Friday, 3 March 2017

REVELATION OF A PRO BOOK BLOGGER blog was noticed and bought over by another company, and I now get to work on my own terms. These days, I'm considered an "expert" in many genres on Klout, I'm a Social Media Expert and SEO Expert according to Twitter and an "Influencer" on Facebook, because people buy the books I talk about and they ask advice on  blogging, their books, some even social media advice and general Amazon publishing advice.

I dare say, that when I started blogging about books almost 6 years ago, I never thought I'd have any success at it. Why would I have had any success? I copied and pasted shit onto my blog and hit publish. The hardest part was deciding which dates and which blog tour company's post to show up first. Though I am not infamous, nor famous, my growth had occurred organically and I have tried to keep under the radar for fear of overwhelming myself in work.

But here is my confession:
I started off just posting about books that I had read, written by my friends. I then moved on to "hosting" on behalf of other book blog tour companies, but I never read any of their books.
Like I said; book blogging for most part is about copying code and pasting code. There is nothing to it. Few actually check to see if the material pasted correctly, before they publish their post.
So how can one become a successful book blogger? How did I do it? I thought outside the box and became a success by not being a book blogger!  In fact, I'm so far outside the box I only see a dot!
I became a book promoter, and a fussy one at that. I only promote non-mainstream reads that won't leave a reader bored stiff. The books, which I read before I dare promote them, must all serve a dual purpose: entertainment and education. If you can educate readers, add value to their life, whilst entertaining them, then you have it made.
I also stopped blogging for other companies. That helped free up some time and a lot of frustration with their disorganized issues and fixing last minute mistakes.
Don't get me wrong, there are a few good ones out there which were a pleasure to work with.

So if you are a wannabee book blogger or someone struggling to make a name for yourself with your book blog, try thinking outside the box with your business.