Sunday, 19 February 2017


So far we have brought you reviews, Top 10 Lists, Guest posts, Book playlists and Character picks. But my dear friends, I bring you an one of a kind interview with Author Maggie Carpenter. Picture this...

It's almost noon. The beautiful, talented and Best Selling Author Maggie Carpenter, is coming to my house. MY HOUSE! and I am running late! Shit, fuck, crab cakes!!! No they're not the reason I'm late. I just over slept. 
I run my hands through my hair. Thank God I already planned my outfit days ago, otherwise I'd still be naked. 
The doorbell which normally fills me with excitement, now fills me with dread. I just have enough time to put on lipstick. I try on a red to copycat my idol's seductive, yet classy look. Aw man! Smudged FUBAR , but screw it! I can't let her wait any longer! I'd have to pout my way through this disaster. 

"Good Morning Maggie!" I welcome her. Stay cool Natasha I tell myself. I try not to look frazzled. Fuck I forgot to put on the kettle!!! First TIME. First any author has ever come to my house and I forgot to put on a kettle! 
Somewhere along the line, I must have had the good sense to at least step aside to let her through. I didn't even hear her speak as she entered my house. I catch the last words...

" here."