Books On Fire Tours in conjunction with Wildfire Media (PTY) Ltd provide the following services to Authors, poets, artists, designers and performers.

Starting from as little as $500, we can provide you with a fully interactive eCommerce site designed to sell your art, products or services. Cut out the middle man and earn more by selling directly from your own website! 

Book Cover Art & Cover Jackets
Authors will be amazed at the kind of cover art we can produce. From real people to 3D graphic art, nothing is impossible. Book covers start from as little as $20 for cover art and $75 for Cover Jackets. 

Whether you want Pre-editing, Copy editing, Content edition, Substansive editing, or Proof Reading, we can do it all. Starting from only $0.6c per word depending on what you need.

Online Publishing and Physical Publishing:
Styling & Extract Styling$10 per hour
Front Material setting$10 per hour
Table Styling$10 per hour
Navigation and Structure$10 per hour
Image Work & Illustrations$10 per hour
Running Headers$10 per hour
Pagnation$10 per hour
Captions$10 per hour
Footnotes / Index$10 per hour
Setting T.O.C's$10 per hour
Page Balancing$10 per hour
Complete Formatting package                            $100 per hou
eBook Distribution to all book stores$200
Type Setting$100 per hour
Book Conversion$10
Book Teasers$10
Book Video Trailer (Basic)$150
Book Video Trailer with custom animated images, videos & sounds$500
YouTube Playlist with custom images, videos & sounds$500
Copyright Registration$50
ISBN Numbers$10
QR Codes$10 each
Customer Branding

No, not like you do cows! We can develop an Author or Artist Brand that will translate to your website, blog, social media pages and your online presence everywhere. We have various packages available starting from $1200. 

Social Media Management:

We are currently doing the Social Media Management for several Comedians and Authors. From as little as $5 per post per social media platform, we design graphics and content to post for you, while keeping with your brand's voice. That includes your online interaction and analytics to gain the best results and maximize exposure for you, while saving you time to do what you do best!

Print and Online Marketing and Advertising: 

From online and print adverts, to catalogs, magazines, teasers, swag, YouTube videos and banners, we do any and all online and printed marketing and advertising materials. We also do online marketing and promotions like international blog tours across several blogs and solo promos from our blog. For more info, check out our "CRACK YOUR WHIP AND PUT US TO WORK" section.  You can also advertise on our blog from as little as $20, with ZERO commission or any other hidden fees. 

For more information or a custom price, please contact today! 

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