Tuesday, 17 January 2017


I was recently asked by an Author friend if book blog tours really work in terms of book sales.

The answer is simple... No.
A lot of articles have been written on the matter and to date very few Authors have had success with book blogs. Could it be? Noooo!! Say it isn't so! 

Sadly it's true. (sad face emoji) 
On average, book blog tours do very little for sales. The tour company owner sends out the media kit to a couple of hundred bloggers. They post your media kit along with a few others on the same day and let their RSS feeds do the rest. They don't actively promote your book on social media or spread word by mouth, unless they have reviewed your book, and found it to be exceptional. Even then, impact is minimal. The money spent on booking a blog tour is never recovered in sales. Books On Fire Tours have made a few authors Best Sellers, but even then, they never stayed Best Sellers for long after the promo. Sure those Authors can call themselves "Best Selling" Authors now, but in the end they will not sell more books unless they become well known.

So why do Authors book blog tours? Because in that one-in-a-million chance that your book gets noticed by an influential person. They have the ability to get your book to go viral and that will lead to sales. They can make you a household name.