted butter
16 sheets of filo pastry

Boil the chicken until cooked, reserving 1-1.5 C broth.
Let it cool then shred all the meat off it.
Fry the onion and garlic until soft. Add salt, pepper, dill, and paprika
Dice the chicken and add it to the onion mix. Cover with broth and cook another 15 mins.
Add milk and parmesan and cook for another 15 mins (approx.).
Cool this mixture.
Add beaten eggs and feta cheese to it.
Line a large, flat baking dish with 8 layers of filo pastry, 2 layers at a time, brushing with butter between each set of 2 layers.
Spread the chicken mix over the filo.
Top with 8 more layers of filo, brushing with butter between every 2 layers.
Brush more butter over the top.

Bake at 350 until golden brown on the top, approximately 45-50 minutes. 

      So the other day I joined an art class. I figured I'm an arty person, I'll do well, right? I would have, but then the teacher turned around and told us to do a self portrait. What happened to abstract painting? Haaave you seen this face? Haaave you met my unsteady hands? 

      Anyway long story short, I do my best and after class, I hide my hideous attempt at self expressionism under my arm. Bump is such a strong word, but let's just say I fumbled around in my handbag, right into another person! It wasn't just any person. It was none other than Author Libby Campbell!  

      Our self portraits autumn leaf themselves to the ground and there we are. I hastily try to pick up my art resembling an emoji compared to hers. She starts talking to me and so, after a while of formalities, began this chat: Allow me to share...

Tell me Libby, what inspired you to write books?

I tried writing short stories but the word count always ran out before the story did.

Muses man! What do you love about writing in general?

Channeling the characters. Seeing a story unfold. Revising and polishing the early drafts.

Revising? I have literally never heard an Author say they love that! What advice can you give aspiring Authors in your genre?

The same as I would give an author in any genre. Read. A lot. There is no such thing as too much reading.
Write. A lot. As self-evident as that may seem, skills only improve with practice. You can’t fix what isn’t on the page. Sometimes you have to lay a lot of boring track before inspiration arrives. The catch is: you have to be there, bum in chair, to catch the fleeting muse.
Finally, you may be surprised by how much of your writing life isn’t actually spent writing. Editing, revising, blogging, maintaining a website so people can find you and your books – these all take time.

Wow! great advice! What’s your favorite part of being an author?

I love it when someone takes the time to say they’ve enjoyed my book. It means I’ve reached someone, that they’ve enjoyed a visit to my world. Nothing is more rewarding!

I bet! What is the worst part about being an author?

It takes a lot of perseverance, determination, not to forget isolation, to write. Sometimes it’s hard to muster those disciplines.

It sounds like hard work to me! You must have fun. What do you do for fun?

My best times are spent with my gorgeous husband. We love road trips, dancing, forest hikes, and walks on the beaches. We designed our kitchen to make it a good work space and enjoy preparing meals together. We both like board and card games. I do yoga and I’m an avid reader.

How ever do you find the time to write with all that fun?

You never find time to write. You have to make time to write or it never happens. Remember what I said earlier about perseverance.

Oh yeah! It rings a bell. You seem to have a lot of that. What is in your WIP or next book you thought about writing?

Book two of the Romancing the Coast series is underway. Beyond that, my lips are sealed.
“I find that discussing an idea out loud is a sure way to kill it stone dead.” – JK Rowling.

That sounds great, yet mysterious. Where do you write?

My desk sits in the window of the living room of our mock Tudor townhouse. It overlooks a street that is popular with pedestrians, cyclists, and, at this time of year, deer and raccoons.

That is so interesting! Are you a full-time author?

Because I retired a couple of years ago, I could be. But I’m not. I restrict my writing to 20-30 hours a week so I have lots of time to share with the love of my life. We both had very busy careers that kept us apart during our ‘first’ working lives.
While I say I restrict my writing time, it would be more truthful to say I try to. Sometimes it isn’t possible to keep a lid on it.

I was about to ask Libby (yes, I can call her Libby because we are friends now) more  questions, but the heavens opened and we were forced to run to our cars.