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It is an honor to bring you Book 2 in the Callahan Family Saga by Author Brinn Colenda. 
Those not familiar with his work, check this out because you are missing out on a great read! 

Homeland Burning

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Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-1-59616-103-0
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Homeland Burning

Spring of 2000: Wildfires destroy mountain watersheds and municipal water systems, breached dams release tidal waves of water to obliterate farms and towns, and stone-cold shooters target helpless civilians as international environmental terrorism comes to the United States.
Kurt Wallerein, the world’s foremost terrorist-for-hire, feared, hated and hunted by every intelligence service in the West, unleashes a terrifying campaign against the American Homeland …and his greatest enemy, Air Force Colonel Tom Callahan.
Callahan has to rally support to stop the attacks, but his political enemies in Washington conspire to distract the President and ridicule evidence. He’ll need all the help he can get from aviators of the New Mexico National Guard, the Civil Air Patrol and the Ninety-Nines.

Homeland Burning

   Tafoya went to the mission planning map on the wall. She had a trim athlete’s figure and walked like a jock, confident, just shy of a swagger. Tom thought she would fit into any fighter ready room in the world— from him, a major compliment. Centered on the board was an enormous map of New Mexico. Around the edges of the state were swaths of the adjoining states: Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Texas and a bit of Oklahoma.
She pointed north. “If I was a bad ass—”
   “You are a bad ass, Tafoya,” said the major.
   “Thank you, sir. You say the nicest things. As I was saying, Colonel, if I wanted to really hurt New Mexico, I’d burn the watersheds up north. Either the headwaters of the Colorado River or the Rio Grande. They’re the two principal rivers of the Southwest. Different headwaters, different sides of the continental divide.” She traced the continental divide as it snaked across Colorado and down into New Mexico. “Between them, they bring in about half the water for the state. Take out those  watersheds, and you cause immeasurable damage to our state as well as Colorado, Arizona, Texas, and even Mexico.”
  “But the Colorado isn’t in New Mexico,” protested Tom. Then he understood. “Ah, yes, the San Juan River is a tributary.”
   Tafoya nodded. “A major tributary, sir, along with the Chaco.” She produced a set of mission planning papers. “I’ve taken the liberty of working out some details.” She handed Tom a copy of a map with a proposed route of flight.
   He looked it over. “Good choice. I’ve spent a lot of time up north in the Chaco Wilderness Area. It’s gorgeous. Great fishing.”
   ‘Yes, sir. And easy access for visitors…, even visitors with evil on their mind.”
   Tom gave her a thumbs up. “Let’s go with this.”
   Tafoya said, “Okay, sir. We’ll structure this sortie like a search and rescue mission. Instead of looking for stranded people, we’ll be looking for vehicles or small groups where they should not be and smoke from recently ignited fires in remote areas. On this mission, Colonel, we’ll be working with the Civil Air Patrol.”
    Tom smiled. “I flew with the CAP when I was in high school.”
   “So did I, sir. We use them a lot, on Search and Rescue missions especially. They’re great. Dedicated and competent. Best kept secret in the government, if I do say so. They’ll have two aircraft up with us. One conducting its own SAR flight plan like us which will effectively double our search area. Typically we also use the CAP as radio relay birds. They orbit at around 10,000 feet while we’re down in the weeds. Radios don’t always work well in the mountains and during SAR missions, most times we fly at about 1000 feet above the ground.” She wagged her right hand and said, “Mas o menos.

Homeland Burning

   Tom Callahan brought the power up and began the takeoff roll. Because of Albuquerque’s high altitude, the Beechcraft accelerated slower than Tom was used to from his East Coast flying, but considerably faster than in the thinner air of La Paz. Ruhi handled the co-pilot duties well, smoothly and efficiently cleaning up the aircraft and talking with Control.
   They turned west towards Montero and climbed higher to avoid the aircraft congestion as well as the colossal smoke plume. Ruhi entered the required frequencies and checked in with the Southwest Coordination Center, which was responsible for the airspace around Montero. Tom felt like a voyeur, watching the activity below as the aerial tankers crisscrossed the enormous fire zone. The radio chatter, though disciplined, was nearly constant, and sometimes excited. It felt and sounded to Tom like the air war waged over Baghdad. In a sense, it was a combat zone. Fire fighters scattered in groups around the difficult terrain, the “boots on the ground” arrayed against the enemy. Sometimes fighting the fire, sometimes fighting for their lives. Instead of man against man, it was man against nature.
   It was a subdued group that made a sweeping turn north towards Taos. The flight took them over the vast semi-desert Chaco Mesa and over the green forests of the Jemez Mountains. The Valle Caldera, massive remains of a collapsed volcano, was off the right wing. The city of Los Alamos slid past. They could see where the ribbon of the Rio Grande was squeezed through narrow canyons, small farming villages scattered along its banks.
   “We’ll belly out to the east over Angel Fire and loop up towards the town of Red River then fly west back over Wheeler Peak to the Taos airport,” said Tom. “We have to avoid the Taos Pueblo. That’s a no-no. It’s a World Heritage site.”
   He pointed out Hwy 64, the major highway crossing northern New Mexico and Hwy 38 that rounds out the northern part of the Enchanted Circle, a roughly one-hundred-mile drive through national forest connecting the towns of Taos, Questa, Red River, Eagle Nest and Angel Fire. The Red River sliced through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains where it had carved a deep canyon with steep walls. 
    The river flowed west, side by side with Hwy 38 through the town of Red River towards Questa. 
    They could see the shallow, rushing water glistening on the rocks as it cascaded towards the junction with the Rio Grande.
   “I’ve fished that river hundreds of times. Nice cutthroat trout in there,” said Tom.
   “Is that smoke in the forest?” asked Ruhi, pointing off to the left. “It just erupted from the trees.”
Tom dipped the left wing for a better look.
   “Jerry, get the binoculars,” Tom ordered. “That black dot down there could be the missing SUV.”
Bennett scrambled forward clutching the binoculars. Ruhi pointed out the smoke.
   “Got ’em, Colonel.” He adjusted the focus. 
   “Looks like two men. They’re loading up to leave.” He paused as he braced himself against the back of Ruhi’s seat. “Son-of-a-bitch. They’ve got chainsaws, just like in the Gila.” He paused again. 
   “Fire’s catching on, building pretty fast.”
   “If the wind catches that fire, it could flash up the canyon and incinerate Red River.”
   “Jesus, they see us!” said Bennett. “They’re jumping into their car. No question, they set that fire.”

