Wildfire Media (Pty) Ltd has bought over Nat's Book Nook because of her unique approach to author promotion.
That's is why BOOKS ON FIRE TOURS are different to any other book blog tour company out there!! We are not a book blog who promotes authors and books. We are a Marketing & Advertising company that promotes books and authors. Everything we do is geared towards your success.

A few Pro Bloggers are hand picked and together we PROMOTE you on every major social network. We don't plonk your media kit on a blog and call it "a Promo."

Our blog promotions and tours are completely outside the box. In fact we are so far away from the box, we only see a dot!
You can choose between a Solo Promo or a Blog Tour, one or two services or get the whole package at a discounted price!
Each Promo or Tour will entail the following: 

  • Rather than 100 bloggers posting your media kit and forgetting about it, and not getting themselves or your book any exposure, our Blog Tours have a dedicated blogger per day! Everyone gets a chance to shine and share your book. Fellow bloggers are encouraged to share the blogger of the day's post. Bloggers also share your book across their networks.
  • Every Solo Promo will have a different aspect featured per day, e.g. Day 1 will have a review, Day 2 will have an interview, etc. 
  • Every 2 hours, tweets in your Solo Promo or Tour will be posted directing traffic to either your book, social media pages, website, blog or the Tour hosting blog's post. This is SEO optimized and will not be marked as spam. 
  •  Tweets will be shared by Tweet teams in your genre.
  •  Your book will get a dedicated Pinterest Board where all Tour blog posts or your Solo Promo will be pinned to.
  •  Every day the post of the Tour blogger hosting you or your Promo of the day will have a pinned spot on our Facebook Group and shared from there. 
  •  Your book link, social media pages, website, blog and the hosting blog's post will be posted in a very unique way on 20 other Facebook groups specifically for book readers.
  •  The hosting blog's post in the Tour or your Promo of the day, will be shared on our Linkedin page at optimal times. 
  •  All the blogs who posted about your book will be featured in our eZine which is sent out to our mailing list at the end of the tour.
  •  Your book, social media pages, website, blog and the hosting blog's post will be shared on The Books On Fire Google Plus Page every 2 hours.
  • You will pre-approve the media kit before it is sent out and receive detailed reports on the success of your Solo Promo or Blog Tour. 

But WAIT!! There's more!!!
As an added bonus you will be featured on Wildfire Media's Social Media pages too at optimal times!

Blog Tours and Solo Promos


All of the above includes:

  •  A full Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Full SEO optimization
  • Honest review 
  • Custom made media kit with excerpts
  • Specially designed graphics of your book to be posted with social media promos
  • Graphics will be yours to use FREE of charge in future after your promo or tour
  •  Full animated promo button and banner 

FOR REVIEWS WE NEED 2-4 weeks notice (depending on the size of the book)

Authors for Promos or Tours, please email:

To become a blog tour host for Books On Fire Tours, please fill in this form?

This is what we do: 

"If anyone needs a definition of underpromising and overdelivering, here is one that is thorough and easy to understand: Natasha Johnstone. What I paid her is the most effective money I’ve spent on promoting/PR/advertising to publicize my books. The work I expected, she did exceptionally well with tremendous effect: I came within 10 places of hitting the top 100 in a category the first night of the Pre-Order phase. The surprises along the way were nice: her many incredible graphics about my book, Rasputin’s Legacy, kept popping up, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest - and even in a normal Google search with search terms, “Rasputin’s Legacy,” or just “Rasputin.” She suggested categories to increase ranking, posted articles out to blogs, posted in readers groups. I could not keep up with all the activity she created. In a 3 day period, over 7,000 people from all over the world clicked on my Amazon link, and the book has been pre-ordered in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia; and further, has been searched in Germany, France, India, Brazil, Spain, Japan, and Mexico, and other parts of the world - and the full launch is still almost a month away. She is responsive, available, and has not only a good sense of what moves books, but what makes a book stand out. Like I stated above, the best money I’ve spent to promote my book."
Lee Jackson, author of Curse The Moon and Rasputin’s Legacy

Janna Yeshanova to 
NATASHA, Thank you! LOVE IS NEVER PAST TENSE is a Bestteller! Thank you for promoting it!

Simon Oneill Okill
Doing a Happy Dance!! This book is
#1 in Kindle Store > Books > Fiction > Children's Fiction > Science, Nature & How It Works
#9 in Kindle Store > Books > Teen & Young Adult > Science Fiction &Fantasy & Fantasy Myths & Legends
#30 in Books > Children's Books & Fiction > Myths & Legends

Let Our Social 
Media Experts 
Promote you!

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