Homeland Burning

Homeland Burning

Books On Fire ToursBooks about politics and religion I normally stay away from, but...WOW! It's been a while since I've read a book this gripping and entertaining!  Homeland Burning brings a very realistic terrorist scenario to life, while weaving in historical and geographical facts. It provides educational value in terms of the Aviation industry, New Mexico's rich diversity and hard look into past world political affairs. Add to that the multitude of lovable characters, the plot twits and the cliffhanger ending, this book deserves awards! However since I can't bestow this book any awards, all I can do is give it my 5 meteorites! 

In Homeland Burning, Brinn Colenda delivers an epic story about the conflict between good and evil. You will love his characters and find yourself on a dizzying roller coaster ride of action and suspense. Be prepared to lose sleep over this one. Highly recommended. Joseph Badal, Tony Hillerman Award Winner and Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author of Sins of the Fathers.

Brinn hit a Homerun with his latest! He knows pilots, politics, and weaving an intriguing story well.... Homeland Burning takes us on an international flying adventure that shows the impacts of international relationships—right where we live! —Tim Hale, Colonel, USAF (Retired) Former Secretary, New Mexico Department of Veterans Services 

Flowing with urgency, Homeland Burning plays out a frantic cat-and-mouse quest to stop a shadowy foe from setting America on fire. When Tom Callahan practices a touch-and-go landing near Chesapeake Bay, he stumbles onto the trail of a terrorist believed to be dead but who not only is alive, is on his own path to burn the American heartland, to kill its leaders, and to get his own revenge against Callahan. Homeland Burning is written with pace and detail reminiscent of Gayle Lynds’ The Assassins and with the complexity of Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series, a page-turning thriller to read deep into the night. —Jack Woodville London, Author of the Year, 2012, French Letters Series

The writing in Colenda’s books is always nuanced and characteristic of someone, who does exquisite research on his subject matter. He brings his own experiences into many of the situations but has expanded and supported his exciting story with terrific background work. Particularly with his pilots—both male and female—he makes the situations realistic and compelling. The man knows what he’s talking about when it comes to aviation scenarios. It's been tremendously satisfying to see his connection for his female pilot-characters to The Ninety-Nines, the world's oldest and largest
organization for female pilots. —Jacqueline B. Boyd, PhD, Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship
Fund, The Ninety-Nines

Homeland Burning

Brinn Colenda is the award-winning author of the Callahan Family Saga books: Cochabamba Conspiracy, Homeland Burning and Chita Quest. He is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and a retired lieutenant colonel.
He serves on the Board for the David Westphall Foundation and spent nearly six years as an elected official for his village government. He and his wife, Linda, live and ski in northern New Mexico.

 Other Books in the series:

Cochabamba Conspiracy - Book 1

The year is 1999: Cochabamba, a quiet, progressive Bolivian city seems an unlikely location to launch an attack to destabilize Latin American governments. But Kurt Wallerein, feared, hated, and hunted by every intelligence service and law enforcement agency in the West forms a partnership with an embattled Fidel Castro to do exactly that. Wallerein, a graduate of the Baader-Meinhof School of Terrorism, blends his ex-Stasi and KGB operatives with Castro’s own Dirección General de Inteligencia (DGI) to take over and bleed drug cartels in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia for the funds needed to re-ignite the flames of communist insurgencies throughout the region.
Lieutenant Colonel Tom Callahan, USAF, on his way to command an F-15 squadron, is suddenly diverted and assigned to the US Military Group-Bolivia where he stumbles on Wallerein’s network. Callahan and his friends in the MILGROUP and the Bolivian military are all that stand in the way of Wallerein and Castro’s success. Life is further complicated for Callahan by the emergence of yet another terrorist conspiracy in Cochabamba, this one organized by Americans– equally violent and vicious.
Murders, bombings, and mayhem mark the trail of the twin conspiracies as they weave deception and violence across Latin America. Wallerein’s hatred of the United States leads him to attempt the unthinkable—an attack on select American cities. Tom Callahan, his wife, and an Army lieutenant colonel unravel the plan but have precious little time to convince skeptical authorities of the danger to thousands of American citizens and the very fabric of the American government.

I was lucky enough to serve in the US MilGroup-Bolivia and able to fly into many of the places that Tom and Colleen Callahan visited in this book.

Chita Quest - Book 3

Were American POWs left behind at the end of the War—either by accident or design?
Colonel Tom Callahan is driven to find out—his own father is still listed as Missing In Action. What Callahan doesn’t understand is how politically explosive the issue is, domestically and internationally. As Tom begins his journey, friends and associates meet violent deaths. The new ultranationalist Russian president is projecting Russian power into Asia and alarming regional governments. Will the threats of Russian military actions become a factor?
Aided by his Australian-born wife, Colleen, Tom’s quest to find his father takes him halfway across the world, through Vietnam, China, Mongolia and ultimately, Siberia. He is helped and hindered by unexpected friends and cunning—and deadly– enemies.